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unresolved and contains
Scholars suggest that the concept of citizenship contains many unresolved issues, sometimes called tensions, existing within the relation, that continue to reflect uncertainty about what citizenship is supposed to mean.
A nightmare arises from one's complex that contains residue from some unresolved issue.
The cluster contains over 1, 000 statistically confirmed members, although this figure excludes unresolved binary stars.
" His magnum opus, Ethics, contains unresolved obscurities and has a forbidding mathematical structure modeled on Euclid's geometry.

unresolved and indication
An indication of the unresolved status of the " nature abhors a vacuum " principle at that time may be taken from Pascal's opinion, expressed in the conclusion of the Nouvelles Experiences, when he writes: " I hold for true the maxims set out below: ( a ) that all bodies possess a repugnance to being separated one from another and from admitting a vacuum in the interval between them-that is to say that nature abhors a void.

unresolved and name
The current name Bearsden originated from the railway station built in 1863, but the origin of the name itself is unresolved.
Aβ is the main constituent of brain parenchymal and vascular amyloid, it contributes to cerebrovascular lesions and is neurotoxic .< ref name =" pmid9514588 "> It is unresolved how Aβ accumulates in the central nervous system and subsequently initiates the disease of cells.

unresolved and segment
With the Suncoast Parkway extension in Citrus County still unresolved, ten different alignments, with four southern segments, twelve central segments, and one northern segment, have been brought to attention regarding the parkway's routing.

unresolved and which
For example, child welfare experience abounds with cases in which the parental request for substitute care is precipitated by a crisis event which is meaningfully linked with a fundamental unresolved problem of family relationships.
The Mandara kingdom in the Mandara Mountains was founded around 1500 and erected magnificent fortified structures, the purpose and exact history of which are still unresolved.
In 1867 the Dual Monarchy was created ; Croatian autonomy was restored in 1868 with the Croatian – Hungarian Settlement which was comparatively favourable for the Croatians, but still problematic because of issues such as the unresolved status of Rijeka.
A general change in desire for sex by either partner in a relationship for any reason if sustained and unresolved may result in a lack or loss of sexual desire for the other partner, which may cause problems in the relationship.
There are, however, important unresolved doctrinal differences separating Roman Catholicism and Methodism, which include " the nature and validity of the ministry of those who preside at the Eucharist, the precise meaning of the Eucharist as the sacramental ‘ memorial ’ of Christ ’ s saving death and resurrection, the particular way in which Christ is present in Holy Communion, and the link between eucharistic communion and ecclesial communion.
This discrepancy, which became known as the solar neutrino problem, remained unresolved for some thirty years.
While courts have specifically made clear certain instances which have succeeded or failed to meet the nebulous threshold for materiality, the topic remains unresolved in large part, except in certain legal areas where intent manifests itself in an abundantly clear fashion, such as with the so-called perjury trap, a specific situation in which a prosecutor calls a person to testify before a grand jury with the intent of drawing a perjurious statement from the person being questioned.
Although the Yan ' an period did answer some of the questions, both ideological and theoretical, which were raised by the Chinese Communist Revolution, it left many of the crucial questions unresolved ; including how the Chinese Communist Party was supposed to launch a socialist revolution while completely separated from the urban sphere.
For decades, the relics were kept in a bank vault in Woking, Surrey because of the unresolved dispute about which of two churches should have them.
He argues that there are five points of comparison between the ways in which science and theology pursue truth: moments of enforced radical revision, a period of unresolved confusion, new synthesis and understanding, continued wrestling with unresolved problems, deeper implications.
There are unresolved issues with many pre-constitution laws which contradict the constitution.
The US bases closed on 1 September of that year, but unresolved issues-primarily related to environmental factors-delayed the formal return of the base lands to the Government of Bermuda, which finally occurred in 2002.
Such was the case with the second season of Twin Peaks, which ended in a cliffhanger similar to the first season with a high degree of uncertainty about the fate of the protagonist, but the cliffhanger could not save the show from being canceled, resulting in the unresolved ending.
The unresolved circumstances of Earhart's disappearance, along with her fame, attracted a great body of other claims relating to her last flight, all of which have been generally dismissed for lack of verifiable evidence.
The appellate court ( which may be structured as an intermediate appellate court ) and / or a higher court will then affirm the judgment, decline to hear it ( which effectively affirms it ), reverse, or vacate and remand, which involves sending the lawsuit back to the lower trial court to address an unresolved issue, or possibly for a whole new trial.
During the filming, Ramis and Murray, despite their longtime collaboration, had a personal and professional falling out which remained unresolved for more than 10 years.
There are two problems which are not only unresolved but may in fact be unresolvable by modern standards.
The parish church of St. Mary-the-Virgin is largely Norman but with significant traces of earlier work, the problems of which are unresolved.

