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task-force and were
Through a network of supporting KGB operatives, members of the task-force were able to successfully identify each of the perpetrators involved in the crisis, and once discovered, began to take the individual relatives of the extremists hostage.
Goldbug was rebuilt ( as Bumblebee ) but the other Throttlebots were never shown rebuilt ; Chase appeared as part of an Autobot task-force in the GI Joe / Generation 2 crossover but he was killed by Megatron.

task-force and .
Currently has a task-force researching consolidation since 2005.
This multidisciplinary task-force brings together Technion's top researchers in energy science and technology from over nine different faculties.
Sixty years later, in 2005, elite multinational counter-terrorism task-force Rainbow finds itself investigating a series of attacks by Neo-Fascist terrorists against South American oil interests and European financial institutions.
The game includes single mission mode, where the player can choose to attack a convoy, a taskforce of warships ( consisting of cruisers and / or battleships ), or a carrier task-force in a variety of conditions.
Such constabulary tasks would involve counter narcotics in the West Indies and North Atlantic, to combat terrorism and piracy East of Suez ( Suez Canal ) in the Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean as well as its intended role to provide Mine Countermeasures and Hydrography, either alone or as part of a task-force anywhere in the world.
Major renovation was beginning to seem unfeasible in 1997 when the task-force determined that the cost of implementing everything that the team wanted would reach up to $ 75 million.
He was recruited by Zadikiel to assemble a " task-force " of Ghost Rider foes in order to hunt down and destroy both the Ketch & Blaze Ghost Riders.
The Vasco da Gama class frigates NRP Álvares Cabral and NRP Corte Real have regularly contributed to long-range NATO exercises in the Indian Ocean, and both have served as NATO task-force flagships in the mission against Piracy in Somalia.
The United States amphibious task-force, consisting of 15 ships and 2, 500 men, returning to the US after the Gulf War was diverted to the Bay of Bengal.
American pediatrician Edgar Schoen, who presents pro-circumcision information to parents and at one time was the chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics task-force on circumcision, has said, " These activist organizations, particularly NOCIRC, mainly using anecdotes and testimonials, have gained a good deal of media attention and have had a misguided influence in discouraging newborn circumcision, particularly in middle class educated parents.
Internet Crimes Against Children ( ICAC ) is a task-force started by the United States Department of Justice ’ s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention ( OJJDP ) in 1998.
At the end of Remembrance, the Renegade Dalek task-force on Earth, including a Supreme Dalek, is wiped out.

approach and combined
These authors, the former a medieval historian and the latter an early modernist, quickly became associated with the distinctive Annales approach, which combined geography, history, and the sociological approaches of the Année Sociologique ( many members of which were their colleagues at Strasbourg ) to produce an approach which rejected the predominant emphasis on politics, diplomacy and war of many 19th and early 20th-century historians as spearheaded by historians whom Febvre called Les Sorbonnistes.
, commonly known simply as Bauhaus, was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that it publicized and taught.
He combined Enlightenment ideas with Christian values, cameralist plans for central control of the economy, and a militaristic approach toward diplomacy.
Towards the end, however, there was a general slide away from the combined arms approach back to using the phalanx itself as the arm of decision, having it charge into the enemy lines much like earlier hoplites had.
In the new millennium neo-psychedelia was continued by bands directly emulating the sounds of the 60s like The Black Angels, Tame Impala and The Essex Green, while bands like Animal Collective applied an experimental approach that combined genres from the 1960s and the present.
The term " lexicogrammar " describes this combined approach.
Dealing with multiple elements complicates the model of the simulation side of a wargame, so games with a true combined arms approach tend to be strategic in nature, where all aspects are abstracted to a greater degree.
Dada's goal of critically rethinking design was similar to Bauhaus, but whereas the earlier Dada movement was an aesthetic approach, the Bauhaus was literally a school, an institution that combined a former school of industrial design with a school of arts and crafts.
He combined Enlightenment ideas with Christian values, cameralist plans for central control of the economy, and a militaristic approach toward diplomacy.
This combined approach is sometimes called balanced literacy, although some researchers assert that balanced literacy is merely whole language called by another name.
Proponents of various approaches generally agree that a combined approach is important.
He argued that the higher standards of Swiss schools, including a longer school day and year, combined with an approach stressing student choice and academic specialization produced superior results.
This approach is essentially equivalent to a system of phrase structure rules combined with a noncompositional semantic theory, since grammatical formalisms based on rewriting rules are generally equivalent in power to those based on substitution into schemata.
The advantage of the bottom-up approach is the level of expertise provided, combined with the motivating experience of any member of the administration to be responsible and finally the independent “ engine " of progress in that field of personal responsibility.
One approach is to use n LFSRs in parallel, their outputs combined using an n-input binary Boolean function ( F ).
For example: "... the plans were drawn up by German architect Hans Knoblauch ( de )..." The templates and are designed to assist this combined approach.
His compositions and improvisations are full of dissonant harmonies and angular melodic twists, and are consistent with Monk's unorthodox approach to the piano, which combined a highly percussive attack with abrupt, dramatic use of silences and hesitations.
The combined influence of Dewey, James Rowland Angell, Henry Herbert Donaldson and Jacques Loeb led Watson to develop a highly descriptive, objective approach to the analysis of behavior that he would later call " behaviorism.
Classical neoliberalism's respect for tradition, combined with its pragmatic approach to progress, endeared it to conservative movements around the world looking for a way to adapt to the changing nature of the modern world.
Sometimes this is from a sociological perspective, while at other times it takes a more systematic, Thomistic approach, combined with the writings of the Church Fathers.
In a generative approach, however, the inverse probability is instead estimated and combined with the prior probability using Bayes ' rule, as follows:
Some game engines such as RenderWare are even designed as a series of loosely connected game middleware components that can be selectively combined to create a custom engine, instead of the more common approach of extending or customizing a flexible integrated solution.
Since other methods are safer, quicker, and cheaper, this method is now rarely used ; however, an advantage of this approach is the sensitivity of auto-radiography based imaging, which enables highly accurate protein quantification when combined with optical software ( e. g. Optiquant ).

