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territory and covers
The Alaska Interior covers most of the U. S. state's territory.
The modern English county of Essex maintains the historic northern and the southern borders, but only covers the territory east of the River Lea, the other parts being lost to neighbouring Mercia during the 8th Century.
Excluding disputed territory, the archipelago covers about 377, 000 square kilometers.
The territory of Jordan now covers about 91, 880 square kilometers.
The history of Mali covers events on the territory of modern Mali from about the 11th century to the present.
3G network covers 94 percent of the population, but only covers 14 percent of the territory.
The continental territory covers 30, 627 km² and forms the preponderant part of Normandy and roughly 5 % of the territory of France.
The Open Skies regime covers the territory over which the State Party exercises sovereignty, including land, islands, and internal and territorial waters.
This article covers the history of the territory which is today part of the Republic of Sudan.
The new album deal covers the North America territory, where Gabriel is currently out of contract.
Astana is located in central Kazakhstan on the Ishim River in a very flat, semi-arid steppe region which covers most of the country's territory.
This network also provides wireless mobile Internet connections as well, and covers the entire territory.
The territory of the South Island covers and is influenced by a temperate climate.
The province covers approximately 73 % of the territory of the ROC, with around 40 % of the total population.
The Guadiana covers a length of 76 kilometres, 818 kilometres of travel distance, of which 578 kilometres are within Spanish territory, 140 kilometres within Portugal, while 100 kilometres are shared between the two nations ; 81. 9 % of its basin is in Spain ( 55, 513 km² ) and 17. 1 % is in Portugal ( 11, 620 km² ).
Administratively it lies within the département of Bouches-du-Rhône, the appropriately named " Mouths of the Rhône ", and covers parts of the territory of the communes of Arles – the largest commune in Metropolitan France, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer – the second largest – and Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône.
The territory covers the eastern portion of the Labrador peninsula.
The Sahel covers parts of the territory of ( from west to east ) Northern part of Senegal, southern part of Mauritania, middle part of Mali, southern part of Algeria and Niger, middle part of Chad, southern part of Sudan, northern part of South Sudan and Eritrea.
The town's territory covers an area of 38. 97 km², which makes Stralsund, with its 57, 670 inhabitants () one of the most densely populated towns in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ( 1, 480 inhabitants per km² ).
The local zip code mailing address of " Greater Upper Marlboro ", however, covers of territory and includes additional areas west and south of the red area, extending from the Capital Beltway ( Largo, Westphalia, and New Orchard areas ) on the west to the Patuxent River / county line on the east, and far southward into the rural Croom and Nottingham, Naylor, and Rosaryville areas ( greatly below the map's red area ).
Literally meaning " village ", this wijk covers mostly the territory of the pre-existing village of Zoetermeer, with the central Dorpstraat ( village street ) with historic buildings serving as a shopping and recreation area.
Great Neck is a region on Long Island that covers a peninsula on the North Shore of Long Island, which includes villages of Great Neck, the village of Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, and others, as well as an area south of the peninsula near Lake Success and the border territory of Queens.

territory and 780
The precipitation is distributed unevenly in the territory of the oblast varying from 780 to 826 mm in the north and the west and up to 690 – 760 mm in the south.
* Lil ' wat First Nation, their traditional territory extended south to Rubble Creek, north to just below Anderson Lakes, east to the Upper Stein Valley and west to the coastal inlets of the Pacific Ocean, in total approximately 780, 000 ha, the current community Mount Currie ( or Lilwat ' ul ) is the heart of the Lil ’ wat Nation territory
The territory of Graciosa Island consists of one municipality, Santa Cruz da Graciosa ( 4, 780 inhabitants in 2001 ), which is divided into four civil parishes:
The territory of Graciosa Island consists of one municipality, Santa Cruz da Graciosa ( 4, 780 inhabitants in 2001 ), divided into four civil parishes:
About 780, with newly peaceful conditions, Pope Adrian I assembled a great estate of which this territory formed part, his Domusculta Capracorum, in contrast with the power of the Abbey of Farfa, but it was destroyed by Saracen attacks in the ninth century.
Saingilo () is a 19th-century term that is used to indicate parts of the districts of Balakan, Zaqatala and Qakh — territory of 4, 780 km < sup > 2 </ sup >— currently parts of Azerbaijan, populated by the ethnic Georgians — Ingiloi.
By spring 780, With Cui Youfu seriously ill at that point and Qiao having been removed by Emperor Dezong due to incompetence, Yang was solely in charge of the government, and he revived major military projects that Yuan had advocated until his downfall — to rebuild Yuan Prefecture ( 原州, in modern Guyuan, Ningxia ), formerly Tang territory but which had become part of the no man's land between territories held by Tang and Tufan, as a forward advance base for a campaign to recapture lands lost to Tufan ; and to conscript labor from the regions of the two capitals ( Chang ' an and Luoyang ) and Guanzhong to reopen Lingyang Aqueduct ( 陵陽渠, flowing through Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia ) in order to promote agriculture in the region by soldiers.
Towards 780, the monastery at Meda was founded, the jurisdiction of which extended to the territory of Seveso.

