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valley and was
The land over which he sped was the land he had created and lived in: his valley.
Our camp was in the center of a wide valley.
The first part of the road was steep, but it leveled off after the second bend and curled gradually into the valley.
Carl Dill was neither a rancher nor a valley man.
For everyone involved knew that the whole valley was a powder keg, and Mitchell Barton the fuse which could send it into explosive violence.
The valley was only a few hundred yards wide with just about room enough for a properly performed hundred-and-eighty-degree turn.
There was no valley like this on your map.
The raped valley was a pregnant womb awaiting abortion.
When the skies grew dark and thunder rolled across the valley, he was unafraid.
Jones relented, he did not order his men to apply the torch -- the drove of livestock was driven up the valley, via Beverly, and across the mountains to feed and serve the Confederate army, while Jones and his raiders turned toward Buckhannon to join forces with Imboden.
In the Sacramento valley in California, for instance, it has been observed that there was not one day's difference between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins.
The general consensus amongst scholars is that Luwian was spoken — to a greater or lesser degree — across a large area of western Anatolia, including ( possibly ) Wilusa (= Troy ), the Seha River Land ( to be identified with the Hermos and / or Kaikos valley ), and the kingdom of Mira-Kuwaliya with its core territory of the Maeander valley.
The harbour of Mobile was formed by the drowning of the lower part of the valley of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers as a result of the sinking of the land here, such sinking having occurred on other parts of the Gulf coast.
Ibn Idhari wrote that the name was suggested by Ibn Yasin in the " persevering in the fight " sense, to boost morale after a particularly hard-fought battle in the Draa valley c. 1054, in which they had taken many losses.
When the valley was flooded by the Haditha Dam at Haditha in 1984-85, the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities cut it into sections, and removed it to the new ' Anah where it was re-erected at the end of the 1980s.
Alberto Giacometti was born in the canton Graubünden's southerly alpine valley Val Bregaglia and came from an artistic background ; his father, Giovanni, was a well-known post-Impressionist painter.
To the north, the Christian Kingdom of Asturias was continuing its program of Reconquista in the Duero valley.
Gobannium was a Roman fort guarding the road along the valley of the River Usk which linked the legionary fortress of Burrium ( Usk ) and later Isca Augusta or Isca Silurum, ( Caerleon ) in the south with Y Gaer, Brecon and Mid Wales.
The Berlin – Warsaw Urstromtal ( ice age glacial valley ), between the low Barnim Plateau to the north and the Teltow Plateau to the south, was formed by meltwater flowing from ice sheets at the end of the last Weichselian glaciation.
The arch of the Friedensbrücke, which was built in the same year, has the span of and crosses the valley of the Syrabach River.
However, it seems that the Duke ’ s favoured scheme was to return to the Moselle valley ( where Marshal Marsin had recently taken command of French forces ) and once more attempt an advance into the heart of France.
During the late 2nd century, the main ethnic change in the northern Black sea region was the immigration, from the Vistula valley in the North, of the Goths and accompanying Germanic tribes such as the Taifali and the Hasdingi, a branch of the Vandal people.

valley and inhabited
Prior to the Fremont expedition, the Washoe people inhabited the valley and surrounding areas.
Archeological evidence indicates the valley of the river was inhabited as far back as 12, 000 years ago.
A gifted inventor and tinkerer, he has wired the old ghost town in the valley below so that he can make it come alive at night with lights and sounds as if it were still inhabited.
Though the Teton Range was never permanently inhabited, pioneers began settling the Jackson Hole valley to the east of the range in 1884.
Death Valley is home to the Timbisha tribe of Native Americans, formerly known as the Panamint Shoshone, who have inhabited the valley for at least the past 1000 years.
According to the descriptions of Strabo, Dio Cassius and other Graeco-Roman geographers, the lands of Asturias were inhabited in the beginning of the Christian era by several peoples, amongst whom the more important were: From the Cantabrians, the Vadinienses, who inhabited the Picos de Europa region and whose settlement gradually expanded southward during the first centuries of the modern era ; the Orgenomesci, who dwelled along the Asturian eastern coast ; and from the Astures, the Saelini, whose settlement extended through the Sella valley ; the Luggones, who had their capital in Lucus Asturum and whose territories stretched between the rivers Sella and Nalón ; the Astures ( in the strictest sense ), who dwelled in inner Asturias, between the current councils of Piloña and Cangas del Narcea ; and the Paesici, who had settled along the coast of Western Asturias, between the mouth of the Navia river and the modern city of Gijón.
Clough is a northern dialect word for a steep sided, wooded valley ; a large part of Boggart Hole Clough is made up of these valleys and is said to be inhabited by boggarts.
The Cherusci were a Germanic tribe that inhabited parts of the northern Rhine valley and the plains and forests of northwestern Germany, in the area between present-day Osnabrück and Hanover, during the 1st century BC and 1st century AD.
The original idea was to set the film in China, with a hidden valley inhabited by dinosaurs.
In addition Indiana discovered a " Lost World pastiche with a hidden valley inhabited by dinosaurs ".
Notable for its historic towns, architecture and wines, the valley has been inhabited since the Middle Palaeolithic period.
Before European settlers arrived in the Tulpehocken Creek valley, the area was inhabited by the Lenape.
The name of the borough is derived from the pictographs that were left by some of the Native Americans that a previously inhabited the Muncy Creek valley.
The valley has been inhabited since pre-historic times and there are two Iron Age sites overlooking the town.
The Derwent River valley was inhabited by the Mouheneener people for at least 8, 000 years before British settlement.
Before then, says Polybius, " These plains were anciently inhabited by Etruscans ", before the Gauls took the entire Po valley from them.
Like much of the mountainous areas of Colorado, the valley was inhabited by Utes before the arrival of white settlers in the middle 19th century.
* At " the broken bridge site ", researchers used radiocarbon dating of artifacts to identify it as inhabited about 3280 BCE, the oldest human-inhabited site in the valley.
Archeological findings from the multi-layer sites indicate that the Scordisci and Triballi inhabited the Leskovac valley before the Roman conquest in the 1st century BC.
Screech noted that Paiutes had formerly inhabited Hetch Hetchy and still gathered seeds, roots and acorns in and around the valley.
The valley was inhabited in late prehistoric times by the Timbisha ( also called Panamint or Koso ) in the extreme south end around Owens Lake and by the Mono tribe ( also called Owens Valley Paiute ) in the central and northern portions of the valley.
Stone Age and Bronze Age finds show that the Sarnen valley was inhabited from the earliest times.
Due to the extreme cold conditions, Milam and other villages of the upper Johar valley are inhabited only for a few months from June to October.

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