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tradition and was
This is puzzling to an outsider conscious of the classic tradition of liberalism, because it is clear that these Democrats who are left-of-center are at opposite poles from the liberal Jefferson, who held that the best government was the least government.
All but the most rabid of Confederate flag wavers admit that the Old Southern tradition is defunct in actuality and sigh that its passing was accompanied by the disappearance of many genteel and aristocratic traditions of the reputedly languid ante-bellum way of life.
The reactionary is confused about the existential status of a decaying tradition, but he does perceive the unity tradition had when it was healthy.
Although Faulkner was the heir in his own family to this tradition, he did not have Stark Young's inclination to romanticize and sentimentalize the planter society.
Little more than a fine old name, valuable principally because of the Franklin tradition, the Saturday Evening Post was slow to revive.
Perhaps the outstanding standard bearer of Mr. Brown's tradition for accuracy was Mr. Oscar J. Beale, whose mechanical genius closely paralleled that of Mr. Brown, and whose particular forte was the development of the exceedingly accurate measuring machinery that enabled Brown & Sharpe to manufacture gages, and therefore its products, with an accuracy exceeding anything then available elsewhere in the world.
Since writing was practiced in the Aegean before the end of the century, we may hope that the details of tradition will now be occasionally useful.
Finally, the conception of the natural community of all possessions which originated with the Stoics was firmly fixed in a tradition by More's time, although it was not accepted by all the theologian-philosophers of the Middle Ages.
) Wishing to show that aviation was dependable and here to stay, Bob Fogg always made a point of taking off each morning on the dot of seven, disregarding rain, snow and sleet in true postal tradition.
Alla Sizova, who seems to have made a special hit in the East, was delightful as the lady Bluebird and her partner, Yuri Soloviev, was wonderfully virile, acrobatic, and poetic all at the same time, in a tradition not unlike that of Nijinsky.
The title " teacher " was first given to Aristotle by Muslim scholars, and was later used by Western philosophers ( as in the famous poem of Dante ) who were influenced by the tradition of Islamic philosophy.
Influenced by the German tradition, Boas argued that the world was full of distinct cultures, rather than societies whose evolution could be measured by how much or how little " civilization " they had.
Apollo was born on the seventh day () of the month Thargelion according to Delian tradition or of the month Bysios according to Delphian tradition.
There was a tradition that the Delphic oracle was consulted as early as the period of the kings of Rome during the reign of Tarquinius Superbus.
According to the Greek tradition the Dipylon master was named Daedalus, and in his statues the limbs were freed from the body, giving the impression that the statues could move.
Some of the General Semantics tradition was continued by Samuel I. Hayakawa, who had a dispute with Korzybski.
In Italian, possibly following a tradition of antiquity, the Arcipelago ( from medieval Greek * ἀρχιπέλαγος ) was the proper name for the Aegean Sea and, later, usage shifted to refer to the Aegean Islands ( since the sea is remarkable for its large number of islands ).
The battle, as was the tradition, was named after a nearby castle called Azincourt.

tradition and disciple
The later tradition of commentary also recognizes the existence of two additional types of bodhisattas: the paccekabodhisatta who will attain Paccekabuddhahood, and the savakabodhisatta who will attain enlightenment as a disciple of a Buddha.
According to the church historian Eusebius, the Quartodeciman Polycarp ( bishop of Smyrna, by tradition a disciple of John the Evangelist ) debated the question with Anicetus ( bishop of Rome ).
' Along with Peter, the unnamed disciple is especially close to Jesus, and early-church tradition identified him as John the Apostle, one of Jesus ' Twelve Apostles.
" The text does not actually name this disciple, but by the beginning of the 2nd century a tradition began to form which identified him with John the Apostle, one of the Twelve ( Jesus's innermost circle ).
* Mary of Bethany, disciple of Jesus ; Roman Catholic tradition considers her the same person as Mary Magdalene
Headed by the Sakya Trizin, this tradition was founded by Khon Konchog Gyalpo, a disciple of the great translator Drokmi Lotsawa and traces its lineage to the Indian master Virupa.
His disciple, Naukratios, recovered control of the monastery after the end of iconoclasm in 842, and throughout the remainder of the ninth century the Studite abbots continued Theodore's tradition of opposition to patriarchal and imperial authority.
In 445, Leo disputed with Patriarch Dioscorus, St. Cyril's successor as Patriarch of Alexandria, insisting that the ecclesiastical practice of his see should follow that of Rome on the basis that Mark the Evangelist, the disciple of Saint Peter and founder of the Alexandrian Church, could have had no other tradition than that of the prince of the apostles.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is claimed that the historical Shakyamuni Buddha taught tantra, but that since these are ' secret ' teachings, confined to the guru / disciple relationship, they were generally written down long after the Buddha's other teachings, the Pali Canon and the Mahayana sutras.
Bellaman, a professor at Vassar College, was a disciple of Honoré de Balzac, and his novel was in the tradition of Winesburg, Ohio and was a forerunner of the popular 1950s novel Peyton Place.
Bhava samadhi has been experienced by notable figures in Indian spiritual history, including Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and some of his disciples, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his chief disciple Nityananda, Mirabai and numerous saints in the bhakti tradition.
The guru-shishya tradition is the transmission of teachings from a guru ( teacher, ) to a '' ( disciple, ).
Due to the Kagyu tradition's particularly strong emphasis on guru devotion and guru yoga, and the personal transmission of esoteric instructions ( dam ngag or man ngag ) from master to disciple, the early Kagyu tradition soon gave rise to a bewildering number of independent sub-schools or sub-sects centered round individual charismatic Kagyu teachers and the hereditary lineages as well as mindstream emanation lineages.
After the death of Atisha ( 1054 ) his main disciple Lama Dromtonpa ( Drom-tön Gyal-we Jungne, 1005 1064 ) organized his transmissions into the legacy known as " The Four Divinities and Three Dharmas "-a tradition whereby an individual practitioner could perceive all doctrines of the Sutras and Tantras as non-contradictory and could personally apply them all as complementary methods for the accomplishment of enlightenment.
A disciple of famous Spanish guitarist Dionisio Aguado, José Prudencio Mungol was the first Cuban guitarist trained in the Spanish guitar tradition.
While in China, Woncheuk took as a disciple a Korean-born monk named Dojeung (), who travelled to Silla in 692 and propounded and propagated Woncheuk's exegetical tradition there where it flourished.
According to Venerable Hsuan Hua from the tradition of Chinese Buddhism, there are five types of beings who may speak the sutras of Buddhism: a buddha, a disciple of a buddha, a deva, a ṛṣi, or an emanation of one of these beings ; however, they must first receive certification from a buddha that its contents are true Dharma.
Rajashree Shirke, a disciple of Madhurita Sarang ( who in turn is a disciple of Birju Maharaj ), is playing a pioneer role in reviving the age-old of tradition of story telling in temples by Kathakars.
According to Venerable Hsuan Hua from the tradition of Chinese Buddhism, there are five types of beings who may speak the sutras of Buddhism: a buddha, a disciple of a buddha, a deva, a ṛṣi, or an emanation of one of these beings ; however, they must first receive certification from a buddha that its contents are true Dharma.
In Sufi tradition, this means not only that the present sheikh has met and taken the way from a master, but that the master during his life ­ time has explicitly and verifiably invested the disciple whether in writing or in front of a number of witnesses to teach the spiritual path as a fully authorized master ( murshid ma ’ dhun ) to succeeding generations of disciples.
While his disciple is gone, the bodhisattva reflects that while his disciple very well may not find food, his body is just so much flesh (" a sack of shit ," literally, as the tradition states ), and by giving it up, he can save the tigress ' purity and her cubs ' lives.
" It would appear from this text that there was an early tradition that Salome the disciple was childless, and possibly unmarried.

