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various and debates
He participated little in the debates ( though he did vote for or against the various articles ), but his high prestige maintained collegiality and kept the delegates at their labors.
However, the issue of historicism also finds itself at the center stage of many debates within Marxism itself ; the charge of historicism has been leveled against various theoretical strains of Marxism, typically disparaged by Marxists as " vulgar " Marxism.
In episode 6 ( Hades ) of James Joyce's Ulysses ( 1918 ), the party on the way to Paddy Dignam's funeral in a horse-drawn carriage idly debates the merits of various tramway improvements:
Ryan campaigned against Kealty in Locked On, facing off against him in various televised debates.
In contrast to many of his predecessors, Clay participated in several debates, and used his influence to procure the passage of measures he supported — for instance, the declaration of the War of 1812, and various laws relating to Clay's " American System ".
Gundam also features political battles and debates on various important philosophical issues and political ideals on the nature and meaning of war, the ideal of pacifism, and the continuing evolution-natural or engineered-of humanity and its consequences.
However, the Committee of Eleven, formed to work out various details including the mode of election of the President, recommended instead that the election be by a group of people apportioned among the states in the same numbers as their representatives in Congress ( the formula for which had been resolved in lengthy debates resulting in the Connecticut Compromise and Three-fifths compromise ), but chosen by each state " in such manner as its Legislature may direct.
The debates were reported in various newspapers ; the provincial archives clipped and collected these reports in a series of scrapbooks until 1953.
His management of the abortive education proposals of 1896 were thought to show a disinclination for the continuous drudgery of parliamentary management, yet he had the satisfaction of seeing the passage of a bill providing Ireland with an improved system of local government, and took an active role in the debates on the various foreign and domestic questions that came before parliament between 1895 to 1900.
Though it seems now that the critical response to Styron's next novel, Sophie's Choice ( 1979 ), could hardly match the reception sparked by the publication of The Confessions of Nat Turner ( a novel reflecting the turbulent decade in which it was born even as it seems to reinforce the social and political turmoil of that time ), Styron's decision to portray a non-Jewish victim of the Holocaust generated various debates of its own.
As chairman of the council, Ståhlberg was involved in the drafting and re-drafting of constitutional proposals during 1918, when the impact of the Finnish Civil War, and debates between republicans and monarchists on the future constitution, all led to various proposals.
The involvement in the context of the student and youth movement-not only as musician and actor, but often in the political debates which were to follow the theatre performance as well, played an important role for Rio Reiser's development of political awareness and for his lifelong commitment-both privately and as musician-to liberation movements of various kinds, including, in particular, the left-wing political movement characteristic for the Sixties and Seventies ( while he liked to put an emphasis on supporting the workers ' and " simple people's " interests rather than the students ' intellectual approach ), the Gay liberation movement and later, the German ecological movement.
SGI is also criticized for its doctrinal teachings based on Nichiren Buddhism, perceived by some observers to be lacking tolerance towards other forms of Buddhism .. On the other hand, Nichiren Buddhism clarifies the way of peaceful and free expression in debates about various schools differences: “ Even in the case of the Nembutsu priests, the Zen priests, and the True Word teachers, and the ruler of the nation and other men of authority, all of whom bear me such hatred — I admonish them because I want to help them, and their hatred for me makes me pity them all the more ”.
Liddy later joined with Timothy Leary for a series of popular debates on various college campuses and similarly worked with Al Franken in the late 1990s.
During Congressional debates in Washington on 2 March 1839, Representative Francis Ormand Jonathan Smith of Maine outlined the events and the various communications sent and received since 1825.
There have been various debates as to what its original purpose actually was.
However, for more than thirty years after his fall he continued to take an active part in the judicial business of the House of Lords, and in its debates, having now turned fiercely against his former political associates, but continuing his efforts on behalf of reform of various kinds.
The different impressions left by the various Lamborghini models have generated numerous debates and disagreements over what constitutes ' classic ' or ' great ' automotive design ( elegant looks and style, vs. technical and engineering superiority ).
Perot could not have qualified for the debates in 1992 under these rules, and was able to show that various famous US presidents would likewise have been excluded from modern debate by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
A related argument is often encountered in education and more specifically in the debates on the grammar school in the United Kingdom and in the debates on gifted education in various countries.
