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third and London
After winning the Dutch Mixing Championships ( DMC ) in 1988, he was invited for The World Mix Championships in the London Royal Hall and won third place in a fierce competition.
Theory of Heat, third edition, Longmans, Green, and Co., London.
Treatise on Thermodynamics, third English edition translated by A. Ogg from the seventh German edition, Longmans, Green & Co., London.
* The Making of the English Working Class London: Victor Gollancz ( 1963 ); 2nd edition with new postscript, Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1968, third edition with new preface 1980.
While Louisa grieved the loss of her third child, it was not easy to raise their two daughters in the London of that time.
Depending on whether total passengers, flights or cargo traffic are used as a measure, it ranks first, second or third in Europe alongside London Heathrow Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Geneva was ranked as the world's thirteenth most important financial centre for competitiveness by the Global Financial Centres Index, ahead of Frankfurt, and third in Europe after London and Zürich.
Located in the London Borough of Hillingdon, in West London, Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the third busiest airport in the world ( as of 2012 ) in terms of total passenger traffic, handling more international passengers than any other airport around the globe.
Map of London Heathrow Airport showing the proposed extension and third runway.
Alexander was born in London, the third son of the Earl and Countess of Caledon, the latter being a daughter of the Earl of Norbury.
The third convention, held in London in 1912 allocated the first radio callsigns for use by aircraft.
For a large sum of money, Volkov offered the names of three Soviet agents inside Britain, two of whom worked in the Foreign Office and a third who worked in counter-espionage in London.
Mellitus ( died 24 April 624 ) was the first Bishop of London in the Saxon period, the third Archbishop of Canterbury, and a member of the Gregorian mission sent to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons from their native paganism to Christianity.
As well in 1826, out of the 120 members of the Edinburgh society an estimated one third were from a medical background and by the 1840s there were over twenty-eight phrenological societies in London with over 1000 members.
Feltham claimed that in 18th-century London a popular beverage called " three threads " was made consisting of a third of a pint each of ale, beer and twopenny ( the strongest beer, costing tuppence a quart ).
Now firmly in the centre of a metropolis whose population eventually reached 4. 4 million, making it the third largest city in the world after London and New York, the area was ready to take on its most celebrated role.
In the third volume of The Baroque Cycle, The System of the World, a mysterious member of the entourage of Czar Peter I of Russia, named " Solomon Kohan " appears in early 18th century London.
William Morris was born in Walthamstow on 24 March 1834, the third child and the eldest son of William Morris, a partner in the firm of Sanderson & Co., bill brokers in the City of London.
It had the third largest grant by the Commission, of just over £ 17, 000. 00, of any church outside London.
It was the most popular tourist attraction in 2000, second was the London Eye ; third was Alton Towers, which had been first in 1999.
A third London date was scheduled for 14 July.
It became the first city to host the Olympics for the third time when London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics.
" The tin quotations from London are watched in La Paz with close interest as an index of the country's prosperity ; a third of the national revenue and more than half of the total customs in 1925 were derived from tin ; in short, that humble but indispensable metal is the hub around which Bolivia's economic life revolves.

third and revival
A third single was released amid controversy before Christmas 1984: a revival of " It Ain't Necessarily So ", the George and Ira Gershwin classic ( from Porgy and Bess ) which questions the authenticity of Biblical tales.
Music historians typically divide the history of ska into three periods: the original Jamaican scene of the 1960s ( First Wave ), the English 2 Tone ska revival of the late 1970s ( Second Wave ) and the third wave ska movement, which started in the 1980s ( Third Wave ) and rose to popularity in the US in the 1990s.
Demographic factors also contributed to upward pressure on prices, with the revival ( from around the third quarter of the 15th century ) of European population growth after the century of depopulation and demographic stagnation that had followed the Black Death.
However, WotC's CEO, Peter Adkison, was a fan of both Dungeons & Dragons and Greyhawk, and two major initiatives were created: a revival of Greyhawk, and a new third edition of D & D rules.
These large fixed-circle panoramas declined in popularity in the latter third of the nineteenth century, though in the United States they experienced a partial revival ; in this period, they were more commonly referred to as cycloramas.
In 1982 a third TV incarnation of the series was being prepared by Webb but his death scrapped the revival.
* The Annual New Freedom Fest held the third weekend of September, a revival of the New Freedom's Farmers Improvement Fair that was held this same weekend in the early 1900s for many years
A third festival is the St Ives May Day, a modern revival of West Cornwall May Day celebrations that were once common throughout west Cornwall.
The BBC revival of Doctor Who uses Rhapsody in Blue as part of its musical score in the third series episode " Daleks in Manhattan ".
The band's diamond-certified album Tragic Kingdom ( 1995 ) helped launch the third-wave ska revival of the 1990s, and " Don't Speak ", the third single from the album, set a record when it spent 16 weeks at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart.
Music historians typically divide the history of ska into three periods: the original Jamaican scene of the 1960s ( First Wave ), the English 2 Tone ska revival of the late 1970s ( Second Wave ) and the third wave ska movement, which started in the 1980s ( Third Wave ) and rose to popularity in the US in the 1990s.
He is a character in the first and third episodes of the first season of the 2010 revival of Upstairs, Downstairs, played by Blake Ritson.
A revival in the latter half of the 1987 – 88 campaign lifted Caernarfon up to third place and they also reached the semi-final of the Welsh Cup before losing out ( on a 2 – 1 aggregate ) to.
They took part in Made in Sweden 2010, which documented their revival, search for a new third member, and recording and working on a new album.
His son from his third marriage to Lady Susanna Stewart, Lord Granville Leveson-Gore, was created Earl Granville in 1833, a revival of the title created for his great-great-aunt in 1715.
While Donghak originated as a reform movement and revival of Confucian teachings, it gradually evolved into a religion known today as Cheondoism in Korea under the third patriarch.
During the late-1970s 2 Tone ska revival in England, the terms rude boy, rude girl and other variations were often used to describe fans of that genre, and this new definition continued to be used in the third wave ska subculture.
The third prefect, Gaius Petronius, cleared the neglected canals for irrigation, stimulating a revival of agriculture.
OMNI Comix ran for only three issues, and the third and final issue featured an abortive revival of the classic 1960's superhero series The THUNDER Agents.
Denmark experienced their next revival at the 1960 Olympics, with a third set of Olympic silver medals.
A third revival was staged by the company in 1967.
Although they have not qualified for a major tournament's finals since 1986, they came semi-finalists at the 2008 European Under-19 Championship and qualified for the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup which saw their U-20 national team gaining third place to bring home Hungary's first major tournament medal in nearly half a century, feeding their hopes of a future revival.
Originally known as The Pharmaceutical Bandits, the band began their career by participating in the third wave ska revival of the 1990s.
" It remained shelved for more than twenty years, till it was made as an episode in the third and final season of the 1980s Twilight Zone revival.

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