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theory and international
The displacement ( at least to a considerable extent ) of the ethical jurisprudence of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by positivism reshaped both international law theory and doctrine.
Comparative law is different from the fields of general jurisprudence ( legal theory ), international law, including both public international law and private international law ( also known as conflict of laws ).
Drawing from such concepts as the international scientific vocabulary and Standard Average European, linguists developed a theory that the modern Western languages were actually dialects of a hidden or latent language.
Bombieri's research in number theory, algebraic geometry, and mathematical analysis have earned him many international prizes --- a Fields Medal in 1974 and the Balzan Prize in 1980.
In the early 1900s a theory of international trade was developed by two Swedish economists, Eli Heckscher and Bertil Ohlin.
They have criticized neoclassical international trade theory, namely the Heckscher-Ohlin model on the basis that the notion of capital as primary factor has no method of measuring it before the determination of profit rate ( thus trapped in a logical vicious circle ).
This is a great deficiency as trade theory, for intermediate goods occupy the major part of the world international trade.
International legal theory comprises a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches used to explain and analyse the content, formation and effectiveness of public international law and institutions and to suggest improvements.
Some of these approaches are based on domestic legal theory, some are interdisciplinary, and others have been developed expressly to analyse international law.
: This theory characterizes international and municipal law as a single legal system with municipal law subordinate to international law.
In states adopting this theory, the local courts automatically accept jurisdiction to adjudicate on lawsuits relying on international law principles.
: This theory regards international and municipal law as separate systems so that the municipal courts can only apply international law either when it has been incorporated into municipal law or when the courts incorporate international law on their own motion.
The Convention codified the declarative theory of statehood as accepted as part of customary international law.
The rise of globalization has created the need for an international normative framework, and political theory has moved to fill the gap.
" Political science intersects with other fields ; including anthropology, public administration, public policy, national politics, economics, international relations, comparative politics, psychology, sociology, history, law, political organization, and political theory.
In the USSR, political studies were carried out under the guise of some other disciplines like theory of state and law, area studies, international relations, studies of labor movement, " critique of bourgeois theories " etc.
* Positivism ( international relations ), school of thought in international relations theory
Heckscher and Ohlin jointly developed the so called Heckscher-Ohlin theory, the standard international mathematical model of international trade.

theory and law
Of course it had always been of European origin in fact, but it had maintained a universal outlook under the natural law theory.
In a properly ordered society the massive force of public law performs the function which in natural law theory ineptly is left altogether to a small voice so often still.
And which theory would govern the enforcers of the law on Sunday??
In constructive set theory, however, Diaconescu's theorem shows that the axiom of choice implies the law of the excluded middle ( unlike in Martin-Löf type theory, where it does not ).
Some results in constructive set theory use the axiom of countable choice or the axiom of dependent choice, which do not imply the law of the excluded middle in constructive set theory.
The importance of the theory lay in the fact that it confirmed the kinetic theory's account of the second law of thermodynamics as being an essentially statistical law.
Because directors exercise control and management over the organization, but organizations are ( in theory ) run for the benefit of the shareholders, the law imposes strict duties on directors in relation to the exercise of their duties.
The Law of Conservation of Mass resulted in the reformulation of chemistry based on this law and the oxygen theory of combustion, which was largely based on the work of Lavoisier.
Once judges began to regard each other's decisions to be binding precedent, the pre-Norman system of local customs and law varying in each locality was replaced by a system that was ( at least in theory, though not always in practice ) common throughout the whole country, hence the name " common law.
Ancient India represented a distinct tradition of law, and had an historically independent school of legal theory and practice.
Hegel, in his Elements of the Philosophy of Right ( 1820 ), gave it a philosophical justification that concurred with evolving contemporary political theory and the Protestant Christian view of natural law.
One of the earliest justifications involved the theory of natural law.
He offers a theory of compliance overlaid by a theory of deference ( the citizen's duty to obey the law ) and a theory of enforcement, which identifies the legitimate goals of enforcement and punishment.
Legislation must conform to a theory of legitimacy, which describes the circumstances under which a particular person or group is entitled to make law, and a theory of legislative justice, which describes the law they are entitled or obliged to make.

theory and which
Accordingly, it is the aim of this essay to advance a new theory of imitation ( which I shall call mimesis in order to distinguish it from earlier theories of imitation ) and a new theory of invention ( which I shall call symbol for reasons to be stated hereafter ).
The central concern of Erich Auerbach's impressive volume called Mimesis is to describe the shift from a classic theory of imitation ( based upon a recognition of levels of truth ) to a Christian theory of imitation in which the levels are dissolved.
To guard against the tyranny of a numerical majority, Calhoun developed his theory of `` concurrent majority '', which, he said, `` by giving to each portion of the community which may be unequally affected by the action of government, a negative on the others, prevents all partial or local legislation ''.
In a sense, Einstein's theory is simpler than Newton's, and there is a corresponding sense in which Copernicus' theory is simpler than Ptolemy's.
But beginning, for all practical purposes, with Frederick Seebohm's English Village Community scholars have had to reckon with a theory involving institutional and agrarian continuity between Roman and Anglo-Saxon times which is completely at odds with the reigning concept of the Anglo-Saxon invasions.
Conversely, if statistics were uncovered which contradicted a cherished theory, the sources were denounced as faulty.
J. T. Shotwell was appalled by such spurious history as that which attributed the fall of the Carolingian empire to the woolen trade, and he urged Adams to `` transform his essay into a real history, embodying not merely those facts which fit into his theory, but also the modifications and exceptions ''.
He proposed a fresh theory of alkalis which later was accepted in chemical practices.
However, they do demonstrate the presence of large normal pressures in the presence of flat shear fields which were forecast by the theory in the first part of the paper.
It was not always easy to develop theory and doctrine which would square the two conditions.
Philosophy can prevent the working scientist from becoming slothful and self-content by noting the assumptions and level at which a hypothesis or theory is framed.
The theory claims to show by analysis that when we say, `` That is good '', we do not mean to assert a character of the subject of which we are thinking.
One might use such findings to indicate the strength of informal primary associations in the factory, an interpretation which would run counter to Fromm's theory of alienation.
But he rejects, perhaps a little too sweepingly, the theory that disloyal and pro-Communist influences may have contributed to the policy of appeasing Stalin which persisted until after the end of the war and reached its high point at the Yalta Conference in February, 1945.
He supports the steady-state theory which holds that matter is continually being created in space.

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