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theory and common
The theory of international law, which in the nineteenth century became common to virtually all writers in Europe and America, broke this unity and this universality.
( Despite common belief, he did not take a day from February ; see the debunked theory on month lengths ) According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.
Nevertheless, the Saturnian model turned out to have more in common with modern theory than any of its contemporaries.
A common theory about the building is that the rounded feature to the left of centre, terminating at the top in a turret and cross, represents the lance of Saint George ( patron saint of Catalonia, Gaudi's home ), which has been plunged into the back of the dragon.
In the different systems these emanations are differently named, classified, and described, but the emanation theory itself is common to all forms of Gnosticism.
Adherents of this theory argue that even when the two versions diverge, they both have similarities in vocabulary and writing style — suggesting that the two shared a common author.
A third theory assumes common authorship of the Western and Alexandrian texts, but claims the Alexandrian text is the short first draft, and the Western text is a longer polished draft.
Then he came, in his words, to " the theory of symmetry: all governments and regimes to a first approximation are bad, all peoples are oppressed, and all are threatened by common dangers.
The difficulty in conceiving of or describing an object without also conceiving of or describing its properties is a common justification for bundle theory, especially among current philosophers in the Anglo-American tradition.
Bézout's identity ( also called Bezout's lemma ) is a theorem in the elementary theory of numbers: let a and b be integers, not both zero, and let d be their greatest common divisor.
A third common theory is Lewis acid-base theory, which is based on the formation of new chemical bonds.
Once judges began to regard each other's decisions to be binding precedent, the pre-Norman system of local customs and law varying in each locality was replaced by a system that was ( at least in theory, though not always in practice ) common throughout the whole country, hence the name " common law.
There is strong quantitative support for the theory that all living organisms on Earth are descended from a common ancestor.
Charles Darwin proposed the theory of universal common descent through an evolutionary process in On the Origin of Species, twice stating the hypothesis that there was only one progenitor for all life forms and ending with " There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one ".
The theory asserts that all currently living organisms on Earth share a common genetic heritage with each being the descendant from a single original species, though the suggestion of substantial horizontal gene transfer during early evolution has led to questions about monophyly of life.
The universality of this code is generally regarded by biologists as definitive evidence in favor of the theory of universal common descent.
Similarities which have no adaptive relevance cannot be explained by convergent evolution, and therefore they provide compelling support for the theory of universal common descent.
The relationship between legitimate and illegitimate knowledges, Birchall claims, is far closer than common dismissals of conspiracy theory would have us believe.
Density functional theory ( DFT ) methods are often considered to be ab initio methods for determining the molecular electronic structure, even though many of the most common functionals use parameters derived from empirical data, or from more complex calculations.
The most common controllers designed using classical control theory are PID controllers.
The most common theory holds that the idea of centaurs came from the first reaction of a non-riding culture, as in the Minoan Aegean world, to nomads who were mounted on horses.
There is a common interest in the processes ( often of a linguistic or symbolic kind ) that give rise to observable phenomena and here there is some mutual influence among the different versions of critical theory.
The Scythian theory was further developed by Andreas Jäger ( 1686 ) and William Wotton ( 1713 ), who made first forays to reconstruct this primitive common language.

theory and sky
In 1750 Thomas Wright, in his An original theory or new hypothesis of the Universe, speculated ( correctly ) that Milky Way was a flattened disk of stars, and that some of the nebulae visible in the night sky might be separate Milky Ways.
In general relativity theory, it is still possible for the paradox to hold in a finite universe: though the sky would not be infinitely bright, every point in the sky would still be like the surface of a star.
However, the Big Bang theory introduces a new paradox: it states that the sky was much brighter in the past, especially at the end of the recombination era, when it first became transparent.
In theory, full-sky catalogues try to list every star in the sky.
In Stoic physics, Posidonius advocated a theory of cosmic " sympathy " ( sumpatheia ), the organic interrelation of all appearances in the world, from the sky to the earth, as part of a rational design uniting humanity and all things in the universe, even those that were temporally and spatially separate.
The cosmic microwave background is the same from all parts of the sky, yet in cosmological theory these must have originated in completely different parts of the early universe.
Nonetheless, the most persuasive theory for the origin of the floor plan is that it is based on descriptions of the Temple of Solomon by the Judeo-Roman historian, Flavius Josephus: a portico followed by a courtyard open to the sky, followed by a second portico and a second courtyard, all flanked by arcades and enclosed passageways, leading to the " holy of holies ".
In this theory he was confirmed by the study of Michelangelo's works and the marble statues of the Monte Cavallo, which, when at Rome, he liked to contemplate in the evening, relieved against a murky sky or illuminated by lightning.
Unlike state blue sky law, which imposes merit reviews, the ' 33 Act embraces a disclosure philosophy, meaning that in theory, it is not illegal to sell a bad investment, as long as all the facts are accurately disclosed.
In other departments of physics may be mentioned his paper on the conduction of heat in crystals ( 1851 ) and his inquiries in connection with Crookes radiometer ; his explanation of the light border frequently noticed in photographs just outside the outline of a dark body seen against the sky ( 1883 ); and, still later, his theory of the x-rays, which he suggested might be transverse waves travelling as innumerable solitary waves, not in regular trains.
In 1869, claiming divine inspiration, Dr. Teed took on the name Koresh and proposed a new set of scientific and religious ideas he called Koreshanity, including a unique Hollow Earth theory that posits the Earth and sky exist inside the inner surface of a sphere.
* 1966: Zdenek Sekera for his numerous contributions to the dynamics of the atmosphere, which comprise studies of waves at interfaces, of the dynamics of the atmospheric jet stream, and especially of the brightness and polarization of sky light in a scattering atmosphere which led to the extension and application of Chandrasekhar's general theory of radiative transfer to atmospheric problems.
The theory about earth goddesses, sky father, and patriarchal invaders was a stirring tale that fired various imaginations.
This is because for crepuscular rays, seen on the same side of the sky as the sun, the atmospheric light scattering and making them visible is taking place at small angles ( see Mie theory ).
* John Strutt publishes his first papers on the theory of acoustic resonance and on the phenomenon now called Rayleigh scattering, explaining why the sky is blue.
As the motion of the moon's orbit also causes it to work its way across the sky on an 18. 61 year cycle in what is known as the journey between major and minor standstill and back, the theory that this period was both measurable and useful to Neolithic peoples seemed attractive.
* Big sky theory of transport
Since Canopus is so far south in the sky, it never rises in mid-or far-northern latitudes ; in theory the northern limit of visibility is latitude 37 ° 18 ' north.
This had led to the alternative theory that this may have been a generic term for " sky " and that Picaud may have simply " pointed at the sky " looking for the word for God and been supplied the word for " sky ".
There he explained his theory of primitive monotheism, the belief that primitive religion among almost all tribal peoples began with an essentially monotheistic concept of a high god — usually a sky god — who was a benevolent creator.
Another theory is that the octagon is an intermediate symbol between a square ( representing the earth ) and a circle ( representing the sky ).

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