approach and with
One Monday morning I saw him approach the store with a woman and introduce me to her as my new Aunt.
His repeated experimentation with the techniques of fiction testifies to an independence of mind and an originality of approach, but it also shows him touching at many points the stream of literary development back of him.
The interesting thing about Mr. Lyford's approach, and the approach of the contributors to The Agreeable Autocracies ( Oceana Publications, 1961 ) to the situation of American civilization, is that it is concerned with comprehending the psychological relationships which are having a decisive effect on American life.
Oliver has recently used the second-level approach with the largest snakes, and has come to these conclusions: the anaconda reaches a length of at least 37 feet, the reticulate python 33, the African rock python 25, the amethystine python at least 22, the Indian python 20, and the boa constrictor 18-1/2.
Similarities to the approach which I have described are evident in the prompt establishment of a helping relationship, quick appraisal of key issues, and the immediate mobilization of treatment plans as the essential dynamics in helping to further the ego's coping efforts in dealing with the interplay of inner and outer stresses.
The individual with high anxiety in the structured classroom may approach the learning task with the same increased energy and lowered powers of discrimination.
The paper has a certain value as a comparatively easy introduction to this approach, particularly since it treats a fairly simple and straightforward phenomenon where it is possible to compare it with a more traditional ( though not structural ) statement.
This does not necessarily mean that such teachers will favor vocational education, as contrasted with liberal education, but they are likely to favor an approach to liberal education which has a maximal vocational-advancement value, as against a kind of `` pure '' liberal education that is not designed to help people get better jobs.
An interesting approach to the bedroom is presented, with a young, basic, functional group of chests, dressers and corner units and a canted headboard.
The U. S. and Soviet heads of Government have met three times since Sir Winston Churchill in 1953 introduced a new word into international diplomacy with his call for a fresh approach to the problem of peace `` at the summit of the nations ''.
As a matter of fact, this latter approach has already been tried, and with pleasing results.
In her first song she waved away one encroaching photographer who dared approach the throne unbidden and thereafter the boys with the cameras had to unsheathe their 300 mm. lenses and shoot at extreme range.
But she was learning that so long as she was in this country, and wore civilian dress in the Club, there would always be transient young men who would approach her with broken English.
He saw her emerge suddenly, coming in her unhesitant fashion, her back stiff, her head erect, facing with contempt the night and whatever she would encounter, as if in her extreme disdain and indifference she would pass by all the outraged looks of those whom she might approach.
The camp was a cluster of aluminum bubbles, ringed with a spy web to alert the Earthmen to the approach of any being.
Under the influence of several younger scholars, a new approach came to predominate among British anthropologists, concerned with analyzing how societies held together in the present ( synchronic analysis, rather than diachronic or historical analysis ), and emphasizing long-term ( one to several years ) immersion fieldwork.
In keeping with the times, much of anthropology became politicized through the Algerian War of Independence and opposition to the Vietnam War ; Marxism became an increasingly popular theoretical approach in the discipline.
Marie-Louise von Franz tells us the double approach of Western alchemy was set from the start, when Greek philosophy was mixed with Egyptian and Mesopotamian technology.
Clearly, an evaluation of a user's abilities and requirements is necessary to match a user with the most appropriate AAC method, input approach, and vocabulary.
Swift ’ s use of gripping details of poverty and his narrator ’ s cool approach towards them create " two opposing points of view " that " alienate the reader, perhaps unconsciously, from a narrator who can view with ' melancholy ' detachment a subject that Swift has directed us, rhetorically, to see in a much less detached way.
Bioethics, for example, is concerned with identifying the correct approach to matters such as euthanasia, or the allocation of scarce health resources, or the use of human embryos in research.
On the other hand, an amateur may be in a position to approach a subject with an open mind ( as a result of the lack of formal training ) and in a financially disinterested manner.

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