territory and 000
In addition, mixed race ( European and African ) people amount to about 2 %, with a small ( 1 %) population of whites, mainly ethnically Portuguese ( as a former overseas territory of Portugal until 1975, the Portuguese make up currently the largest non-African population, with certainly more than 100, 000, a number that has been constantly increasing from the 2000s, because of Angola's growing demand for qualified human resources.
In 1818 the British forced the Marathas to cede the city for 50, 000 rupees whereupon it became part of the province of Ajmer-Merwara, which consisted of the districts of Ajmer and Merwara and were physically separated by the territory of the Rajputana Agency.
The territory of Chile has been populated since at least 12, 000 B. P.
Knight and Graham were caught, convicted of illegally landing on Vietnamese territory, and assessed each a $ 10, 000 fine.
In April 1966 the British Government bought the entire assets of the Chagos Agalega Company in the BIOT for £ 600, 000 and administered them as a government enterprise while awaiting US funding of the proposed facilities, with an interim objective of paying for the administrative expenses of the new territory.
The earliest known production occurred around 8, 000 years ago on the territory of Georgia.
The British responded with the Peel Commission ( 1936 – 37 ), which recommended that an exclusively Jewish territory be created in the Galilee and along much of the western coast ( requiring the expulsion of 200, 000 Arabs ) the rest becoming an exclusively Arab area.
The Ottoman Empire was indemnified in the sum of 40, 000, 000 piastres for the loss of the territory.
In the Report of the Technical Committee on Refugees ( Submitted to the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine in Lausanne on 7 September 1949 )- ( A / 1367 / Rev. 1 ), in paragraph 15, the estimate of the statistical expert, which the Committee believed to be as accurate as circumstances permitted, indicated that the refugees from Israel-controlled territory amounted to approximately 711, 000.
There initially were 158 territories that were franchised, with a buy-in fee of $ 10, 000 or $ 15, 000, depending on the territory, for what was called an " individual exhibitor ".
For $ 50, 000, the Jerry Lewis Cinemas offered an opportunity known as an " area director " in which the investor not only was given their own cinema, but controlled franchising opportunities in a territory.
By the late 8th century BC the territory of Israel was the most densely settled in the entire Levant, with a population of about 350, 000.
The U. S. paid 50 million francs ($ 11, 250, 000 ) plus cancellation of debts worth 18 million francs ($ 3, 750, 000 ), for a total sum of 15 million dollars ( less than 3 cents per acre ) for the Louisiana territory ($ million in dollars, less than 42 cents per acre ).
An expeditionary force under Napoleon's brother-in-law Charles Leclerc in January 1802, supplemented by 20, 000 troops over the next 21 months, had tried to re-conquer the territory and re-establish slavery.
In July 1860, with European intervention threatening, the Turkish government tried to quiet the strife, but Napoleon III of France sent 7, 000 troops to Beirut and helped impose a partition: The Druze control of the territory was recognized as the fact on the ground, and the Maronites were forced into an enclave, arrangements ratified by the Concert of Europe in 1861.
By the time of the largest expansion towards Kievan Rus ' lands, at the end of the 13th and during the 14th century, the territory of the GDL was about 800, 000 km < sup > 2 </ sup >, of which 10 % was ethnically Lithuanian.
The ethnic Lithuanian population is estimated to have been 420, 000 out of 1. 4 million in 1375 ( the territory was about 700, 000 km < sup > 2 </ sup >), and 550, 000 out of 3. 8 million in 1490 ( territory: 850, 000 km < sup > 2 </ sup >) Ruthenians were only nowadays Ukrainians and the whole Belarus including Smolensk and Mozhaisk Galindians were of Lithuanian ethnicity ( belonging to the same family as Prussians or Latvians ).

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