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term and previously
Hence, historically, it is a daughter language of Dutch, and was previously referred to as " Cape Dutch " ( a term also used to refer collectively to the early Cape settlers ) or ' kitchen Dutch ' ( a crude or derogatory term Afrikaans was called in its earlier days ).
The term ' bootstrapping ' is related to building a security relation with a previously unknown device first and to allow installing security elements ( keys ) in the device and the BSF afterwards.
The term is of recent use but is not commonly used in psychology, and according to one analyst, " has been coined more on the Internet than in printed form because it does not appear in any previously published, psychiatric, unabridged, or abridged dictionary ".
Washington's first term in office saw attention given to poor and previously neglected minority neighborhoods.
When the centrifugal force term is expressed in terms of parameters of the rotating frame, replacing with, it can be seen that it is the same centrifugal force previously derived for rotating reference frames.
Although recognized previously by others, the mathematical expression for the Coriolis force appeared in an 1835 paper by French scientist Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, in connection with the theory of water wheels, Early in the 20th century, the term Coriolis force began to be used in connection with meteorology.
In video games, the term " director's cut " is usually used as a colloquialism to refer to an expanded version of a previously released game.
Quentin Bryce's appointment was announced during her term as Governor of Queensland ; she had previously been the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner.
" Napalm Death coined the term, though this style of drumming had previously been practiced by others.
In modern formal classifications, the term is considered obsolete ; the microorganisms previously included in the Infusoria are mostly assigned to the kingdom Protista.
IT has borrowed the term brownfield from the building industry, where undeveloped land ( and especially unpolluted land ) is described as greenfield and previously developed land – which is often polluted and abandoned – is described as brownfield.
The beginning of the 20th century marked the first time a movement in the arts was described as " avant-garde "— a term previously used in military and political contexts, which remained to describe movements which identify themselves as attempting to overthrow some aspect of tradition or the status quo.
The term previously used ' correctness ' in its literal sense and without any particular reference to language that might be considered offensive or discriminatory.
Within a few years, this previously obscure term featured regularly in the lexicon of the conservative social and political challenges against curriculum expansion and progressive teaching methods in US high schools and universities.
Although the term phosphorescence is derived from phosphorus, the reaction that gives phosphorus its glow is properly called chemiluminescence ( glowing due to a cold chemical reaction ), not phosphorescence ( re-emitting light that previously fell onto a substance and excited it ).
It also prohibits a person from being elected to the presidency more than once if that person previously had served as president, or acting president, for more than two years of another person's term as president.
With the 18th amendment to the constitution in 2010, the President has no term limit, which previously stood at 2.
The 1790 Act contains provisions for a 14-year term of copyright and sections that provide for authors who published their works before 1790, both of which mirror the protection offered by the Statute 80 years previously.
The term was coined in 1710 by German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz in his work, Théodicée, though various responses to the problem of evil had been previously proposed.
Although the term " Unicode " had previously been used for other purposes, such as the name of a programming language developed for the UNIVAC in the late 1950s, and most notably a universal telegraphic phrase-book that was first published in 1889, Becker may not have been aware of these earlier usages, and he explained that " he name ' Unicode ' is intended to suggest a unique, unified, universal encoding ".
The Bolsheviks reintroduced the term Uyghur to replace the previously used Turk or Turki.
Protocol no. 14 amended the Convention so that judges would be elected for a non-renewable term of nine years, whereas previously the term was six years with the option of renewal.

term and used
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
As used in this Act, the term ' saline water ' includes sea water, brackish water, and other mineralized or chemically charged water, and the term ' United States ' extends to and includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories and possessions of the United States.
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
The K factor, a term used to denote the rate of heat transmission through a material ( B.t.u./sq. ft. of material/hr./*0F./in. of thickness ) ranges from 0.24 to 0.28 for flexible urethane foams and from 0.12 to 0.16 for rigid urethane foams, depending upon the formulation, density, cell size, and nature of blowing agents used.
This term was also used by the cowboy in the sense of a human showin' fight, as one cowhand was heard to say, `` He arches his back like a mule in a hailstorm ''.
The term soon became used and applied to all stolen animals.
The term " the United States " has historically been used, sometimes in the plural (" these United States "), and other times in the singular, without any particular grammatical consistency.
When used in the broader sense, the term can include many different groups.
The term was initially used generally as an adjective for animals that could live on land or in water, including seals and otters.
Many songs have used this term, including the American patriotic songs " America, The Beautiful " and " God Bless the USA ".
Assistive technology or adaptive technology ( AT ) is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them.
Hindu texts used the term shunya ( zero ) to indicate the empty column on the abacus.
Until the 20th century, the term asphaltum was also used.
The term " alphabet " is used by linguists and paleographers in both a wide and a narrow sense.
The use of multi-defined words requires the author or speaker to clarify their context, and sometimes elaborate on their specific intended meaning ( in which case, a less ambiguous term should have been used ).
The term is often used to refer to activities with some potential for physical danger, such as skydiving, mountain climbing and or participating in extreme sports.
The term " droid ", coined by George Lucas for the original Star Wars film and now used widely within science fiction, originated as an abridgment of " android ", but has been used by Lucas and others to mean any robot, including distinctly non-human form machines like R2-D2.
The term android was used in a more modern sense by the French author Auguste Villiers de l ' Isle-Adam in his work Tomorrow's Eve ( 1886 ).
Authors have used the term android in more diverse ways than robot or cyborg.
While current mouthwash treatments must be used with a degree of frequency to prevent this bacteria from regrowing, future treatments could provide a viable long term solution.

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