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televised and programmes
That same year, the three Goons reunited for a televised re-staging of a vintage Goon Show for Thames Television, with John Cleese substituting for the late Wallace Greenslade, but the pilot was not successful and no further programmes were made.
Other opening night programmes included a Filmed Playhouse drama entitled The Last Reunion, a preview programme called Coming Shortly, an episode of the American crime drama Highway Patrol and most notably, a networked opening night programme entitled Southern Rhapsody, starring Gracie Fields and the Lionel Blair Dancers, televised from the station's studios in a converted cinema in the Northam area of Southampton and the ocean liner Caronia which was berthed in Southampton docks.
While the other candidates had access to television and other media, through free airtime and televised debates, their access to the primetime news programmes and current affairs programmes on the State-controlled broadcasters was limited … In contrast to the coverage by State-funded TV channels, private broadcasters monitored by the EOM provided more balanced coverage, with a greater diversity of views.
Award winning fashion designer Graham Fraser attended and when it became known as the Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts ( BCCA ), Gareth Malone attended later going on to be known as the Choirmaster on BBC televised programmes.
Naughtie has been a presenter of the televised Proms since 1992, and has also presented opera programmes such as Radio 3's Opera News.
Dimbleby joined the BBC as a news reporter in Bristol in the 1960s and has appeared in news programmes since 1962, early on co-presenting the televised version of the school quiz Top of the Form.
Gregg has appeared in a number of recent television programmes about Manchester United and the Munich Air Disaster, including Munich: End of a Dream – a documentary televised in 1998 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich tragedy.
Though he was a contributor to BBC programmes, his work made him one of the most prolific writers of televised output from ITC Entertainment.

televised and contained
The common law in other nations may also place legal limits on the validity of disclaimers ; for instance, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has previously successfully sued Target Australia Pty Ltd for the usage of inaccessible disclaimers in advertisements ( the televised advertisements in question contained disclaimers that were only shown on screen for 1. 50 seconds ).
The scene is contained in full in the deleted scenes package on the later DVD release, which contains the episode as televised.

televised and no
He remains the only cartoonist to be embraced by TV ; no other comic artist to date has come close to Capp's televised exposure.
** In San Francisco, during his second televised debate with Jimmy Carter, U. S. President Gerald Ford stumbles when he declares that " there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe " ( there is at the time ).
Thus no new series was produced until 2005, after all the contractual rights had returned to the BBC, and the movie became McGann's only televised appearance as the Eighth Doctor.
Although it was long believed that Ramesses III's body showed no obvious wounds, a recent examination of the mummy by a German forensic team, televised in the documentary Rameses on the Science Channel in 2011, showed excess bandages around the neck.
Since the 1950s, however, music has declined in importance in politics, replaced by televised campaigning with little or no music.
* High Stakes Poker-a televised no limit Texas hold ' em cash game broadcast on Game Show Network
Because the chips have no cash value, usually chips are designed with a single color ( usually differing in shade or tone from the version on the casino floor ), a smaller breadth, and a basic mark on the interior to distinguish denominations ; however, at certain events ( such as the World Series of Poker or other televised poker ), chips approach quality levels of chips on the floor.
The campaign made no attempts to hide the party's support for Nazism and violence became the hallmark, not least on the election night itself when scuffles at the count were televised nationally.
He held a televised workout on October 25, which no NFL teams chose to attend.
The Boston City Council held a televised hearing on the issue of whether to allow the show to go forward and ultimately decided to permit it because there was no general admission seating in Boston.
The Doctor clearly states that he has eight incarnations left after his present one, confirming that there were no earlier incarnations before the televised first, played by William Hartnell.
In a televised address to the nation on May 29, 2009, he said he had not brought his office into disrepute and so saw no reason to resign.
" What started as a local public access program with no financial support became the longest lived continuous discussion program televised on on 185 stations.
Many thought they could save money by holding shows in lesser towns and smaller arenas with little to no televised exposure, leading to many shows being held only once a week or once a month in local towns.
Although the televised story made no mention of Rassilon, the 1991 novelisation of the serial ( though again of unclear canonicity ) by the story's writer Ben Aaronovitch, drawing on elements of the so-called " Cartmel Masterplan ", made the connection between the two Time Lords explicit.
His parents, with no knowledge of where he had gone, were panicked and made various televised pleas to try to find Ken.
Although there was, originally, a Cities Service station on the ground floor of the building, there is no associated Citgo gas station — the sign is now a historical landmark, visible over the left field wall of Fenway Park during most televised Boston Red Sox games.
During a heated live televised debate, Winfrey forced Frey to admit that he had indeed lied about spending time in jail, and that he had no idea whether he had two root canals without painkillers or not, despite devoting several pages to describing them in excruciating detail.
By 1957, the broadcast became televised, and, from then until 1996, was aired exclusively by the BBC ; only in 1969 was no message given because a special documentary film-Royal Family-had been made during the summer in connection with the Investiture of the Prince of Wales.
This shift was apparent in the daily televised Masses, which, in 1992, began incorporating Latin into the liturgy and gradually no longer featured contemporary music.
The Indy 500 was televised on a same day tape delayed basis starting in 1971, however, there were no live television broadcasts of auto racing until NASCAR broke through with a live telecast of the Daytona 500 in 1979.
Each TV market, including one hosting a game that is not sold out, is assured of at least one televised game in the early and late time slots, one game on each network, but no network doubleheader in the home market of a game that is not sold out.
* If the blacked out home game is a nationally televised game on a broadcast network, such as NBC Sunday Night Football, where no other NFL games are played at the same time, all local stations inside the 75-mile radius must broadcast alternative programming ( the stations have to program the time themselves, since other affiliates are showing the game ).

