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theatrical and newspaper
In 1848, with his wife and Carl Schurz, he started a newspaper, the Bonner Zeitung, mostly devoted to following revolutionary activities, but also providing the traditional material such as musical and theatrical reviews that people expected then from a full-service newspaper.
In 1953, she appeared in her last theatrical film, It Happens Every Thursday, a Universal comedy about a New York couple who move to California to take over a struggling weekly newspaper.
The theatrical newspaper, The Era dubbed the cortege a " Royal Progress ".
The station was initially owned by the Broadcasting Company of Australia, which represented, amongst others, J and N Tait ( theatrical entrepreneurs ), Buckley and Nunn Limited ( a department store ) and The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd ( a newspaper company ).
Students can choose from more than 130 different groups and activities at Luther, including a student-run radio station and newspaper, more than 15 music ensembles, seven Greek societies, many academic clubs, numerous service organizations, 19 varsity sports, many recreational and club sports, Student Activities Council, and many theatrical productions.
Together with Joaquim Coimbra and Queirós Veloso he founded Gil Vicente, a theatrical newspaper.
She married, as her second husband, Roger Capgras, a shady figure who rose from being a vegetable dealer to head of a major newspaper during the Nazi Occupation and later a fascist-leaning theatrical figure.
His last theatrical film appearance was in 1981's The Legend of the Lone Ranger in which he appeared as a newspaper editor, apparently as a tribute to his time as the Ranger years earlier.
Bryceland worked as a newspaper librarian before her theatrical début in Stage Door in 1947.
The Washingtoniana collection includes books, newspaper archives, maps, census records, and oral histories related to the city's history with 1. 3 million photographs from the Washington Star newspaper and the theatrical video collection of the Washington Area Performing Arts Video Archive.

theatrical and Era
The latter was described by the theatrical paper The Era as " the great dramatic hit of the season ".
Both the local paper and the leading national theatrical paper, The Era, record Charley's surname as Wyckenham.

theatrical and commented
Jackson said that he had cut the encounter from the theatrical version due to its lack of effect ; he commented that in the book it was dramatic since the reader does not know Frodo Baggins ' fate, but in the film the audience knows that both Frodo and Samwise Gamgee are alive.
The New York Times commented, " Miss Wong stirs in the spectator all the sympathy her part calls for, and she never repels one by an excess of theatrical ' feeling '.
Numerous reviewers commented on the action sequences and violence with several noting they were better suited to a theatrical version rather than literature.
Upon its theatrical release, Vincent Canby of The New York Times commented, " At the point at which I walked out, about 55 minutes into the story, there hadn't been a single characterization, situation, line of dialogue, camera angle or joke to indicate that anyone connected with Timerider had the remotest idea of what he was doing.

theatrical and We
Howard began acting on the London stage in 1917 but had his greatest theatrical success in the United States on Broadway, in plays such as Aren't We All?
In 1983, the band mounted an ambitious stage show in support of Kilroy featuring theatrical presentations of three songs utilizing instrumental backing tracks, including " Mr. Roboto ", which featured DeYoung singing live while disguised as a Roboto, " Heavy Metal Poisoning " with James Young as the evangelist Dr. Righteous singing while the Panozzo brothers acted as his henchmen on stage, and " Haven't We Been Here Before " with Tommy Shaw as Jonathan Chance and DeYoung ( as Kilroy in Roboto costume ) duetting.
* 1988, Duncan Scott Productions, US re-edited theatrical film version ( titled We the Living )
Iorga had by then finished several new theatrical plays: Moartea lui Dante (" The Death of Dante "), Molière se răzbună (" Molière Gets His Revenge "), Omul care ni trebuie (" The Man We Need ") and Sărmală, amicul poporului (" Sărmală, Friend of the People ").
Her first theatrical film appearance was in The Way We Live Now ( 1970 ).
The theatrical trailers for Zombie provided the memorable tagline of " We Are Going to Eat You!
We can observe this in their structure as tension is produced mainly by means of sound ( main characters ’ voices, sounds in the background, or silence ); some other theatrical measures appear to a minimum degree.
At the same time, shows like Stephen Sondheim's Company began to deconstruct the musical form as it has been practiced through the mid-century, moving away from traditional plot and realistic external settings to explore the central character's inner state ; his Follies relied on pastiches of the Ziegfeld Follies-styled revue ; his Pacific Overtures used Japanese kabuki theatrical practices ; and Merrily We Roll Along told its story backwards.

