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terms and Hopwood's
Under the terms of the will of Avery Hopwood, a prominent American dramatist and member of the Class of 1905 of The University of Michigan, one-fifth of Mr. Hopwood's estate was given to the Regents of the University for the encouragement of creative work in writing.

terms and will
Meanwhile, the experts speak of wars triggered by `` false pre-emption '', `` escalation '', `` unauthorized behavior '' and other terms that will be discussed in this report.
What policies if adopted and applied in various circumstances will increase the likelihood that future events will coincide with desired events and do so at least cost in terms of all human values??
At his death Fred and Ralph, my husband, were named executors of the estate under the terms of the will.
The main question raised by the incident is how much longer will UN bury its head in the sand on the Congo problem instead of facing the bitter fact that it has no solution in present terms??
The terms and conditions of the loan and other provisions will be set forth in a separate agreement by the two Governments.
They will better understand the relationship of their activities to the academic program and they will be able to explain their actions to faculty in terms of mutual goals.
The size of the press is usually expressed in terms of chuck capacity ( the maximum diameter tool shank it will hold ) or distance between the spindle center and the column.
But first, we must define two terms so that their meaning will be clearly understood: form -- any unique sequence of alphabetic characters that can appear in a language preceded and followed by a space ; ;
Its terms will tend to be labile or vague, and they will fit actual languages more and more badly.
Until they see the ecumenical movement in terms of the difference it makes in their own attitudes, programs, and relationships, it will have an inevitable aspect of unreality.
The outgoing members, whose four-year terms will expire a week after the April 18 primary election, received carved wooden elephants, complete with ivory tusks, to remember the state committee by.
Mr. Philip Toynbee writes, for example, that `` in terms of probability it is surely as likely as not that mutual fear will lead to accidental war in the near future if the present situation continues.
The practical definition may lead to confusion with the definition of a coulomb ( i. e., 1 amp-second ), but in practical terms this means that measures of a constant current ( e. g., the nominal flow of charge per second through a simple circuit ) will be defined in amperes ( e. g., " a 20 mA circuit ") and the flow of charge through a circuit over a period of time will be defined in coulombs ( e. g., " a variable-current circuit that flows a total of 10 coulombs over 5 seconds ").
" The Federal Public Defender recommends that defendants speak in terms of how a lenient sentence will be sufficient, but not greater than necessary, to comply with the statutory directives set forth in.
Among single-winner election systems where voters act in their own best interests, approval voting comes closest to reflecting the overall will of the people as measured in terms of minimizing Bayesian regret.
By the terms of his father's will he received an appanage of Poitou and Auvergne.
If one picks optimally ( in terms of the achieved speed-up ) what to improve, then one will see monotonically decreasing improvements as one improves.
RF amplifiers are often specified in terms of the maximum power gain obtainable, while the voltage gain of audio amplifiers and instrumentation amplifiers will be more often specified ( since the amplifier's input impedance will often be much higher than the source impedance, and the load impedance higher than the amplifier's output impedance ).
and reiterates in no uncertain terms: " Nothing, then, which is not a species of a genus will have an essence – only species will have it ...."

terms and left
What we have left as reasonably comparable are four classes: ( 1 ) body parts and products, which with a proportionally nearly even representation ( 51 terms out of 253, 25 out of 100 ) come out with nearly even ratios ; ;
He acknowledged that three other former EEOC employees had backed Hill's story, but said they had all left the agency on bad terms.
Despite being offered the chance to remain as ruler of Bavaria ( under strict terms of an alliance with Austria ), the Elector left his country and family in order to continue the war against the Allies from the Spanish Netherlands where he still held the post of governor-general.
The local Indian population left their mark also on the language with some 400 Taíno terms and place-names of the island.
The additional terms on the force side of the equation can be recognized as, reading from left to right, the Euler force, the Coriolis force, and the centrifugal force, respectively.
Other provisions set the terms of a transaction, establishing the liability of a builder for a house that collapses, for example, or property that is damaged while left in the care of another.
There are five elected Commissioners of the Trust Funds who manage and control all funds left, given, bequeathed or devised to the town, and distribute the income in accordance with the terms of the respective trusts.
for any subset of the left vertices of size at least, the distribution on right vertices obtained by choosing a random node in and then following a random edge to get a node x on the right side is-close to the uniform distribution in terms of total variation distance.
Usually terms with the highest power ( exponent ), are written on the left, for example, is written to the left of.
With Raphael, he remained on the friendliest terms, and when he departed from Rome, left in his hands two unfinished pictures which Raphael completed.
To ensure execution of the treaty's terms, Allied troops would occupy the left ( German ) bank of the Rhine for a period of 5 – 15 years.
By the terms of the Honduran constitution, this stalemate left the final choice of president up to the legislature, but that body was unable to obtain a quorum and reach a decision.
He succeeded Satya Nandan of Fiji, the first Secretary-General of the Authority, who left after three consecutive four-year terms since 1996.
Ciano said that it was absurd to believe that the Reich could attack Poland without triggering a wider war and that now the Italians were left with the choice of either going to war when they needed three more years to rearm or being forced into the humiliation of having to violate the terms of the Pact of Steel by declaring neutrality ( which would make the Italians appear cowardly ).
In the early 1970s, Oakland won three World Series titles from 1972 – 1974, and after the A's left Kansas City under less than honorable terms, a strong rivalry existed between the two teams during this period.
In the People's Republic of China ( PRC ) since 1967, the terms Ultra-Left and left communist refers to political theory and practice self-defined as further " left " than that of the central Maoist leaders at the height of the GPCR (" Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution ").
An example of a non-egocentric view is page layout, where the relative terms " upper half " " left margin ," etc.
Since counter-clockwise may be defined in terms of up, forward, and right, this experiment unambiguously differentiates left from right using only natural elements: If they were reversed, or the atoms spun clockwise, the radiation would follow the spin axis instead of being opposite to it.
The political terms Left and Right were coined during the French Revolution ( 1789 – 1799 ), referring to the seating arrangement in the Estates General: those who sat on the left generally supported the radical changes of the revolution, including the creation of a republic and secularization, while those on the right were supportive of the traditional institutions of the Old Regime.
The terms far left and ultra-left refer to positions that are more radical.
In several countries, the terms far left and radical left have been associated with communism, Maoism, Autonomism and many forms of anarchism.

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