tradition and Matthew
Both Matthew and Luke record a tradition of Jesus ’ interpretation of the story of Jonah ( notably, Matthew includes two very similar traditions in chapters 12 and 16 ).
Papias does not identify his Matthew, but by the end of the 2nd century the tradition of Matthew the tax-collector had become widely accepted, and the line " The Gospel According to Matthew " began to be added to manuscripts.
( Matthew avoids using the holy word God in the expression " Kingdom of God "; instead he prefers the term " Kingdom of Heaven ", reflecting the Jewish tradition of not speaking the name of God ).
Based on Christ's injunction in the Gospel of Matthew to " go into your closet to pray ", hesychasm in tradition has been the process of retiring inward by ceasing to register the senses, in order to achieve an experiential knowledge of God ( see theoria ).
According to Skarsaune, the harmonized gospel narratives of Matthew and Luke were part of a tradition already circulating within Justin's school that expounded on the life and work of Jesus as the Messiah and the apostolic mission.
In Ralph Roister Doister, the character of Matthew Merrygreeke follows in the tradition of both Plautine Parasite and Plautine slave, as he both searches and grovels for food and also attempts to achieve his master ’ s desires.
The words of institution differ slightly in each account, reflecting a Marcan tradition ( upon which Matthew is based ) and a Pauline tradition ( upon which Luke is based ).
For the majority of scholars who accept Markan priority, a further problem is explaining the " double tradition " material which is found in both Matthew and Luke but not in Mark.
In this case it has been suggested that the dependence is best explained by the author of Thomas making use of an earlier harmonised oral tradition based on Matthew and Luke.
Brown states that, even if the silence of Paul is taken to indicate ignorance of the virgin birth, it does not disprove it, for a family tradition about it could have circulated among relatively few in the years 30-60, before becoming known to the communities for whom Matthew and Luke wrote.
The accounts of Matthew and Luke are taken as independent testimonies of the tradition.
It should be noted that the tradition of Boaz descending from a Canaanite prostitute stems from confusion regarding the identity of the mother of Boaz, who is not mentioned in the Tanakh but is in the Genealogical record of Matthew ; Because they have the same name some people believe she is the same person mentioned in Joshua, but that is not supported by linguistic and textual evidence.
* The " double tradition ": Sometimes Matthew and Luke share material which is not present in Mark.
The 2SH explains the features of the triple tradition by proposing that both Matthew and Luke used Mark as a source.
The existence of Q follows from the conclusion that, as Luke and Matthew are independent of Mark in the double tradition, the connection between them must be explained by their joint but independent use of a missing source or sources.
Streeter devoted a chapter to the matter, arguing that the Matthew / Luke agreements were due to coincidence, or to the result of the two authors ' reworking of Mark into more refined Greek, or to overlaps with Q or oral tradition, or to textual corruption.
When similar changes occur in double tradition material, which according to the 2SH are the result of Matthew and Luke relying on Q, they usually show Luke converging on Matthew.
The double tradition is the material ( circa 200 verses ) shared by Matthew and Luke, but absent in Mark.

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