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transportation and system
A further suggestion is that the widespread use of timber in Chacoan constructions — a resource not locally available — needed a large and easy transportation system.
Currently thousands of tourists and hundreds of scientists a year rely on the Antarctic transportation system.
However, an important mode of transportation is the government subsidized ' Colectivo ' cab system.
Because of this, it has a transportation system which includes more than of roads, 10 major international airports, 300 smaller airports, of functioning railway track, and more than 300 commercial ports and harbours that provide access to the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans as well as the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway.
War and continuing fighting severely damaged Cambodia's transportation systema system that had been inadequately developed in peacetime.
Important constraints to economic development include the CAR's landlocked position, a poor transportation system, a largely unskilled work force, and a legacy of misdirected macroeconomic policies.
The natural gas transportation system comprises of trunk and regional natural gas pipelines, and more than 300 associated structures, connecting production rigs, the Okoli natural gas storage facility, 27 end-users and 37 distribution systems.
Since the start of the " Special Period " in 1991 ( energy shortages caused by the loss of the Soviet Union as a trading partner ), hitchhiking and carpooling have become important parts of Cuba's transportation system and society in general.
The narrow early industrial canals, however, have ceased to carry significant amounts of trade and many have been abandoned to navigation, but may still be used as a system for transportation of untreated water.
Aside from these core elements, a civilization is often marked by any combination of a number of secondary elements, including a developed transportation system, writing, standardized measurement, currency, contractual and tort-based legal systems, characteristic art and architecture, mathematics, enhanced scientific understanding, metallurgy, political structures, and organized religion.
The Cadillac / Wexford Transit Authority ( CWTA ) is a demand-response, public transportation system, and has been in operation since 1974.
The city's former mayor, Darwin Hindman, is largely in favor of a non-motorized transportation system, and can often be seen riding his bicycle around the city.
However, a tall building brings a lot of difficulties to structural and building services design, for example, excessive system static pressure for water systems, high line voltage drop and long distance of vertical transportation.
* CDMA has been used in the OmniTRACS satellite system for transportation logistics.
Regional transportation networks have also changed significantly in recent decades with port modernizations, with new expressways and ongoing arterial highway construction, the abandonment of various low-capacity railway branchlines ( including the entire railway system of Prince Edward Island and southwestern Nova Scotia ), and the construction of the Canso Causeway and the Confederation Bridge.
Caltrans manages the state highway system ( which includes the California Freeway and Expressway System ) and is actively involved with public transportation systems throughout the state.
The Dominican Republic has a bus system that is rather reliable, and most of these public transportation vehicles are fairly comfortable.
The end came suddenly, between approximately 1960 and 1970, when the shipping industry adopted the newly invented container system of cargo transportation.
It was the first transportation system between the eastern seaboard ( New York City ) and the western interior ( Great Lakes ) of the United States that did not require portage, was faster than carts pulled by draft animals, and cut transport costs by about 95 %.
The general history of the Faroese transportation system can be divided into four periods:
The Manifesto supported the creation of universal suffrage for both men and women ( the latter being realized only partly in late 1925, with all opposition parties banned or disbanded ); proportional representation on a regional basis ; government representation through a corporatist system of " National Councils " of experts, selected from professionals and tradespeople, elected to represent and hold legislative power over their respective areas, including labour, industry, transportation, public health, communications, etc.
Bad harvests ( caused in part by extreme weather from El Niño along with volcanic activity at Laki and Grímsvötn in 1783 – 1784 ), rising food prices, and an inadequate transportation system that hindered the shipment of bulk foods from rural areas to large population centers contributed greatly to the destabilization of French society in the years leading up to the Revolution.
* Urban public transportation is provided mainly by bus and supplemented with a BRT system.

transportation and which
The King should expect no profit, and an advance of only 20 per cent above the cost in France, which would cover the expense of transportation and handling, was all he charged the traders.
Paradoxically, the same week in which Senator McClellan was attempting to extend the anti-trust act to labor in transportation, the Civil Aeronautics Board was assuring the airlines that if they met in concert to eliminate many costly features of air travel, the action would not be deemed a violation of the anti-trust act.
The travelling involved in the archaeology had a large influence on Christie's writing, which is often reflected as some type of transportation playing a part in her murderer ’ s schemes.
Partly for this reason, Alberta has never developed a large presence in the industries that have traditionally started industrialization in other places ( notably the original Industrial Revolution in Great Britain ) but which require large labour forces, and large internal markets or easy transportation to export markets, namely textiles, metallurgy, or transportation-related manufacturing ( automotives, ships, or train cars ).
Public transportation includes the AC Transit buses ( which include express buses to San Francisco ) and two ferry services — the Alameda / Oakland Ferry and the Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry.
His transportation network moved smuggled liquor from the rum-runners of the East Coast, The Purple Gang in Detroit, who brought liquor in from Canada, with help from Belle River native Blaise Diesbourg, also known as " King Canada ," and local production which came from Midwestern moonshine operations and illegal breweries.
This mammoth wooden ship was constructed using teak, without any iron or blueprints and which has transportation capacity of 400 tonnes.
Plasma, which constitutes 55 % of blood fluid, is mostly water ( 92 % by volume ), and contains dissipated proteins, glucose, mineral ions, hormones, carbon dioxide ( plasma being the main medium for excretory product transportation ), and blood cells themselves.
These contain hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein, which facilitates transportation of oxygen by reversibly binding to this respiratory gas and greatly increasing its solubility in blood.
Pollution can occur from a number of sources: garbage and industrial debris ; the transportation of petroleum in tankers, increasing the probability of large oil spills ; small oil spills created by large and small vessels, which flush bilge water into the ocean.
But there is disagreement about the extent to which that fact should allow the transportation of other beliefs and intuitions about material possessions.
A special armed employee of the express service using the stage for transportation of bullion or cash would sit beside the driver, carrying a short shotgun ( or alternatively a rifle ), to provide an armed response in case of threat to the cargo, which was usually a strongbox.
Competition from lower-cost Asian and Latin American loggers has hurt the local industry, which is encumbered with high transportation and labor costs.
The canals caused price convergence between different regions because of their reduction in transportation costs, which allowed Americans to ship and buy goods from farther distances for much lower prices compared to before.
The Rideau Canal was built as a result of the War of 1812 to provide military transportation between the British colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada as an alternative to part of the St. Lawrence River, which was susceptible to blockade by the United States.
Fully capable machine replicators are most useful for developing resources in dangerous environments which are not easily reached by existing transportation systems ( such as outer space ).
The stream was also the transportation route for their birch bark canoes, which could travel from Lake Winnipesaukee to the Atlantic Ocean.
A more correct term should be " mounted infantry " instead of " cavalry ", as horses were primarily used as a means of transportation, for which they were very suitable in view of the very poor road conditions in pre-war Poland.
As UCLA law professor Stephen Yeazell has pointed out, the most likely reason is that the abysmally poor transportation, communications, and administrative apparatus of medieval times made it impossible for the English sovereign to directly manage the entire country in terms of individuals ; it was easier to structure society by imposing obligations upon groups which were enforced by the sporadic use of force.
* 1933 – Prohibition in the United States ends: Utah becomes the 36th U. S. state to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, thus establishing the required 75 % of states needed to enact the amendment ( this overturned the 18th Amendment which had made the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol illegal in the United States ).
The Australian Light Horse were similar to dragoon regiments in many regards, being mounted infantry which normally fought on foot, their horses ' purpose being transportation.
The upright bass is large and awkward to transport, which also created transportation problems for touring bands.

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