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tower and is
That is enough TNT to fill the tower of the Empire State Building ; ;
Grace O ' Malley's Castle Kildamhnait Castle is a 15th century tower house associated with the O ' Malley Clan, who were once a ruling family of Achill.
Two blocks west of the Old Town is the Kuchlbauer Brewery and beer garden featuring the Kuchlbauer Tower, a colorful and unconventional observation tower designed by Viennese architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
One of the highlights of the facade is a tower topped with a cross of four arms oriented to the cardinal directions.
Little remains of the claustral buildings of the Abbey except for the impressive gatehouse, which stretches between the south-west corner of the church and a defensive tower on the High Street, and the still complete Abbot's House, a building of the 13th, 15th and 16th centuries, which is the best-preserved of its type in Scotland.
The first was a radio receiver, such as the Icom PCR-1000, that could tune into the Reverse Channel, which is the frequency that the phones transmit data to the tower on.
This is a building with circular tower and doors facing the cardinal directions.
A wet scrubber is basically a reaction tower equipped with a fan that extracts hot smoke stack gases from a power plant into the tower.
Lime or limestone in slurry form is also injected into the tower to mix with the stack gases and combine with the sulfur dioxide present.
The Fernsehturm ( TV tower ) at Alexanderplatz in Mitte is among the tallest structures in the European Union at.
The Funkturm Berlin is a tall lattice radio tower at the fair area, built between 1924 and 1926.
It is the only observation tower which stands on insulators, and has a restaurant and an observation deck above ground, which is reachable by a windowed elevator.
At the south-east is a tall clock tower topped with turrets, one of which has a balustrade similar to a feature at Castle Fraser.
Yet there is now little doubt that the hollow-walled broch tower was purely an invention from what is now Scotland, or that even the kinds of pottery found inside them that most resembled south British styles were local hybrid forms.
The only exception is the view from Gate House's tower that looks down St. Mary's Street.
Above the gate there is a tower that rises three stories higher and has a turret-style roof.
The tower is locked during the school year and entering it is a Level 4 offense under the Victoria residence agreement for which the punishment is eviction from residence.
The tower which remains from the original Norman church and stands on the north side of the church ( the upper part is 15th century ) was, until the loss of its spire in 1699, 150 ft high.
The blue tower in the centre, the Basler Messeturm | Messeturm, was Switzerland's tallest building 2003-10 ; the bridge on the extreme right is the Wettsteinbrücke, Basel's second oldest bridge but recently replaced by a new structure.

tower and decorated
These are often decorated with the name of the company that the water tower serves.
The West Towers, in contrast with the central tower, are heavily decorated and are topped with battlements and eight pinnacles each, again in the Perpendicular style.
Next to the tower, there is also a well decorated with a chimaera and an eagle-the emblem of the Marques family.
The tower is topped with a highly decorated octagonal lantern ringed with pinnacles, one of fewer than half a dozen medieval examples surviving in England.
The water tower in Pequot Lakes is decorated like a fishing bobber.
Vanbrugh also liked to employ what he called his " castle air ", which he achieved by placing a low tower at each corner of the central block and crowning the towers with vast belvederes of massed stone, decorated with curious finials ( disguising the chimneys ).
Canford Manor, Dorset, was extended in a Tudor Gothic style ( 1848 – 52 ), including a large entrance tower, the most unusual interior is the Nineveh porch, built to house Assyrian sculptures from the eponymous palace, this has an interior decorated with Assyrian motifs.
Eye has a historic small church with a square tower and some wonderful effigies ; beside it is Eye Manor, noted for its fine decorated plaster ceilings.
The control tower is traditionally decorated with the banner saying WORLD ' S BUSIEST CONTROL TOWER during the AirVenture ( although in 2008 the sign read FAA CELEBRATES 50 YEARS instead-and was found on both the old and new control towers ).
The tower, which is constructed by stone and plaster and decorated by brickwork and zigzag vaults, dates back to the Saljuk era.
This neo-gothic façade in white, green and red marble forms a harmonious entity with the cathedral, Giotto's bell tower and the Baptistery, but some think it is excessively decorated.
The town has the minster church of St Mary the Virgin, with a highly decorated tower which, at high, is claimed to be one of the tallest towers in the West Country.
The lateral portal on the south side belongs to the late 15th century ; the massive and elaborately decorated tower which rises beside it to the early 16th century.
It was designed by Mario Pani, Enrique del Moral and Salvador Ortega as a tower of glass and marble, decorated with three-dimensional murals by David Alfaro Siqueiros, mixing painting and sculpting.
Considered to be the best specimen of Kalyani Chalukyan art, it has as many as 68 decorated pillars, an ornate tower and a doorway of great workmanship
* The Town Hall built in 1758 with a remarkable bell tower decorated with hemp plants, the symbol of Canavese.
Such a cell tower decorated with glass can be found in Treviso, Italy.
* Renaissance church of Santiago, built in 1533, with tower and portal decorated with reliefs.
The tower of the church is decorated with blank tracery windows.
The tower contains eight bells and the ceiling is quite intricately decorated in parts.
Devery led a wounded woman to safety, but Bucca, badge 317, a decorated Vietnam combat war veteran, died on the 78th floor of the south tower, one floor below the aircraft impact.
Inside the mansion are a number of richly decorated state rooms ; of the interior features, only the hall, the staircase tower and the chapel are Gothic in design.
Leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the tower was decorated with sculptures of athletes ( an athlete rising from starting blocks, a gymnast performing a handstand, and a wheelchair basketball player passing the ball ) which were positioned above the main body of the tower and in some cases overhung the edges.

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