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tendency and toward
As the New South snowballs toward further urbanization, it becomes more and more homogeneous with the North -- a tendency which Willard Thorp terms `` Yankeefication '', as evidenced in such cities as Charlotte, Birmingham, and Houston.
It appears that the dominant tendency of Mann's early tales, however pictorial or even picturesque the surface, is already toward the symbolic, the emblematic, the expressionistic.
the continuing threat of inflation, together with the persisting tendency toward fiscal irresponsibility ; ;
The Poynting-Robertson effect causes the semi-major axis of orbits to diminish more rapidly than the semi-minor axis, with a consequent tendency toward circular orbits as the particles move toward the sun.
The tendency is toward putting dominant stress at the end.
anti-discriminatory statutes in housing have now been adopted by thirteen states and, while specific provisions have varied, the tendency is clearly toward expanding coverage.
The tendency to reciprocate can even generalize so people become more helpful toward others in general after being helped.
There was also a tendency for the four meetings to be aggregated toward the end of each state month.
It generally has been influenced by Vietnamese for three centuries and accordingly displays a pronounced accent, tendency toward monosyllablic words and lexical differences from the standard.
Through cross-examinations, the TAT exhibits a tendency toward chauvinistic stimuli for its questions and has the “ potential for unfavorable clinical evaluation ” for women.
In the U. S., a post-WW2 tendency toward questioning the establishment and societal norms and the early activism of the Civil Rights Movement was reflected in Hollywood films such as Blackboard Jungle ( 1955 ), On the Waterfront ( 1954 ), Paddy Chayefsky's Marty and Reginald Rose's 12 Angry Men ( 1957 ).
Perhaps his education strengthened a tendency toward introspection and independence, characteristics which appear strongly in his doctrines and writings.
The tendency toward emotionalism in icons continued in the Paleologan period, which began in 1261.
To say that a being possesses a purpose implies an inclination or tendency to steer events toward some state that does not yet exist.
Wilder felt Lemmon had a natural tendency toward overacting that had to be tempered ; the Wilder biography Nobody's Perfect quotes the director as saying, " Lemmon, I would describe him as a ham, a fine ham, and with ham you have to trim a little fat ".
In Aristotle he missed the provision for the immortality of the soul, and in his ethics the tendency toward the eternal.
) Because the yarn holding rows together is all on the front, and the yarn holding side-by-side stitches together is all on the back, stockinette fabric has a strong tendency to curl toward the front on the top and bottom, and toward the back on the left and right side.
Lollards also had a tendency toward iconoclasm.
This tendency toward devaluation of art has led many to claim that Dada was an essentially nihilistic movement.
Especially during the Fourth Century BC, after the restoration of democracy from oligarchical coups, the Athenians used the drawing of lots for selecting government officers in order to counteract what the Athenians acutely saw as a tendency toward oligarchy in government if a professional governing class were allowed to use their skills for their own benefit.
This condition has been characterized in many ways, ranging from something as insignificant as a slight deficiency, or a tendency toward sin yet without collective guilt, referred to as a " sin nature ", to something as drastic as total depravity or automatic guilt of all humans through collective guilt.
This tendency toward a homogeneity also stems from the vertically integrated nature of the authoritarian People's Republic of Poland.
The increasing proportion of communal wealth to private property results in a tendency toward equality of mankind.

tendency and double
Standard Catalan also formerly possessed a tendency to double no with other negatives, such as Jo tampoc no l ' he vista (" I neither have not seen her ") to mean " I have not seen her either ", but this practice is dying out.
Since manager-employee relationships include a difference in power and often in age, workplace psychologists have used models based on transference theory to draw analogies between micromanagement relationships and dysfunctional parent-child relationships, e. g., that both often feature the frequent imposition of double binds and / or a tendency by the authority figure to exhibit hypercriticality.

