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term and was
It became the sole `` subject '' of `` international law '' ( a term which, it is pertinent to remember, was coined by Bentham ), a body of legal principle which by and large was made up of what Western nations could do in the world arena.
'' The other important difference between the two Constitutions was that the President of the Confederacy held office for six ( instead of four ) years, and was limited to one term.
Bang-Jensen said you told correspondents that you had checked in advance to make sure the term ' aberrant conduct ' was not libelous.
His parents talked seriously and lengthily to their own doctor and to a specialist at the University Hospital -- Mr. McKinley was entitled to a discount for members of his family -- and it was decided it would be best for him to take the remainder of the term off, spend a lot of time in bed and, for the rest, do pretty much as he chose -- provided, of course, he chose to do nothing too exciting or too debilitating.
His teacher and his school principal were conferred with and everyone agreed that, if he kept up with a certain amount of work at home, there was little danger of his losing a term.
The term enquetes demographiques, previously used for the supplementary investigations carried out in connection with the administrative censuses, was used for the new investigations.
This term was also used by the cowboy in the sense of a human showin' fight, as one cowhand was heard to say, `` He arches his back like a mule in a hailstorm ''.
the first use of the word `` rustler '' was as a synonym for `` hustler '', becomin' an established term for any person who was active, pushin', and bustlin' in any enterprise.
Engages must be loyal to the concessionaires, and must serve until the term provided in the engagement was ended.
The September-October term jury had been charged by Fulton Superior Court Judge Durwood Pye to investigate reports of possible `` irregularities '' in the hard-fought primary which was won by Mayor-nominate Ivan Allen Jr..
When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race, it voted no -- and there were no dissents.
Petitions asking for a jail term for Norristown attorney Julian W. Barnard will be presented to the Montgomery County Court Friday, it was disclosed Tuesday by Horace A. Davenport, counsel for the widow of the man killed last Nov. 1 by Barnard's hit-run car.
Friday afternoon the Rev. T. F. Zimmerman was reelected for his second consecutive two-year term as general superintendent of Assemblies of God.
Commenting on the earlier stage, the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors ( in a recent report on the question of faculty participation in administrative decision-making ) noted that the term `` teacher-employee '' ( as opposed to, e.g., `` maintenance employee '' ) was a not inapt description.
The Unitarian clergy were an exclusive club of cultivated gentlemen -- as the term was then understood in the Back Bay -- and Parker was definitely not a gentleman, either in theology or in manners.
or `` Carmine Theater, 1912 '', the only canvas with an ash can ( and foraging dog ), although Sloan was a member of the famous `` Eight '', and of the so-called `` Ash-Can School '', a term he resented.
The term was introduced into optics by Johann Heinrich Lambert in his 1760 work Photometria.
In 1846, Lincoln was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, where he served one two-year term.
Realizing Clay was unlikely to win the presidency, Lincoln, who had pledged in 1846 to serve only one term in the House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig nomination in the 1848 presidential election.

term and coined
The term was originally coined in the 19th century by the founding sociologist and philosopher of science, Auguste Comte, and has become a major topic for psychologists ( especially evolutionary psychology researchers ), evolutionary biologists, and ethologists.
In some European countries, all cultural anthropology is known as ethnology ( a term coined and defined by Adam F. Kollár in 1783 ).
The first use of the term " anthropology " in English to refer to a natural science of humanity was apparently in 1593, the first of the " logies " to be coined.
The term " Afroasiatic " ( often now spelled as " Afro-Asiatic ") was later coined by Maurice Delafosse ( 1914 ).
The term " droid ", coined by George Lucas for the original Star Wars film and now used widely within science fiction, originated as an abridgment of " android ", but has been used by Lucas and others to mean any robot, including distinctly non-human form machines like R2-D2.
In approximately 450 BCE, Democritus coined the term átomos (), which means " uncuttable " or " the smallest indivisible particle of matter ".
The term isotope was coined by Margaret Todd as a suitable name for different atoms that belong to the same element.
While the term's etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (" Jew-hatred "),
The term " orbital " was coined by Robert Mulliken in 1932.
The term antimatter was first used by Arthur Schuster in two rather whimsical letters to Nature in 1898, in which he coined the term.
In a related use, from 1975, British naturalist Sir Peter Scott coined the scientific term " Nessiteras rhombopteryx " ( Greek for " The monster ( or wonder ) of Ness with the diamond shaped fin ") for the apocryphal Loch Ness Monster.
He hoped to perfect the human spirit and, to that end, advocated a vegan diet before the term was coined.
It is unlikely that the term " democracy " was coined by its detractors who rejected the possibility of a valid " demarchy ", as the word " demarchy " already existed and had the meaning of mayor or municipal.
One could assume the new term was coined and adopted by Athenian democrats.
The term " allophone " was coined by Benjamin Lee Whorf in the 1940s.
The system was described in 1976 by Guy Ottewell and also by Robert J. Weber, who coined the term " approval voting.
Before Peter Ladefoged coined the term " approximant " in the 1960s the term " frictionless continuant " referred to non-lateral approximants.
The term avionics was coined by journalist Philip J. Klass as a portmanteau of aviation electronics.
The term is the Old Norse / Icelandic translation of, a neologism coined in the context of 19th century romantic nationalism, used by Edvard Grieg in his 1870 opera Olaf Trygvason.
The term " aesthetics " was appropriated and coined with new meaning in the German form Æsthetik ( modern spelling Ästhetik ) by Alexander Baumgarten in 1735.
The term was coined by Michael Dummett, who introduced it in his paper Realism to re-examine a number of classical philosophical disputes involving such doctrines as nominalism, conceptual realism, idealism and phenomenalism.

term and by
When we `` forced '' individuals to assume the corporate structure by means of taxes and other legal statutes, we adopted what I would term `` pseudo-capitalism '' and so took a major step toward socialism.
Helen Deutsch informed us ( The Psychology Of Women, Vol. 2,, 434 ) that in all cultures `` the term ' stepmother ' automatically evokes deprecatory implications '', a conclusion accepted by many.
Of one thing we can be sure: they were not sketched out by the revolutionary theorists of the eighteenth century who formulated the political principles and originally shaped the political institutions of what we term the `` free society ''.
by this term he means to ridicule their professions of acting in the interest of the Church despite their own education and manner of life -- a gibe, in other words, at the `` Presbyterianism '' in Harley's family and at Bolingbroke's reputed impiety.
Let us not confuse the issue by labeling the objective or the method `` psychoanalytic '', for this is a well established term of art for the specific ideas and procedures initiated by Sigmund Freud and his followers for the study and treatment of disordered personalities.
Suggest the following twenty-first-century amendment: By moving the term `` Republic '' to lower case, substituting the modern phrase, `` move ahead '' for the stodgy `` keep '', and by using the Postmaster's name on every envelope ( in caps, of course, with the `` in spite '' as faded as possible ), the slogan cannot fail.
An important operation in soliciting industrial locations involves what we term `` Missionary calls '' by one of this Division's industrial promotion specialists.
Interim financing of construction costs is provided by a short term loan from The Chase Manhattan Bank.
Long term loans have been reduced by $395,000 to $2,461,000.
They like it and would supply most of the capital because of the long term leases by strong oil companies.
The collective by which I address you in the title above is neither patronizing nor jocose but an exact industrial term in use among professional thieves.
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
This term refers to the ability of a material to resist bending stress and is determined by measuring the load required to cause failure by bending.
Incumbent Richard Salter seeks re-election and is opposed by Donald Huffman for the five-year term.

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