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term and aesthetics
It is either the collective term for ethics and aesthetics — philosophical fields that depend crucially on notions of value — or the foundation for these fields, and thus similar to value theory and meta-ethics.
Despite the metaphysical basis for the term, academics in science, aesthetics, heuristics, psychology, and gender-based sociological studies have advanced their causes under the banner of Essentialism.
In the book, Norman uses the term " user-centered design " to describe design based on the needs of the user, leaving aside what he deems secondary issues like aesthetics.
He nonetheless devoted himself privately to Greek art and literature and followed the lectures of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, who coined the term " aesthetics ".
The term landscape aesthetics or just aesthetics is frequently used in the literature.
However, the corrupted term aesthetics gained popular acceptance entering England after 1830 and, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, within a century of the coining of the meaning by Baumgarten, it was in use widely throughout Europe.
The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and the process is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health, the environment or aesthetics.
Although this was the only time that Keats used the term, this view of aesthetics and rejection of a rationalizing tendency has influenced much commentary on Romanticism and the tenets of human experience.
The " sublime " is a term in aesthetics whose fortunes revived under postmodernism after a century or more of neglect.
In both accounts the term generative art does not describe an art movement, ideology, or theory of aesthetics.
The term is a German word which has come to be accepted in English as a term in aesthetics.
It has come to be used as a term of derision implying conservative or dated aesthetics and unremarkable specifications.
It is not necessarily a genre term, but there do exist some common aesthetics among college rock bands.
The New Musicology is a term applied to a wide body of musicology since the 1970s with a focus upon the cultural study, aesthetics, and criticism of music.
The term " naturalistic " derives from the word " Naturalism ", which has several meanings in philosophy and aesthetics.
As the industry and design have expanded, the term " athletic shoes " is based more on the design of the bottom of the shoe than the aesthetics of the top of the shoe.
In determining the political legitimacy of a system of rule and government, the term proper — political legitimacy — is philosophically an essentially contested concept that facilitates understanding the different applications and interpretations of abstract, qualitative, and evaluative concepts such as “ Art ”, “ social justice ”, et cetera, as applied in aesthetics, political philosophy, the philosophy of history, and the philosophy of religion.
" Brecht's term describes the aesthetics of his epic theatre.
Through their writing, the ancient term ' aesthetics ', meaning sensory perception, received its present day connotation.
See aesthetics for the general subject ; realism in the arts for applications by artistic genre ; and the realism disambiguation page for other uses of the term.
The term Menippeah ( Menippeah is a variant spelling of Menippea, referencing the Menippean satire in classical literature and in the literary theories of scholars including Mikhail Bakhtin and Northrop Frye ) has been adopted as the name of a literary genre or theory, based on the principles of philosophical aesthetics, semiotics and narratology, developed by Alfred Barkov.
At the turn of the century, the term " post-punk " began to appear in the music press again, with a number of critics reviving the label to describe a new set of bands that shared some of the aesthetics of the original post-punk era.

term and was
It became the sole `` subject '' of `` international law '' ( a term which, it is pertinent to remember, was coined by Bentham ), a body of legal principle which by and large was made up of what Western nations could do in the world arena.
'' The other important difference between the two Constitutions was that the President of the Confederacy held office for six ( instead of four ) years, and was limited to one term.
Bang-Jensen said you told correspondents that you had checked in advance to make sure the term ' aberrant conduct ' was not libelous.
His parents talked seriously and lengthily to their own doctor and to a specialist at the University Hospital -- Mr. McKinley was entitled to a discount for members of his family -- and it was decided it would be best for him to take the remainder of the term off, spend a lot of time in bed and, for the rest, do pretty much as he chose -- provided, of course, he chose to do nothing too exciting or too debilitating.
His teacher and his school principal were conferred with and everyone agreed that, if he kept up with a certain amount of work at home, there was little danger of his losing a term.
The term enquetes demographiques, previously used for the supplementary investigations carried out in connection with the administrative censuses, was used for the new investigations.
This term was also used by the cowboy in the sense of a human showin' fight, as one cowhand was heard to say, `` He arches his back like a mule in a hailstorm ''.
the first use of the word `` rustler '' was as a synonym for `` hustler '', becomin' an established term for any person who was active, pushin', and bustlin' in any enterprise.
Engages must be loyal to the concessionaires, and must serve until the term provided in the engagement was ended.
The September-October term jury had been charged by Fulton Superior Court Judge Durwood Pye to investigate reports of possible `` irregularities '' in the hard-fought primary which was won by Mayor-nominate Ivan Allen Jr..
When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race, it voted no -- and there were no dissents.
Petitions asking for a jail term for Norristown attorney Julian W. Barnard will be presented to the Montgomery County Court Friday, it was disclosed Tuesday by Horace A. Davenport, counsel for the widow of the man killed last Nov. 1 by Barnard's hit-run car.
Friday afternoon the Rev. T. F. Zimmerman was reelected for his second consecutive two-year term as general superintendent of Assemblies of God.
Commenting on the earlier stage, the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors ( in a recent report on the question of faculty participation in administrative decision-making ) noted that the term `` teacher-employee '' ( as opposed to, e.g., `` maintenance employee '' ) was a not inapt description.
The Unitarian clergy were an exclusive club of cultivated gentlemen -- as the term was then understood in the Back Bay -- and Parker was definitely not a gentleman, either in theology or in manners.
or `` Carmine Theater, 1912 '', the only canvas with an ash can ( and foraging dog ), although Sloan was a member of the famous `` Eight '', and of the so-called `` Ash-Can School '', a term he resented.
The term was introduced into optics by Johann Heinrich Lambert in his 1760 work Photometria.
In 1846, Lincoln was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, where he served one two-year term.
Realizing Clay was unlikely to win the presidency, Lincoln, who had pledged in 1846 to serve only one term in the House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig nomination in the 1848 presidential election.

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