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team and capped
At the time of his retirement from the England team in 1970, he was the nation's most capped player, having turned out 106 times at the highest level.
It was Graham's last game ; the win capped a 10-year run in which he led his team to the league championship every year, winning four in the AAFC and three in the NFL.
The team dropped below. 500 by the middle of May, capped off by a sweep from the Boston Red Sox.
The 2009 Monrovia High School football team capped a fantastic run with an appearance in the IHSAA Class AA State Football Finals.
Born in New South Wales, with whom he began his first class cricket career in 1984, he captained the Australian Test cricket team from 1999 to 2004, and was the most capped Test cricket player in history, with 168 appearances, until Sachin Tendulkar of India broke this record in 2010.
The team then put together a three match winning run, capped by a 2 – 0 win at champions VfB Stuttgart, to surge into the top six.
As of 26 August 2008, Owen has been capped 89 times for England and scored 40 goals: he is fourth in the list of all-time top scorers for the England team, behind Bobby Charlton ( 49 goals ), Gary Lineker ( 48 ) and Jimmy Greaves ( 44 ).
Although born in Jamaica, Blissett was capped 14 times by the England national football team, scoring a hat-trick on his debut.
After seven games, AIK were at the top of the league, in the Swedish Cup final, and had three players ( Dick Lidman, Ola Andersson, Jan Eriksson ) capped for the national team.
The team capped the season with their fourth National Division title and their second MLL crown.
The Jags are credited with having the most players to step up be capped by the national Scotland senior team and one for the United States.
He was the captain of the Iran national football team from 2006 to 2009, and currently is the third most capped Iranian International After Ali Daei and Ali Karimi.
He was also capped 13 times by the England national football team between May 1989 and October 1990, scoring four goals.
He was also captain of the England under-20 team, and has been capped eight times for the under-21s.
Another outstanding prospect in his team was left back Ray Wilson who went on to become Huddersfield's most capped player before joining Everton.
He was capped once by the England B team, against Chile on 10 February 1998, in which he scored a 90th minute goal in a 2 – 1 defeat.
Völler was capped 90 times for the national team, scoring 47 goals, including 8 in World Cup finals matches.
In, the final capped year under that agreement, the cap was $ 128 million per team, while the floor was 87. 6 % of the cap.
He was capped 57 times for the England national football team.
As a player, he had been capped 32 times between 1948 and 1953, scoring three goals, and was part of the Tottenham Hotspur team which in 1951 became champions of the top flight a year after promotion.
Currently ranked World / European number 1, Ashman has 16 gold, 10 silver and 2 bronze medals from the British, European and World Championships, he has been capped 10 times for the England team, with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses.
McGrath capped his rapid rise in the next Australian summer with selection in the Test team after only eight first-class matches.
He is the most capped German player of all time, retiring with a total of 150 appearances ( 83 of them when the team was called West Germany ) and 23 goals for the German national team.
It was a difficult year for Surtees, as Pace left the team in mid-season, and replacement Derek Bell struggled to qualify for races, capped by Austrian driver Helmut Koinigg's fatal crash at the 1974 U. S. Grand Prix.

team and off
Harnessing a team to a buckboard, they drove out to a willow-lined creek about a half-mile off, then climbed down and began chopping.
Rabb, the former Louisiana State field general, came off the bench for his debut with the Bills Sunday and directed his new team to a 22-12 upset victory over the Houston Oilers, defending league champions.
The '49 team was off to a so-so 5-5 beginning, then fell as low as 12-17 on May 23 before finishing with 96 victories.
Since 1949, the only National League club that got off to a hot start and made a runaway of the race was the '55 Dodger team.
* 1993 – All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane crash off Libreville, Gabon in route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Senegal.
in 2012, the playoffs were expanded again so that two wild card teams face off in a one game wild card round to determine which team advances to the division series, with the playoffs then continuing as it had before 2012 ( though with the possibilty of a fifth seed being in the playoffs and a fourth seed being out ) after the end of the wild card round.
The Orioles started off the first couple weeks of the season near the top of their division as players such as Nick Markakis and newcomer Luke Scott led the team offensively.
Cleveland was coming off a series of bad drafts, including in 1954, when the team selected quarterback Bobby Garrett with the first pick.
On August 25, the Indians signed the team leader in home runs, Jim Thome off of waivers.
Ironically, the following two seasons also saw the Cubs get off to a fast start, as the team rallied to over 10 games above. 500 well into both seasons, only to again wear down and play poorly later on, and ultimately settling back to mediocrity.
In addition, if the defensive team gains possession, but then moves backwards into the endzone and is stopped, a one point safety will be awarded to the offense, although, unlike a real safety, the offense kicks off, opposed to the team charged with the safety.
** If a team is penalized in the final minute of a half and the penalty causes the clock to stop, the opposing team now has the right to have 10 seconds run off the clock in addition to the yardage penalty.
* Following a touchdown and convert attempt ( successful or not ), play resumes with the scoring team kicking off from its own 35-yard line ( 45-yard line in amateur leagues ).
* Following a safety, the scoring team may choose for play to resume in either of the above ways, or it may choose to kick off from its own 35-yard line.
Four years later, after the 1998 World Cup, Hagi decided to retire from the national team, only to change his mind after a few months and play at the 2000 European Football Championship, during which he was sent off in the quarter-final loss against Italy.
Needing a win to get to Mike Scott ( who had been dominant in the series ) in Game 7, the Astros jumped off to a 3 – 0 lead in the first inning but neither team would score again until the 9th inning.
In the first one day international, he hit the famous six when his team needed 6 runs off only 4 balls, and was awarded Man of the match, for his bowling.
During the group matches Cronje had threatened to lead his team off after Pat Symcox had missiles thrown at him, Symcox had the last laugh ending the match with 4 / 24.
Undeterred, the fans supported their team and a string of late season wins eventually warded off the danger.
The German naval trawler carrying the team crashed on the rocks just off Jan Mayen after a patrolling British destroyer had picked them up on radar.
Jacksonville looked like a team on the rise coming off of their 12 – 4 season, and was considered a playoff contender entering the season.
The team started off 2 – 0, defeating the Dallas Cowboys earning the NFL's highest winning percentage on opening days at. 750 with a record of 9 – 3 ), and shutting out the defending champs Pittsburgh Steelers.
In order for there to be a legal beginning of a play, a certain number of the players on the offensive team, including certain eligible receivers, must be at, on or within a few inches off their line of scrimmage.

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