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two and high
`` Tact '', by its very derivation, implies that its possessor keeps in touch with other people, but the author of Clericis Laicos and Unam Sanctam, the wielder of the two swords, the papal sun of which the imperial moon was but a dim reflection, the peer of Caesar and vice-regent of Christ, was so high above other human beings that he had forgotten what they were like.
The gas flamed up two inches high.
Her eyebrows were definite and heavy and formed two lines moving upward toward a high forehead and a great head of brown hair that fell to her shoulders.
The causes of the decline of the commuter railroads are many and complex -- high taxes, losses of revenue to Government subsidized highway and air carriers, to name but two.
A second and also good practice is to shear off the tops, leaving an inch high stub with just a leaf or two on each branch.
`` We have two approaches for the technical man: the position of staff engineer, which is rated as high in salary as department manager ; ;
For if such were the case, either the plane of the two lines would meet **zg in more than K points or, alternatively, the order of the image regulus of the pencil determined by the two lines would be too high.
In their first two years in high school, Jewish boys in this town make strenuous exertions to win positions on the school teams.
Beaverton School District No. 48 board members examined blueprints and specifications for two proposed junior high schools at a Monday night workshop session.
Now they go to a high school that is two miles away.
A deft, hilarious satire on very high French society involving a statesman with two enviable possessions, a lovely young bride and a head containing such weighty thoughts that he has occasionally to remove it for greater comfort.
He went through a gate to stand at the edge of the water and gazed at the two thin falls which dropped from large spigots high at the back of the pool.
The U. S. Navy illegally intercepted a British merchant ship the Trent on the high seas and seized two Confederate envoys ; Britain protested vehemently while the U. S. cheered.
The south tides in the Atlantic Ocean are semi-diurnal ; that is, two high tides occur during each 24 lunar hours.
Nowadays, most of the young people of Achill continue in school until they are 17 or 18, in one of the two post-primary schools and gain employment in modern high tech companies in Ireland and abroad.
The Lesbian or Aeolic school of poetry " reached in the songs of Sappho and Alcaeus that high point of brilliancy to which it never after-wards approached " and it was assumed by later Greek critics and during the early centuries of the Christian era that the two poets were in fact lovers, a theme which became a favourite subject in art ( as in the urn pictured above ).
This short work also highlighted the typical backstage antics of two high flown sopranos.
Having fallen from public notice, the tunnel was rediscovered in 1981 by then 18-year-old Robert " Bob " Diamond, who entered from a manhole he located at Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, crawled a distance of underground through a filled-in section of tunnel less than two feet high, and located the bulkhead wall that sealed off the main portion of the tunnel.
Few of his other paintings resemble this apocalyptic scene of two huge armies dominated by an extravagant landscape seen from a very high viewpoint, which looks south over the whole Mediterranean from modern Turkey to include the island of Cyprus and the mouths of the Nile and the Red Sea ( behind the isthmus to the left ) on the other side.
In this model the two universes do not interact, except via local matter accumulation whose density and pressure would become high enough to connect the two sheets through a bridge without spacetime between them, but with geodesics continuity beyond the radius limit allowing an exchange of matter.
In the 2010 comedy Marmaduke two Afghan hounds appear in the dog park and are shown to resemble high school girls watching the more athletic dogs as if they were " jocks " and are also shown to be " air heads ".
The bet in this municipal bond arbitrage is that, over a longer period of time, two similar instruments — municipal bonds and interest rate swaps — will correlate with each other ; they are both very high quality credits, have the same maturity and are denominated in U. S. dollars.
World War two saw the beginning of the widespread use of high speed bombers which dispensed with defensive weapons to be able to attain higher speed, such as with the de Havilland Mosquito, a philosophy that continued with many Cold War bombers.

two and schools
It met a serious rebuff in New Orleans, where the two schools selected for the first moves toward integration were boycotted by white parents.
We in East Greenwich have the example of two neighboring communities, one currently utilizing double sessions in their schools, and the other facing this prospect next year.
One or two of the schools have a five year curriculum, but the usual pattern of American education has limited most of them to the four-year plan which seems to be the minimum in acceptable institutions.
Observers, in the two school systems studied here, judged the teachers in the structured schools to be more impersonal and demanding, while the atmosphere in the unstructured schools was judged to be more supporting and accepting.
He was always well groomed and well tailored, and he had that rich man's look which was authentic enough and came from two good prep schools and a proper university.
A bond issue which would have provided some $3.5 million for construction of the two 900-student schools was defeated by district voters in January.
The first Western literature, including the Hurrian – Hittite literature, the first Greek polis and the two main schools of Ancient Greek philosophy seem to originate in this region.
The parish's main Gaelic football pitch and two secondary schools are on the mainland at Poll Raithní.
In the center of the helmet was a center black stripe surrounded by 2 gold stripes and 2 white stripes, These colors represented the two college rival schools in the state of Georgia ; rival schools Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets ( White and Gold ) and the Georgia Bulldogs ( Red and Black ) Although the gold was later taken out, the white remains to this day.
The town has one of the two Welsh-medium primary schools in Monmouthshire, Ysgol Gymraeg y Fenni, which was founded in the early 1990s.
The two schools were the first to train artist-designers in a modern manner.
The second Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer attempted to organise an exchange between the two schools, while Hinnerk Scheper of the Bauhaus collaborated with various Vkhutein members on the use of colour in architecture.
Set within the Soviet Union, these two centers were used to field test aircraft and armoured vehicles up to the battalion level, as well as housing aerial and armoured warfare schools through which officers were rotated.
In addressing this question, ethnologists in the 19th century divided into two schools of thought.
The Cheng brothers, Cheng Yi and Cheng Hao, are considered the founders of the two main schools of thought of Neo-Confucianism: the School of Principle the first, the School of Mind the latter.
St. Colmcilles Primary School and St. Colmcilles Community School are two schools in Knocklyon, Dublin, named after St. Colmcille, with the former having an annual day dedicated to the saint on 9 June.
The city has two high schools, Cadillac High School, and Cooley Alternative.
The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism maintains the Solomon Schecter Day Schools, comprising 76 day schools in 19 American states and two Canadian provinces serving Jewish children.
The accident caused the Missouri Valley Conference to ban its member schools from allowing cheerleaders to be " launched or tossed and from taking part in formations higher than two levels " for one week during a women's basketball conference tournament, and also resulted in a recommendation by the NCAA that conferences and tournaments do not allow pyramids two and one half levels high or higher, and a stunt known as basket tosses, during the rest of the men's and women's basketball season.
It came two years before an inter-club rugby game under the auspices of the Rugby Football Union would be played in England ; though it must be remembered that rugby had been codified 24 years before this in 1845 and played by many schools, universities and clubs even before the laws were first put on paper.

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