tendency and names
Advertisers have discovered the tendency of Negroes to shop for brand names they have heard on stations catering to their special interests.
Among other conclusions, he found a tendency among the inhabitants of Ebla to replace the name of El, king of the gods of the Canaanite pantheon ( found in names such as Mikael ), with Ia.
A tendency developed to use European and, to a lesser extent, Asian, stage names for the same time period world wide, even though the faunas in other regions often had little in common with the stage as originally defined.
The article seemed to indicate a re-use of the 928 nameplate although Porsche's recent tendency to give non-numerical names to their vehicles and a desire to separate the vehicle from past models may preclude the possibility of calling the vehicle 928.
The foremost document of this tendency within Surrealism is the Manifesto for a Free Revolutionary Art, published under the names of Breton and Diego Rivera, but actually co-authored by Breton and Leon Trotsky.
" He goes on to express concern about CPDH's alleged tendency to provide relatively few names and other details in connection with alleged violations.
In ornithological practice, there is a tendency for " dove " to be used for smaller species and " pigeon " for larger ones, but this is in no way consistently applied, and historically the common names for these birds involve a great deal of variation between the terms " dove " and " pigeon.
Despite the limited land mass, there has also been a tendency for place names to be repeated ; there are, for instance, two islands named " Long Island ", three bays known as " Long Bay " and the town of St. George is located within the parish of St. George on the island of St. George ( each known as St. George's ), whereas Bermuda's capital, the City of Hamilton, lies in Pembroke Parish, not Hamilton Parish, on the largest island, " Main Island ", which itself is sometimes called " Bermuda " ( or " Great Bermuda ").
It was not until the mid 19th century that the spelling of " Folkestone " was fixed as such, with the Earl of Radnor requesting that the town's name be standardised ( although this tendency towards standardisation in the 19th century is true of English place names generally ).
In many critical contexts, consumerism is used to describe the tendency of people to identify strongly with products or services they consume, especially those with commercial brand names and perceived status-symbolism appeal, e. g. a luxury car, designer clothing, or expensive jewelry.
He also has a tendency to call Chinese, Pakistanis or Indians names like " Fu Manchu ", " Gunga Din " and " Ali Baba ".
* Chris Berman's shtick in his ESPN commentary was his tendency to give additional nicknames to players based on their last names ( often intended as puns or pop culture references ).
This tendency becomes extreme in Communist Albania after 1944, where it was the regime's declared doctrine to oust Christian or Islamic given names.
While there is a tendency to misspell his name as " Aryabhatta " by analogy with other names having the " bhatta " suffix, his name is properly spelled Aryabhata: every astronomical text spells his name thus, including Brahmagupta's references to him " in more than a hundred places by name ".
There is a tendency for translations of Japanese names to be somewhat fanciful.
Today, the tendency goes towards a uniformisation in the Chevrolet Europe range: the Spark and Cruze will bear these names throughout all European markets.
Moore has said that the character's real name, Walter Kovacs, was inspired by Ditko's tendency to give his characters names beginning with the letter K. In an interview for the BBC's Comics Britannia, Moore stated that Rorschach was created as a way of exploring what an archetypical Batman-type character — a driven, vengeance-fueled vigilante — would be like in the real world.
Synonymy refers to the tendency of a number of the same or very similar items to have different names or entries.
A number of books about this tendency mention some other unusual names such as Dazdrapertrak for Da Zdravstvuet Pervy Traktor (' Hail The First Tractor!
As evident from the above-mentioned examples, hypocorisms frequently demonstrate ( indirectly ) a phonological linguistic universal ( or tendency ) for high-pitched sounds to be used for smaller creatures and objects ( here as more " cute " or less imposing names ).
He further relayed that " as silly as it sounds, this new tendency to make up single names for two people, like ' Bennifer ' ( Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ) and ' TomKat ' ( Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ), is an insightful idea '.
Since the cultural revival of Latgalians in 1988, there is a tendency in Latgalian literature and media to follow Latvians in their use of both names.
Kammerer and Angielczyk ( 2009 ) suggested that the problematic taxonomy and nomenclature of Dicynodontia and other groups results from the large number of conflicting studies and the tendency for invalid names to be mistakenly established.
Hebrew names that begin with waw are rare because of the etymological tendency for word-initial waw to become yodh.
In recent years there has been a tendency to seek Celtic origins for names in England that were previously taken to be Anglo-Saxon.

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