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The al-prefix was probably added through confusion with another legal term, allegeance, an " allegation " ( the French allegeance comes from the English ).
The term " antibacterial " derives from Greek ἀντί ( anti ), " against " + βακτήριον ( baktērion ), diminutive of βακτηρία ( baktēria ), " staff, cane ", because the first ones to be discovered were rod-shaped, and the term " antibiotic " derives from anti + βιωτικός ( biōtikos ), " fil for life, lively ", which comes from βίωσις ( biōsis ), " way of life ", and that from βίος ( bios ), " life ".
The term " adrenal " comes from ad-( Latin, " near ") and renes ( Latin, " kidney ").
However, it has been strongly argued that this was a point made out of mis-translation, as pointed out by Amin Malouf, and that the origin of the term in Middle Eastern culture comes from phrase Asasiyun, meaning those who follow the Asas ; believers in the foundation of faith.
It has been suggested that the term comes from the Black Stump Wine Saloon that once stood about 10 kilometres out of Coolah, New South Wales on the Gunnedah Road.
Some etymologists believe it comes from a dialectal pronunciation of the Portuguese " bandore " or from an early anglicisation of the Spanish word " bandurria ", though other research suggests that it may come from a West African term for a bamboo stick formerly used for the instrument's neck.
The first recorded use of the term Bretwalda comes from a West Saxon chronicle of the late 9th century that applied the term to Ecgberht, who ruled from 802 to 839.
The term " Bohemianism ", when used to mean " social unconventionality ", comes from the French bohémien " Gypsy " " because Romani people were thought to come from Bohemia, or because they perhaps entered the West through Bohemia ".
The term " Balkan " itself likely comes from Turkish, meaning " a chain of wooded mountains.
The name comes from the medieval-Latin term balneum ( or balineum ) Mariae — literally, Mary's bath — from which the French bain de Marie, or bain-marie, is derived.
* According to culinary writer Giuliano Bugialli, the term comes from the Italian bagno maria, named after Maria de ' Cleofa, who developed the technique in Florence in the sixteenth century.
The term constitution comes through French from the Latin word constitutio, used for regulations and orders, such as the imperial enactments ( constitutiones principis: edicta, mandata, decreta, rescripta ).
The name of the hypothesis comes from the term the continuum for the real numbers.
Camouflage is a form of visual deception ; the term probably comes from camouflet, a French term meaning smoke blown in someone's face as a practical joke.
Each computer acts as both the client and the server which means all the computers on the network are equals, that is where the term peer-to-peer comes from.
The first component of the term comes from " cybernetics ", which is derived from the Greek κυβερνήτης ( kybernētēs, steersman, governor, pilot, or rudder ), a word introduced by Norbert Wiener for his pioneering work in electronic communication and control science.
The term " contra " comes from the Spanish contra, which means against but in this case is short for, in English " the counter-revolution ".
A term that comes closer to Coptic Orthodoxy is miaphysite, which refers to a conjoined nature for Christ, both human and divine, united indivisibly in the Incarnate Logos.
For terms such as these it is not possible and indeed not necessary to state a definition ; rather, one simply comes to understand the use of the term.
The term comes from the Greek δίς ( dis ), " twice " and πόλος ( pòlos ), " axis ".
The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek (, " management of a household, administration ") from (, " house ") + (, " custom " or " law "), hence " rules of the house ( hold )".

term and from
This is done at varying speeds, ranging from the slow and fast Shifte Telli ( a musical term meaning double strings ) to the fastest, ecstatic Karshilama ( meaning greetings or welcome ).
Interim financing of construction costs is provided by a short term loan from The Chase Manhattan Bank.
If you would feel happier with full collision insurance, there is a small additional charge, again varying from country to country and depending on the term of such insurance.
The variable costs alone are assigned to the different units of freight traffic as representing `` long-run out-of-pocket costs '' -- a term with a meaning here not distinctly different from that of the economist's `` long-run marginal costs ''.
The K factor, a term used to denote the rate of heat transmission through a material ( B.t.u./sq. ft. of material/hr./*0F./in. of thickness ) ranges from 0.24 to 0.28 for flexible urethane foams and from 0.12 to 0.16 for rigid urethane foams, depending upon the formulation, density, cell size, and nature of blowing agents used.
The term " anthropology " is from the Greek anthrōpos (), " man ", understood to mean humankind or humanity, and-logia (- λογία ), " discourse " or " study.
The term " arithmetic mean " is preferred in mathematics and statistics because it helps distinguish it from other means such as the geometric and harmonic mean.
Amphibian is derived from the Ancient Greek term ἀμφίβιος ( amphíbios ), which means " both kinds of life ", amphi meaning " of both kinds " and bio meaning " life ".
While not entirely synonymous with Anatolia, the term Asia Minor, derived from the Latin Asia Minores, refers to Asia inside the Roman Empire, versus Asia Magna, all of Asia beyond the borders.
The term Ethiopic Ocean, derived from Ethiopia, was applied to the southern Atlantic as late as the mid-19th century.
" The term made an impact into English pulp science fiction starting from Jack Williamson's The Cometeers ( 1936 ) and the distinction between mechanical robots and fleshy androids was popularized by Edmond Hamilton's Captain Future ( 1940 – 1944 ).
While current mouthwash treatments must be used with a degree of frequency to prevent this bacteria from regrowing, future treatments could provide a viable long term solution.
The term allocution differs from distribution as distribution implies that the original party loses some kind of control over the information.
Anatolia ( from Greek — " east " or "( sun ) rise "; also Asia Minor, from " small Asia "; in modern ) is a geographic and historical term denoting the westernmost protrusion of Asia, comprising the majority of the Republic of Turkey.
The term Angst distinguishes itself from the word Furcht ( German for " fear ") in that Furcht is a negative anticipation regarding a concrete threat, while Angst is a ( possibly nondirectional ) emotion, though the terms are colloquially sometimes used synonymously.
The Latin name ' Asteraceae ' is derived from the type genus Aster, which is a Greek term, meaning " star ".
The term may be common to Italo-Celtic, because the Celtic languages have terms for high mountains derived from alp.
David Roberts, in his book " In Search of the Old Ones: Exploring the Anasazi World of the Southwest ", explained his reason for using the term " Anasazi " over a term using " Puebloan ", noting that the latter term " derives from the language of an oppressor who treated the indigenes of the Southwest far more brutally than the Navajo ever did.
The Senate also has 18 members, elected for a four year term by and from the chiefs of the islands.
In the 20 years following Bligh's campaign the term " The Ashes " largely disappeared from public use.

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