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warrant and issued
Section 203 of the United States Code voids an assignment of a claim against the Government unless made after it has been allowed, the amount due has been ascertained, and a warrant for its payment has been issued.
The complaint on which the warrant was issued was filed by Leo Blaber, an attorney for the association.
He was jailed on several occasions, vandalized his own apartment, and ultimately had a death warrant issued for him by the Pope.
In respect of the High Court, historically a writ of latitat would have been issued, but now a bench warrant is issued, authorizing the tipstaff to arrange for the arrest of the individual, and imprisonment until the date and time the court appoints to next sit.
The Porfirian regime reacted by placing pressure on the Madero family's banking interests, and at one point even issued a warrant for Madero's arrest on the grounds of " unlawful transaction in rubber ".
On 27 June, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi, alleging that Gaddafi had been personally involved in planning and implementing " a policy of widespread and systematic attacks against civilians and demonstrators and dissidents ".
He had been living in seclusion in Yugoslavia due to an arrest warrant issued by the United States for violating the U. N. blockade of Yugoslavia with his 1992 match against Spassky, and for tax evasion.
On the opening ceremony, in Taylor ’ s presence, the SCSL revealed their charge against Taylor which they had kept secret since March, and also issued an international arrest warrant for Taylor.
Patterson's expensive 16 mm camera had been rented on May 13, but he had kept it longer than the contract had stipulated, and an arrest warrant had been issued for him on October 17.
When share warrants are issued, the company must strike out the name of the shareholder from its register of members and state the date of issue of the warrant and the number of shares to which it relates.
At a federal level, racial profiling is challenged by both the Fourth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution which guarantees the right to be safe from search and seizure without a warrant ( which is to be issued " upon probable cause "), and the Fourteenth Amendment which requires that all citizens be treated equally under the law.
This censorship peaked on 4 May 1556, when Mary I issued a royal warrant formally incorporating the Stationers ' Company.
The most famous of these cases involved John Entick, whose home was forcibly entered by the King's Messenger Nathan Carrington, along with others, pursuant to a warrant issued by George Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax authorizing them “ to make strict and diligent search for.
* Covered warrant, a warrant issued without an accompanying bond or equity
On 3 October 1793, a warrant was issued for Condorcet's arrest.
Equity warrants are options issued by the company that allow the holder of the warrant to purchase a specific number of shares at a specified price within a specified time.
On June 6, 1849 Prussian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Frederick Engels which contained a physical description as " height: 5 feet 6 inches ; hair: blond ; forehead: smooth ; eyebrows: blond ; eyes: blue ; nose and mouth: well proportioned ; beard: reddish ; chin: oval ; face: oval ; complexion: healthy ; figure: slender.
Since California considers “ all persons concerned in the commission of a crime, whether they directly commit the act constituting the offense … principals in any crime so committed ,” San Marin County Superior Judge Peter Allen Smith charged Davis with “ aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder in the death of Judge Harold Haley ” and issued a warrant for her arrest.
Hours after the judge issued the warrant on August 14, 1970 a massive attempt to arrest Angela Davis began.
On August 18, 1970, four days after the initial warrant was issued, the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover made Angela Davis the third woman and the 309th person to appear on the FBI ’ s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List.
An arrest warrant was issued in 2000 under this law against the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was challenged before the International Court of Justice in the case entitled ICJ Arrest Warrant Case.
In December 2009 a court in London issued an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni in connection with accusations of war crimes in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead ( 2008 – 2009 ).
The warrant was issued on 12 December and revoked on 14 December 2009 after it was revealed that Livni had not entered British territory.

warrant and on
He said that Mr. Wright was not in, and so could not be arrested on something called a peace warrant that Miriam was waving in the air.
The queen agreed on December 17, a warrant was signed on January 27, and the Exchequer paid Quiney his expenses on February 27, 1598/9.
Curtis Allen Huff, 41, of 1630 Lake Av., Wilmette, was arrested yesterday on a suppressed federal warrant charging him with embezzling an undetermined amount of money from the First Federal Savings and Loan association, 1 S. Dearborn St., where he formerly was employed as an attorney.
Whenever New England liberalism is reminded of the dramatic confrontation of Parker and the fraternity on January 23, 1843 -- while it may defend the privilege of Chandler Robbins to demand that Parker leave the Association, while it may plead that Dr. N. L. Frothingham had every warrant for stating, `` The difference between Trinitarians and Unitarians is a difference in Christianity ; ;
Recent studies by the Commission on Race and Housing and others, however, point to a vast complex of factors that often do not warrant this conclusion.
On the night of 14 May 1934, Mandelstam was arrested at his home based on a warrant signed by NKVD boss Genrikh Yagoda.
To him, virus-associated cancers are " freak accidents of nature " that do not warrant research programs such as the War on Cancer.
Any elected or appointed board, committee, town officer or ten voters, may place an article on the warrant.
The Library of Congress Classification system was developed based mainly on the idea of literary warrant ; classes were added ( by individual experts in each area ) only when needed for works owned by the Library of Congress.
In January 2010, Coleman was arrested on an outstanding domestic assault warrant in Santaquin, booked into the Utah County Jail, and released the following day.
Theories about them have to rely on a preponderance of other evidence, which alone are not solid enough to warrant much conclusiveness.
It is in FDA pregnancy category C. Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus, and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.
The strength of such an argument depends on the warrant, i. e. whether or not one can demonstrate a process which leads to the significant effect.
He fled Liberia, was arrested in 1984 in Massachusetts on a Liberian warrant for extradition, and jailed in Massachusetts ; escaped from jail in 1985, and probably fled to Libya.
* 1925 – Scopes Trial: serving of an arrest warrant on John T. Scopes for teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.
He was removed from death row in January 2012 and in March 2012 the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that all claims of new evidence put on his behalf did not warrant conducting a retrial.
* 1998 – Former Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet is arrested in London on a warrant from Spain requesting his extradition on murder charges.
The London Metal Exchange aims to add uranium to its list of metals on warrant.

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