theatrical and can
The pun can also be heard in the theatrical adaptations.
A film can be both a major studio release and a cult film, particularly if despite its affiliation with a major studio, it failed to achieve broad success on either the theatrical or home video markets but was championed by a small number of dedicated film fanatics who seek out lesser-known offerings.
In combination with other aspects, theatrical costumes can help actors portray characters ' age, gender role, profession, social class, personality, ethnicity, and even information about the historical period / era, geographic location and time of day, as well as the season or weather of the theatrical performance.
Often, stylized theatrical costumes can exaggerate some aspect of a character ; for example Harlequin and Pantaloon in the Commedia dell ' arte.
Under the terms of the accord, films produced using these funds can only be screened on television 24 months after their theatrical release.
These cut scenes can be seen in the Japanese theatrical trailer.
These can also be programed to trigger other theatrical affects in sync with performances such as lighting, video loops, sound effects, etc.
Invented in 1796 by German author and actor Alois Senefelder as a cheap method of publishing theatrical works, lithography can be used to print text or artwork onto paper or other suitable material.
The production set a pattern for the remainder of his theatrical output, most of which can be considered as 20th century reworkings of stock characters and situations from the Italian traditional Commedia dell ' arte.
As a general rule ( prior to the adoption of DVD ), special effects would be done within the theatrical aspect ratio, but not the full-frame thereof ; also the expanded image area can include extraneous objects — such as cables, microphone booms, jet vapor trails, or overhead telephone wires — not intended to be included in the frame.
* Auditorium or hall where student theatrical and musical productions can be staged and where all-school events such as assemblies are held
This scene was cut from the theatrical releases of the films, but can be found on the Extended Edition DVD of The Return of the King.
In similar fashion, the isolation and examination of the stage image of Cleopatra becomes an attempt to improve the understanding of the theatrical power of her infinite variety and the cultural treatment of that power .” So, as a microcosm, Cleopatra can be understood within a postmodern context, as long as one understands that the purpose for the examination of this microcosm is to further one ’ s own interpretation of the work as a whole.
He explored Mannerism, Exoticism, Pittura Metafisica, and great historical and religious painting, covering a vast area that can be compared with his keen interest in the theatrical and literary world of Luigi Pirandello, Massimo Bontempelli and Enrico Pea, which led him to found the Viareggio Prize in 1929.
The original scriptures ( Torah as translated in the King James version Bible ) are complete and predate other referenced historical evidence by 1700 years and thus should be considered as such in the formulation of hypothesis based on other sources such as the Quran, theatrical compositions, poetry, and other dated story-telling, all of which can add to the richness and understanding of the account.
These scenes included additional screen time with Jeanie in a locker room, Ferris ' younger brother and sister ( both of whom were completely removed from the film ), and additional / alternate lines of dialogue throughout the film, all of which can be seen in the original theatrical trailer.
Abraham can be seen as one of the undercover police officers along with Al Pacino in Sidney Lumet's Serpico ( 1973 ), also as the bad guy in one 3rd Season episode of Kojak, he played a cab driver in the theatrical version of The Prisoner of Second Avenue ( 1975 ), a mechanic in the theatrical version of The Sunshine Boys ( 1975 ) and in All the President's Men ( 1976 ), as one of the police officers who arrests the Watergate burglars in the offices of the Democratic National Headquarters.
This may be related to the contemporary British slang usage, where " bobbins " can be used to denote something negative, particularly in theatrical circles.
The structure of the play can still be detected in the static settings and theatrical " scenes " of the cinematic version, which has additional, essentially decorative ball scenes.
Although the United States ' theatrical tradition can be traced back to the arrival of Lewis Hallam's troupe in the mid-18th century and was very active in the 19th century, as seen by the popularity of minstrel shows and of adaptations of Uncle Tom's Cabin, American drama attained international status only in the 1920s and 1930s, with the works of Eugene O ' Neill, who won three Pulitzer Prizes and the Nobel Prize.
The Stick made a disguised appearance in David Lynch's film, Dune as Gurney Halleck's baliset, though the scene where Halleck ( played by Patrick Stewart ) actually plays the instrument was removed from the theatrical version and can only be seen in the extended versions.
Under the terms of the accord, films produced using these funds can only be screened on television 24 months after their theatrical release.
* Sound design, which can include musical underscoring, vocal and instrument mixing as well as theatrical sound effects.

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