televised and reference
During a televised presentation about the Cuban Missile Crisis on 22 October 1962, John F. Kennedy made reference to " offensive weapons of sudden mass destruction.
The song's lyrics contain the line " The war is over so says the speaker with the flight suit on ", a reference to George W. Bush's " Mission Accomplished " televised speech.

televised and 3D
Gregory Horror Show is a 3D CGI animated television series created by Naomi Iwata and televised by the Asahi National Broadcasting Co.

televised and due
As explained by Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark, it was decided to scale back the number of books published not due to low sales or lack of interest in the prequel series, but due to the fact that the televised series often conflicted with planned literary plotlines, or beat the book series to the punch entirely.
Many writers better known in other genres like Elmore Leonard, Leigh Brackett, and Larry McMurtry have also written Western novels The genre's popularity peaked in the 1960s, due in part to the end of many pulp magazines, the popularity of televised Westerns, and the rise of the spy novel.
In 1991, due in part to Social Credit's scandal-plagued final term in office under Premier William Vander Zalm and in part to the stellar performance of then – British Columbia Liberal Party ( BC Liberals ) leader Gordon Wilson in the televised leader's debate, the old Social Credit vote split between the BC Liberals, which garnered 33 % of the vote and BC Social Credit Party with 25 %.
In 1980, the group attempted to represent the UK again in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song " Tell Me ", but it was disqualified shortly before the British heats were televised due to the fact the group had already been promoting the single.
Broadcast media did not follow until 1954, when meteorologist Harry Volkman broadcast the first televised tornado warning over WKY-TV ( now KFOR-TV ) in Oklahoma City, due to his belief that the banning of tornado warnings over broadcast media cost lives ; the FCC eventually lifted its ban on broadcasting tornado warnings.
Maritato appeared at a house show for WWE Raw, at Madison Square Garden on December 26, 2010, as a referee when the majority of referees could not make it to the arena due to blizzards and gale force winds ; this position expanded to televised events on February 1.
The Soul lost their Divisional Round Playoff game 31 – 27 to the Orlando Predators in the infamous " round of golf ", so-called because viewers missed much of the 1st quarter of that game and another AFL game being broadcasted simultaneously due to a PGA Golf tournament that was televised on NBC.
Dickie cites the failure was due to a professional Conservative campaign, people voting along traditional lines and the televised debates between the three main party leaders.
The British press was anti-Pirie as he had once criticised them in a televised speech at a Sportsman of the Year presentation and partly because of this and also due to their general lack of understanding of the sport, they reported the race as an easy win for Kuts.
He has given very few televised interviews in Danish, all which were short and had to be subtitled due to a heavy accent.
The 2007 show occurred on 6 December 2007, but was not televised due to the 2005 controversy and subsequent investigations.
The genre peaked around the early 1960s, largely due to the popularity of televised Westerns such as Bonanza.
Williams would also appear occasionally on television throughout 2007 and 2008 with British wrestling promotion, while with TNA due to the ruling their contracted wrestlers can appear in independent promotions that aren't televised in the USA.
The contest was televised live on ESPN 360 and shall be broadcast on ESPN later in the afternoon due to Wimbledon coverage pre-empting it, which has held the broadcast rights for this event since 2004.
In August 2007, the network televised the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints due to NBC wanting to cover, the later canceled, preseason game in China.
Fans speculated that this episode would never be televised due to its non-stop explicit bashing of G4 and Comcast.
Becoming an expert of the game, due to the lack of seeing and hearing the distractions, he defeats the local champ ( Elton John ) at a televised pinball championship, featuring The Who performing ( sans Daltrey ) as the local lad's backing band.
Over the years, WTAE has aired Pittsburgh Steelers games that air nationally on ESPN, since due to NFL broadcasting rules all cable games must air on a broadcast network in the home markets of the teams participating ( WTAE's parent Hearst owns a 20 % stake in ESPN ), though the broadcast in the home team's primary market may be blacked out if the game doesn't sell out 72 hours before kick-off ( this has not been a problem for the Steelers, who have a sell-out streak dating to 1972-the last year that even sold-out home games could not be locally televised ).
Since baseball provides natural breaks in the action when teams exchange offensive and defensive roles between half-innings ( two minutes, five seconds normally ; two minutes and twenty-five seconds for nationally televised games Also, any relief pitcher is limited to eight warm-up throws before play resumes, except in special circumstances ( such as a pitcher substitution due to injury ).
During this time, Irvan came under more controversy due to his aggressive driving style, earning him the nickname " Swervin ' Irvan " before he apologized to his fellow drivers in a televised speech during the drivers ' meeting before a race that year.
This period saw Wigan win many trophies ( including 6 of their 8 record consecutive Challenge Cup Final wins ), with the Norweb brand gaining regular exposure on televised Rugby League due to Wigan's success over this time.
In 2007, Miles gained national attention due to numerous unconventional play calls during nationally televised games.
The recent surge in the popularity of competitive eating is due in large part to televised coverage of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, an annual holiday tradition that has been held on July 4 virtually every year since the 1970s at Coney Island.

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