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tide and finally
Parklife continued the fiercely British nature of its predecessor, and coupled with the death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain in April of that year it seemed that British alternative rock had finally turned back the tide of grunge dominance.
Aurelius finally manages to secure the services of a magician-scholar of the arcane arts, who, taking pity on the young man, for the princely sum of a thousand pounds agrees " thurgh his magik " to make all the rocks " aweye " " for a wyke or tweye " ( possibly by association with an exceptionally high tide ).
Critics said he should have admitted his book was a fictional novel ) However, he finally achieved his permanent liberation in 1941, by using a bag of coconuts as a makeshift raft and riding the tide out from the island.
The defenders suffer heavy losses, but hold out until dawn, when Gandalf arrives with 2, 000 riders led by Éomer, who finally turn the tide of the battle and send Saruman's forces into retreat.
Racing continued here until 1911, when the area finally succumbed to the sea, and at low tide one can still see part of the racecourse from the back strand.
The tide of the battle turned at dusk, when Zieten's columns, who had been engaged pointlessly with Lacy, finally launched a major assault.
Jack Priest, in his evocative memoir of the isle during World War II, describes it as " a beachcomber's dream-washed as it is with a westerly Atlantic tide through Bluemull Sound, fed from the east by waters of the Norwegian basin and finally the North Sea pressing up from among the isles through the narrow channel between Yell and Fetlar and feeding Colgrave Sound on the south side of Uyea Isle.
In the 1807 election the rising tide of Republicanism finally swept Strong ( along with other New England Republicans ) out of office.
" ( Versailles ), the Embarkation of Madame d ' Angoulême ( Bordeaux ), the plafond of the Egyptian room in the Louvre, and finally his Hercules and Diomedes, exhibited in 1835, testify only that Gros's efforts in accordance with the frequent counsels of his old master David to stem the rising tide of Romanticism only damaged his once brilliant reputation.
Deputy Commissioner Charles Pawsey's bungalow and tennis court were the place where the British Fourteenth Army finally turned the tide of the war against the Japanese during the Burma Campaign of World War II at the Battle of the Tennis Court.
The tide finally turned as Union reinforcements charged into the fray in the fading light and the 6th Ohio overran Boston's detachment on the Ashby's Gap Turnpike, capturing or killing most of his men.
More to the east lies a mainly high island cluster consisting of Maupiti ( Tahitian name: Maurua ), Tupai atoll, Bora Bora ( Tahitian name: Vava ' u ), the most known of the Leeward Islands in the western world due to its World War II USA naval base and subsequent tourism industry, Tahaa ( Tahitian name: Uporu ), lying just north of the largest island of the group, Raiatea ( Tahitian names: Hava ' i, Ioretea ) which possesses the largest city and local capital of the Leeward Islands, namely Uturoa, as well as the highest elevation, the just over 1, 000 m mount Tefatua, and finally the easternmost island of the group, Huahine ( Tahitian name: Mata ' irea ) which at high tide is divided into two: Huahine Nui (" big Huahine ") to the north and Huahine Iti (" small Huahine ") to the south.
Not only was he unable to turn the tide of success but was himself unhorsed though finally brought off by a desperate charge of his followers.

tide and turned
Three years afterwards, under Yusuf's son and successor, Ali ibn Yusuf, Sintra and Santarém were added, and Iberia was again invaded in 1119 and 1121, but the tide had turned, the French having assisted the Aragonese to recover Zaragoza.
When the tide turned the water was trapped and it was only allowed to flow out under a mill turning its ' wheel '.
In part due to their own inability to control unruly corporate behavior, the tide turned against the guilds.
Over the next year the tide was turned and the Germans started to suffer a series of defeats, for example in the siege of Stalingrad and at Kursk.
The tide turned in December 1941, when the invasion of Russia stalled in cold weather and the United States joined the war.
In earlier Homeric combat, the words and deeds of supremely powerful heroes turned the tide of battle.
His victory at the Battle of Luchana ( 1836 ) turned the tide of the war, and in 1839, the Convention of Vergara put an end to the first Carlist insurrection.
As the tide of the war turned toward the former slaves, Napoleon abandoned his dreams of restoring France's New World empire.
After an initial loss of territory by the Jewish state and occupation of Arab Palestine by the Arab armies, from July the tide gradually turned in the Israelis favour and they pushed the Arab armies out and occupying some of the territory which had been allocated to the Palestinian Arabs.
As the tide of the war turned against Germany, Terboven's personal aspiration was to organise a " Fortress Norway " ( Festung Norwegen ) for the Nazi regime's last stand.
As long as Moses held the rod up, Israel dominated the fighting, but if Moses let down his hands, the tide of the battle turned in favor of the Amalekites.
The influx of Chinese arms turned the tide in Burma against the ethnic insurgencies, many of which had relied indirectly on Chinese complicity.
The entry of the Klingon ships turned the tide and allowed the Defiant to break through and retake the station ( DS9: " Favor the Bold ") ( DS9: " Sacrifice of Angels ").
However, what ultimately turned the tide in favor of validity of Gregory's election was the near universal acclaim of the Roman people.
Although Edward III invaded again, he was becoming more anxious over the possible French invasion, and by late 1336, the Scots had regained control over virtually all of Scotland and by 1338 the tide had turned.
An attempt by Philip II of Spain to invade England with the Spanish Armada in 1588 was famously defeated, but the tide of war turned against England with an unsuccessful expedition to Portugal and the Azores, the Drake-Norris Expedition of 1589.
Within 24 hours after the Choctaw language was pressed into service, the tide of the battle had turned.
The tide of the advance was dramatically turned with the Battle of the Marne.
Buck has compared him to Winston Churchill, another advocate of imperial policies who held fast to his beliefs after the tide of history had turned against him, and who rose to his peak of prominence at his country's darkest hour.
By the fall of 1999, The Attitude Era had turned the tide of the Monday Night Wars into WWF's favor for good.
Then Eorl the Young and his fierce Éothéod Riders unexpectedly took the field during the Battle of Celebrant and turned the tide in the favour of Gondor.
An overtime goal by Gary Dornhoefer in Game 5 turned the tide of their first round series with the Minnesota North Stars in the Flyers ' favor, as the Flyers got their first playoff series win in six games.
The tide of battle now rapidly turned against Manfred.

tide and 1953
On the night of 31 January 1 February 1953 many dykes in the provinces of Zeeland, South Holland and Noord-Brabant proved unable to resist the combination of spring tide and a northwesterly storm.
On the night of 31 January 1953 a combination of a high spring tide and a severe European windstorm caused a storm tide.
The cause of the flood was not a spring tide like in the great flood of 1953 ( see North Sea flood of 1953 ), but water from the storm in the North Sea surged up the rivers causing the dikes to overflow and break through.
In the night of 31 January and morning of 1 February 1953 large parts of Zeeland, the islands of South Holland and some parts of North Brabant were flooded, due to a combination of high tide and a strong northwestern storm which caused many dikes to break.
During the North Sea flood of 1953, in the night of 31 January 1 February 1953, many dikes in the provinces of Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands were unable to withstand the combination of spring tide and a northwesterly storm.

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