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unit and form
The following items may be specified in actual or symbolic form in the operands of those instructions which refer to the particular items: channel, unit, combined channel and unit, combined arm and file, unit record synchronizers, inquiry synchronizers, and alteration switches.
In its simplest form, the assumption of unit-treatment additivity states that the observed response from experimental unit when receiving treatment can be written as the sum of the unit's response and the treatment-effect, that is
The Analytical Engine incorporated an arithmetic logic unit, control flow in the form of conditional branching and loops, and integrated memory, making it the first design for a general-purpose computer that could be described in modern terms as Turing-complete.
) Like the central processing unit ( CPU ) in a modern computer, the mill would rely upon its own internal procedures, to be stored in the form of pegs inserted into rotating drums called " barrels ", to carry out some of the more complex instructions the user's program might specify.
At certain times, London has had no overall city government and boroughs were the main unit of local government for Londoners ; in Tokyo, they are known as wards or cities, and have city status, but these still form parts of a larger municipal government which has merged with that of the prefecture.
* Cell, a unit of a clandestine cell system, a penetration-resistant form of a secret or outlawed organization
The unit cells are stacked in three-dimensional space to form the crystal.
Over the succeeding centuries, Capetians spread throughout Europe, ruling every form of provincial unit from kingdoms to manors.
One common approach is to treat clitics as words that are prosodically deficient: they cannot appear without a host, and they can only form an accentual unit in combination with their host.
By moving the unit vectors so their tails coincide, as seen in the circle at the left of the image above, it is seen that u < sub > ρ </ sub > and u < sub > θ </ sub > form a right-angled pair with tips on the unit circle that trace back and forth on the perimeter of this circle with the same angle θ ( t ) as r ( t ).
** Arithmetic logic unit ( ALU )-The ALU executes all arithmetic and logic instructions, and provides the results in binary coded form.
Much faster than the PDP-9 even in basic form, the PDP-15 also included a floating point unit and a separate input / output processor for further performance gains.
In either case, the images of the basis vectors form a parallelogram that represents the image of the unit square under the mapping.
Infrared radiation in the spectral distribution of a black body is usually considered a form of heat, since it has an equivalent temperature, and is associated with an entropy change per unit of thermal energy.
The system is defined more accurately as the set of membranes that form a single functional and developmental unit, either being connected directly, or exchanging material through vesicle transport.
These G proteins are made from three subunits, with the G domain located on the largest one ( the α unit ); together with the two smaller subunits ( β and γ units ), they form a tightly associated protein complex.
One form this may take is dollarization, the use of a foreign currency ( not necessarily the U. S. dollar ) as a national unit of currency.
This constant is often used in atomic physics in the form of the Rydberg unit of energy:
* Schedule II lists hydrocodone in pure form and any formulations of combination products containing more than 15 mg hydrocodone per dosage unit.
The outcome of debates within the island was that the contribution should take the form of maintaining a Territorial Army unit in Jersey.
In 1777, Simcoe sought to form a Loyalist regiment of free blacks from Boston, but instead was offered the command of the Queen's Rangers, a well-trained light infantry unit comprising 11 companies of 30 men, 1 grenadier and 1 hussar, and the rest light infantry.

