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unofficial and leader
FDP leader Guido Westerwelle became the unofficial leader of the opposition by virtue of the FDP's position as the largest opposition party in the Bundestag.
Around this time, Joschka Fischer emerged as the unofficial leader of the party, which he remained until resigning all leadership posts following the 2005 federal election.
The term " Prime Minister " appears at this time as an unofficial title for the leader of the government, usually the head of the Treasury.
At the same time, by virtue of works such as Requiem, Akhmatova was being hailed at home and abroad as an unofficial leader of the dissident movement, and reinforcing this image herself.
* Sal-American ; one of the three original founders of the beach, and the unofficial leader of the beach community.
Throughout the rest of his life Cornelius continued to act as Duckburg's unofficial leader.
Dickey Betts was becoming the group's unofficial leader.
The summit of Lodge's Senate career came in 1919, when as the unofficial Senate majority leader, he did not want to secure approval of the Treaty of Versailles.
The party's leader Paul Rosenmöller was seen as the unofficial leader of the opposition against the Kok cabinet-led Purple governments by the media, fellow politicians and academics, even though it was only the second largest party in the opposition.
The charismatic Rosenmöller became the " unofficial leader " of the opposition against the first Kok cabinet because the main opposition party Christian Democratic Appeal was unable to adapt well to its new role as opposition party.
The charisma of the charismatic " unofficial leader " Rosenmöller played an important role in this.
* Beetle – the driver, muscle and unofficial leader of the Stash Riders.
Reno Smith ( Robert Ryan ), the town's unofficial leader, informs Macreedy that Komoko, as a Japanese-American, was interned during World War II.
They unilaterally abrogated restrictions imposed by the 1947 and 1948 treaties with the exception of a ban on acquiring nuclear weapons, joined in voicing Nordic concern over the coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and gave increasing unofficial encouragement to Baltic independence.
On 4 December 2010, Borussia became Herbstmeister ( Autumn Champion ), an unofficial accolade going to the league leader at the winter break.
Tommy and Tuppence agree to work for Carter on an unofficial basis, with the aim of recovering the treaty and foiling the bolshevists and especially their elusive leader, Mr. Brown.
Bustamante's party won 22 of 32 seats in the first House of Representatives elected by universal suffrage, making Bustamante the unofficial government leader ( as Minister for Communications ) until the position of Chief Minister was created in 1953.
Some regard the Barmy Army's unofficial leader to be Vic Flowers, nicknamed " Jimmy Savile " because of his resemblance to the late former disc jockey.
Krøyer was the unofficial leader of the group.
Upon entering the Chicago City Council Gutiérrez, representing the 26th Ward, became Mayor Harold Washington's unofficial floor leader and leader of the Latinos in the council.
However, in some cases it may also be used to indicate that while the person described appears to be an equal, they actually are the group's unofficial or hidden leader, and thus the reference to this person being " equal " to the rest is intended to project mutual respect and camaraderie.

unofficial and team
Their unorthodox style led to the team adopting an unofficial motto coined by 1st baseman Tony Clark ; " Anybody, Anytime.
This unofficial mascot and team name was used until the early 1970s, when its use came under criticism.
BAR Honda team recorded an average top speed of in 2006 at Bonneville Salt Flats with unofficial top speed reaching using modified BAR 007 Formula 1 car.
In November 1941, Kelsey gave the unofficial nod to Johnson and the P-38 team to engineer a drop tank system to extend range for the fighter, and they completed the initial research and development without a contract.
* New Zealand Cavaliers, the unofficial New Zealand rugby team which toured South Africa in 1986
* Team Superman, the name for the unofficial team of Superman and his supporting characters
That marks the unofficial spot that people will meet before homecoming football games to cheer on their football team.
In 2009, the Giants played the Japan national baseball team in an unofficial goodwill game before the World Baseball Classic.
* A " Rest of the World " team captained by Garry Sobers playes five unofficial Test matches against England winning the series 4 – 1.
His first appearance with the national team came in 1990 against touring USSR club side Torpedo, followed by a number of further appearances in ' unofficial ' Socceroos matches in the next few years.
According to the Georgia Tech website, that team won three " unofficial " quizbowl national championships in the pre-ACF era.
* Delhi Giants, a cricket team in the unofficial Indian Cricket League
They could not be regarded as a national Test team and the matches were given the status of " unofficial Tests ", but the runs scored and wickets taken were added to official Test statistics until it was decided by the I. C. C.
The team played in the unofficial " Ohio League " and the American Professional Football Association ( renamed the National Football League in 1922 ).
He was also a member of the victorious 1960 U. S. Eisenhower Trophy team, winning the unofficial individual title by 13 shots over teammate Deane Beman with a four-round score of 269, a record which still stands ; this score was 18 shots lower than Ben Hogan's earlier U. S. Open aggregate of 287 at the same site ( which had, however, been scored under much tougher conditions ).
Between 1899 and 1901, prior to the formation of a national team, there were five unofficial international matches between different German and English selection teams, which all ended as large defeats for the German teams.
In his first season with the Eagles, Grant played as a defensive end and led the team in sacks ( an unofficial statistic at the time ).
The original 1967 California Seals logo recolored in green and gold was often seen on trading cards and other unofficial material, but was never adopted by the team.
** Legion of Superboys: Different versions of Superboy from throughout Hypertime, including both Kon-El and Kal-El, team up in the unofficial " Legion of Superboys " to fight Black Zero in the " Hypertension " story arc.
He was sent home from New Zealand early to play an unofficial Test match against an England team that included feared fast-bowler Frank Tyson.
The game offered an unofficial ( and hence with no official team or driver names associated with the series ) recreation of British Formula 3.
* Dancin ' Steve was the original unofficial mascot for the Chicago Rush Arena Football team.
The 1972 final between Dutch team Ajax and Scotland's Rangers is considered unofficial by UEFA, as Rangers were banned from European competition due to the behaviour of their fans during the 1972 UEFA Cup Winners ' Cup Final.
* " Represent ", a 2010 single by Weezer released as an " unofficial anthem " for the United States men's national soccer team

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