unresolved and refers
In common conversation, the phrase loose ends usually refers to unresolved issues.
This refers to the natural mechanisms people use to counter high anxiety or high emotional fusion, from unresolved issues with family.
Emotional cutoff refers to the mechanisms people use to reduce anxiety from their unresolved emotional issues with parents, siblings, and other members from the family of origin.

unresolved and within
Before the formation of Malaysian Federation, the Philippines claimed that the Malaysian state of Sabah in north Borneo is within their territorial rights based on historical facts of the Sultanate of Sulu's leasing agreement with the North Borneo Company, is presently an unresolved claim against Malaysia.
Creative differences and unresolved personal issues within the band led Buckingham to quit the group right before their world tour.
Uncaria is a member of the tribe Nauclea, but its position within that tribe remains unresolved.
Speculation about the ' real person ' behind the guises of the dream-surrogates or about the function of the dream in relation to the unresolved stresses of this hypothetical mind is fruitless, for the tensions and psychological problems in Finnegans Wake concern the dream-figures living within the book itself.
While there have been some attempts at increasing transparency in the expenditures of official organs and bureaucrats, the downfall of Railways Minister Liu Zhijun and Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai served as a reminder of unresolved issues of corruption within the political elite.
* The unresolved issue of linguistic relativity ( associated with Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf but actually brought to American linguistics by Franz Boas working within a theoretical framework going back to European thinkers from Vico to Herder to Humboldt ).
The relationships of these birds with other groups within the huge nine-primaried oscine assemblage are at this point largely unresolved.
Classification within the Lauraceae remains unresolved.
Many of the plots and sub-plots that developed throughout the story was never resolved ; everything is open to interpretation: the fate of boomers, the situation with the Knight Sabers, Nigel's actual feelings about Sylia, Nene and Mackey's feelings towards each other, and many other plots within the story remains unresolved.
But this issue later was discussed in a more detailed way by Poincaré, who showed that the thermodynamic problem within Le Sage models remained unresolved.
The issue remains unresolved within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland's General Assembly.
Central Europe, or German speaking Europe, remained largely within the influence of the Austrian Habsburgs, balanced at the periphery by the Russian empire in the east, and the French in the west ; it was expected that Prussia would also play some role in these spheres of influence, but the ambiguities of the Austrian and Prussian relationship were unresolved.
As of April 2012, the fate of Futenma remains unresolved with the US insisting that Futenma be moved to a location within Okinawa while, Okinawans " fiercely oppose Futenma and believe the base should simply be closed and moved overseas or elsewhere in Japan ," according to Time Magazine The US and Japan have meanwhile delinked the relocation of Futenma from plans to decrease the number of Marines stationed on Okinawa, reaching a troop redeployment agreement in April 2012, which might make room for a new Futenma agreement according to Al Jazeera's Asia-Pacific correspondent Harry Fawcett.
The process or processes that created septaria within Moeraki Boulders, and in other septarian concretions, remain an unresolved matter for which a number of possible explanations have been proposed.
Nothing in the new understanding alters of course the need for continuing awareness of the dangers in the narrow perspective-of ' serious risks of unresolved countertransference difficulties being acted out within what is meant to be a therapeutic relationship '; but ' from that point on, transference and counter-transference were looked upon as an inseparable couple ..." total situation "'.
Real Time has, however, been released on CD by Big Finish, so leaves an unresolved contradiction within the Big Finish Whoniverse regarding Evelyn's eventual fate between Real Time and A Death in The Family.
Both recordings received great press, but were not enough to outweigh unresolved past issues within the core membership, which effectively killed any possibility of re-starting the group.
Since the incorrect enzyme remains unresolved within the immune response, the body continues providing the incorrect BMP4-containing lymphocytes.
Narrative logic is most often employed to create continuity where there is a plot hole or some intentional gap in a narrative, or to explain other unresolved issues within a narrative ( i. e. questions such as " Did this character die or simply disappear?
E. E. Strong has suggested using only Neogastropoda as a clade within the clade Hypsogastropoda and to include the unresolved superfamilies of the Hypsogastropoda within the Littorinimorpha.

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