These include addresses given to troops by their generals before battles and numerous political speeches, both by Athenian and Spartan leaders, as well as debates between various parties.
During debates on the British Telecommunications Bill in the House of Lords in 1981, various members raised concerns about telephone tapping, a matter of disquiet in the community and amongst these members.
Ghulam Ahmad is known to have travelled extensively across Northern India during this period of his life and to have held various debates with influential religious leaders.

various and mainstream
Various pastors and other religious figures and activists such as Rick Warren, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson campaigned for various social and political causes have achieved celebrity status in mainstream media as well.
Also noteworthy are Cheryl Lynn's " Got to Be Real " ( 1978 ), Evelyn " Champagne " King's " Shame " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Take Me Home " ( 1979 ), Sister Sledge's " We Are Family " ( 1979 ), Geraldine Hunt's " Can't Fake the Feeling " ( 1980 ), and Walter Murphy's various attempts to bring classical music to the mainstream, most notably his hit " A Fifth of Beethoven " ( 1976 ).
Especially in the United States, detective fiction emerged in the 1960s, and gained prominence in later decades, as a way for authors to bring stories about various subcultures to mainstream audiences.
The following Churches recognize all other mainstream Orthodox Churches, but are not recognized by any of them due to various disputes:
Despite his reputation as a serious composer of large, complex musical structures, some of Brahms's most widely known and most commercially successful compositions during his life were small-scale works of popular intent aimed at the thriving contemporary market for domestic music-making ; indeed, during the 20th century, the influential American critic B. H. Haggin, rejecting more mainstream views, argued in his various guides to recorded music that Brahms was at his best in such works and much less successful in larger forms.
There are, however, several smaller groups that differ from " mainstream " Mormonism in various ways.
) In 1999, Susan Blackmore, a psychologist at the University of the West of England, published The Meme Machine, which more fully worked out the ideas of Dennett, Lynch, and Brodie and attempted to compare and contrast them with various approaches from the cultural evolutionary mainstream, as well as providing novel, and controversial, memetic-based theories for the evolution of language and the human sense of individual selfhood.
Today it is usually used to refer to mainstream economics, although it has also been used as an umbrella term encompassing a number of other schools of thought, notably excluding institutional economics, various historical schools of economics, and Marxian economics, in addition to various other heterodox approaches to economics.
For a time White Dwarf also contained material for those American RPGs for which Games Workshop had the UK licence, competing directly with TSR's own UK publication, Imagine, and various other mainstream UK and imported fantasy and science-fiction gaming magazines.
X achieved limited mainstream success but influenced various genres of music, including punk rock and folk rock.
A screen adaptation from various episodes in Patrick O ' Brian's blockbuster adventure series set during the Napoleonic Wars, it was well received by critics, but only mildly successful with mainstream audiences.
Poster for the hippie exploitation films | hippie exploitation film Psych-Out A sign of this was the visibility that the hippie subculture gained in various mainstream and underground media.
Post-Keynesian economists are united in maintaining that Keynes's theory is seriously misrepresented by the two other principal Keynesian schools: neo-Keynesian economics which was orthodox in the 1950s and 60s – and by New Keynesian economics, which together with various strands of neoclassical economics has been dominant in mainstream macroeconomics since the 1980s.
Although many artists that have dominated the hip hop scene in France are of African descent, themes dealing with the intimate connection between France and various African countries tend not to get much promotion on mainstream radio and even less consideration in scholarly research on the subject.
This is in contrast to various independent media, such as alternative weekly newspapers, specialized magazines in various organizations and corporations, and various electronic sources such as podcasts and blogs ( Though certain blogs are more mainstream than others given their association with a mainstream source.
" Hanson then asserted that " mainstream Australians " were subject to " a type of reverse racism ... by those who promote political correctness and those who control the various taxpayer funded ' industries ' that flourish in our society servicing Aboriginals, multiculturalists and a host of other minority groups ".
As a result of the Internet, music festivals such as Hellfest, and the commercial success of Victory Records and Trustkill Records, various bands such as Refused went on to find success with a larger audience and eventually brought the term " hardcore " into the mainstream.
Despite the central arguments of Greenberg, Adorno and others, the term " avant-garde " has been co-opted and misapplied by various sectors of the mainstream culture industry since the 1960s, chiefly as a marketing tool to publicise popular music and commercial cinema.

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