unit and is
For the family is the simplest example of just such a unit, composed of people, which gives us both some immunity from, and a way of dealing with, other people.
The connective system, or network, is tailored to meet the requirements of the objective, and it is therefore not surprising that a military body acting as a single coordinated unit has a different communication network than a factory, a college, or a rural village.
The unit consists of a small motor that goes on as soon as it is plugged in.
According to Friends, the unit was organized by John Snook, a former World War 2, commando who is vice president and general manager of the telephone company.
A BTU is a unit of heat, and the BTU rating of a conditioner refers to how much heat your machine can pump out of your house in an hour.
The safest procedure is to let your builder estimate the size of the unit you need, rather than trying to do this yourself.
Still another approach to the changeable letter type of sign is a modular unit introduced by Merritt Products, Azusa, Calif..
`` Only one lumber dealer in ten is equipped to handle unit loads ; ;
only one producer in a hundred is equipped to package and ship unit loads ; ;
only one builder in a thousand is equipped to receive unit loads.
If Af is the change per unit volume in Gibbs function caused by the shear field at constant P and T, and **yr is the density of the fluid, then the total potential energy of the system above the reference height is Af.
A randomization of `` ups '' and `` downs '' is more likely than ordered `` ups '' and `` downs '' in position ( 3 ) since the hydrogen atoms are well separated and so the position of one could hardly affect the position of another, and also since ordered `` up '' and `` down '' implies a larger unit cell, for which no evidence exists.
It is assumed that the flux values increase by a factor of 2.512 per magnitude, in accordance with the opinion that the total mass flux in each unit range in magnitude is constant.
The international unit is equipotent with the USP unit adopted in 1952, which was defined as the amount of activity present in 20 mg of the USP reference substance.
Consider a simple, closed, plane curve C which is a real-analytic image of the unit circle, and which is given by Af.
His view is that every religion pertains to a community, and, conversely, every community is in one aspect a religious unit.
Where boundary maintenance describes the boundaries or limits of the group, systemic linkage is defined `` as the process whereby one or more of the elements of at least two social systems is articulated in such a manner that the two systems in some ways and on some occasions may be viewed as a single unit.

unit and determined
Its size is determined by its function as a glycogen and fat storage unit, and may change with the seasons as these reserves are built or used up.
") He was determined not to fight until he thought there had been sufficient preparation for a decisive victory, and put into action his beliefs with the gathering of resources, detailed planning, the training of troops — especially in clearing minefields and fighting at night — and in the use of 252 of the latest American-built Sherman tanks, 90 M7 Priest self-propelled howitzers, and making a personal visit to every unit involved in the offensive.
The positions of atoms or molecules occur on repeating fixed distances, determined by the unit cell parameters.
The geographical mile is a unit of length determined by 1 minute of arc along the Earth's equator.
Although the metre is now defined as the path length travelled by light in a given time, the practical laboratory length measurements in metres are determined by counting the number of wavelengths of laser light of one of the standard types that fit into the length, and converting the selected unit of wavelength to metres.
The reliability of the statistical unit is, in part, determined by the reliability of the components in the statistical assembly, and by their interactions.
The unit for radial distance is usually determined by the context.
Neglecting resistance per unit length for most coaxial cables, the characteristic impedance is determined from the capacitance per unit length () and the inductance per unit length ().
Without an extra Global navigation satellite system, receiver tracking is difficult, but not impossible, as the position of a mobile unit can be determined using a Doppler shift calculation from the satellite.
In 1927, Nyquist determined that the number of independent pulses that could be put through a telegraph channel per unit time is limited to twice the bandwidth of the channel.
The rate of effusion is determined by the number of molecules entering an aperture per unit time, and hence by the average molecular velocity.
The size and composition of these groups, referred to as armies, are determined on a point system, with each unit ( figurine ) assigned a value in points roughly proportional to its worth on the battlefield ( a better unit or model is worth more points ).
Contingent events such as weapon hits and misses are determined by the roll of a six sided die ( note that the rulebooks use the word " dice " to refer to a single die ) and unit characteristics.
Given a unit vector n in R < sup > 3 </ sup > and an angle φ, let R ( φ, n ) represent a counterclockwise rotation about the axis through n ( with orientation determined by n ).
# Service consumer support times – specify the determined and agreed times of every day of the week when the triggering and consumption of commissioned services is supported by the service desk team for all identified, registered and authorized service consumers within the service customer's organizational unit or area.
A major activity in many unit record shops was sorting decks of punch card into the proper order as determined by information punched in the card.
The length of the error is determined by the smallest unit of time: 12: 00: 01 p. m. would be correctly notated, as would even 12: 00: 00. 00001 pm.
The missile body was separated from the thrust unit 20 to 30 seconds after the termination of powered flight, as determined by the preset range to target.
The theory for the distribution of solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere concerns how the solar irradiance ( the power of solar radiation per unit area ) at the top of the atmosphere is determined by the sphericity and orbital parameters of Earth.
The pump itself is a multi-stage unit with the number of stages being determined by the operating requirements.
Since noon is neither after noon nor before noon, and midnight can equally be twelve hours before and after noon, neither abbreviation is correct ( although the length of the error is determined by the smallest unit of time — 12: 00: 01 p. m. would be correctly notated ).

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