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way and MacArthur
The new constitution would not have been written the way it was had MacArthur and his staff allowed Japanese politicians and constitutional experts to resolve the issue as they wished.
I believe I have succeeded in throwing new light on its origins, on the operations of MacArthur and Dulles, on the weaknesses of Truman and Acheson, on the way the Chinese were provoked to intervene, and on the way the truce talks have been dragged out and the issues muddied by American military men hostile from the first to negotiations.
In 2003, MacArthur set up the Ellen MacArthur Trust ( now The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust ), a registered charity, to take young people, aged between 8 and 24 inclusive, sailing to help them regain their confidence on their way to recovery from cancer, leukaemia and other serious illnesses.
The first was the 1997 sci-fi series, The Visitor, in which Corbett played Adam MacArthur, a man abducted by aliens, only to find his way home 50 years later and endowed with unearthly powers.
Soon he was on his way to fight Emilio Aguinaldo's Insurrectos as part of Major General Arthur MacArthur, Jr .' s 2nd Infantry Division.
New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey had paved the way to win the Republican presidential nomination in the primary elections, where he had beaten Minnesota Governor Harold E. Stassen and World War II hero General Douglas MacArthur.
San Juan was liberated in 1945 by the soldiers of the Philippine Commonwealth Army, Philippine Constabulary and the guerrilla units of the La Union Infantry Regiment during the Battle of San Fernando under Major Russell W. Volckmann on their way to meet the liberating forces of General Douglas MacArthur on the beaches of Lingayen Gulf.
John MacArthur, in turn, taught that such a receiving was both non-passive toward Christ and actively submissive to Christ, offering this as a way of understanding the English idiom, of what receiving a person " as " Lord, really means.

way and said
`` We'll do it another way, then '', he said harshly.
`` Well, that's the only way to be '', Mrs. Forsythe said, and gave her brassy laugh.
`` If Blue Throat has his way he'll keep us all cooped up in here for days '', he said.
Charles said as they picked their way over the rocky road which led up the hill away from the Dixie Highway, through a corn field and a patch of woods to the school.
`` Volstead laws, speed laws, divorce laws '', he said, `` as they now stand, demoralize the individual, make liars and law breakers of us in one way or another, and tend to make our experiment in democracy absurd.
His very honest act called up the recent talk I had with another minister, a modest Methodist, who said: `` I feel so deeply blessed by God when I can give a message of love and comfort to other men, and I would have it no other way: and it is unworthy to think of self.
Noting all the difficulties that stand in the way of reunion, he has said that they ought not to discourage anyone.
Once in a while they said what a shame it was, with Granny dying, but they all agreed she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
`` By the way '', said Mr. Blatz, packing his tools into a battered carrier, `` them power tools needs extra voltage.
`` It's perfectly understandable, Arlene '', my mother said in a friendly way.
I realized, now, that she had been showing me, in what impressed me as being a very accurate way, something her mother had once said to her ; ;
He would tell the Poles, he said, that they had been `` given a fine place to live in, more than three hundred miles each way ''.
`` I think that maybe she wanted it this way '', a vice squad cop said.
A sympathetic friend made poultices of raw potato parings, which she said was the best and quickest way to draw out the `` heat ''.
`` Now you don't want to go talking that way '', he said.
Shortly after the Chief Executive returned to Washington in midmorning from Hyannis Port, Mass., a White House spokesman said the address text still had `` quite a way to go '' toward completion.
Indicating the way in which he has turned his back on his 1910 philosophy, Mr. Reama said: `` A Socialist is a person who believes in dividing everything he does not own ''.
`` We must persuade them to enjoy a way of life which, if not identical, is congenial with ours '', he said but adding that if they do not develop the kind of society they themselves want it will lack ritiuality and loyalty.
`` All we have left in the world is one another, and we must stay together the way Mother wanted '', Kowalski said in telling his children of their mother's death yesterday afternoon.
Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon said the economy is expected to advance by a whopping 8% next year, paving the way for lower taxes.
Hayes said that if a way can be found to deal effectively with short-term capital movements between nations, `` there is no reason, in my judgment why the international financial system cannot work satisfactorily for at least the foreseeable future ''.
Grandma said it was just like the early mining camp days, and it was the way people ought to live, only she was getting too old to take the pleasure from it that she used to.
They begged Grandma to let them put a bed in the kitchen for her, but Grandma said she was getting too old to sleep in strange beds and be seen with her teeth out, and that she hoped to die in privacy like a Christian and if the Lord willed it to be of pneumonia than it would have to be that way.
Eugenia suspected her of deliberately overturning the heater because she was getting tired of dragging it back and forth and still wanted her own way, but Hope said if Grandma wouldn't have the heater nobody would have it, so Grandma had to give in.

way and line
The curb was a line of stone laid edgewise in the dirt and tilted this way and that by frost in the ground or the roots of trees.
The earth was a little heavy and I had to stop once and clean the plowshares because they were not scouring properly, and I did not look back towards the place until I had turned the corner and was plowing across the upper line of the large field, a long way from where I had stopped because of the snake.
Bags of abalone prized from the rocks are brought to the surface by the diver or by way of " shot line ", where the deckhand drops a weighted rope for the catch bag to be connected then retrieved.
In 1998, during debate on a Succession to the Crown Bill, Junior Home Office Minister Lord Williams of Mostyn informed the House of Lords that the Queen had " no objection to the Government's view that in determining the line of succession to the throne, daughters and sons should be treated in the same way ".
Another line of defense is to maintain that abstract objects are relevant to mathematical reasoning in a way that is non causal, and not analogous to perception.
The easiest way to conceptualize this is to consider the lever arm distance to be the distance from the origin to the line that p travels along.
The title derives from the line that vaudeville comedians often used to begin a story: " A funny thing happened on the way to the theater ".
In this way, the arbitrageur makes a low-risk profit, while keeping ETF prices in line with their underlying value.
With the battle still not won, Marlborough had to rebuke one of his cavalry officers who was attempting to leave the field – " Sir, you are under a mistake, the enemy lies that way ..." Now, at the Duke's command, the second Allied line under von Bulow and the Count of Ost-Friese was ordered forward, and, driving through the centre, the Allies finally put Tallard's tired horse to rout, not without cost.
Although Cantor himself defined the set in a general, abstract way, the most common modern construction is the Cantor ternary set, built by removing the middle thirds of a line segment.
* Armitage in the movie Armitage III is a " Third Type " cyborg which was an all female line of cyborgs designed to have conscience, free will and the ability to procreate as a way for a Mars-colony to better sustain a population and thus be able break away from Earth.
The ball is then turned over to the receiving team ( who gained the two points ), by way of a kickoff from the 25 yard line or scrimmaging from the line on their side of the field.
In spectroscopy, it is the description of the shape of spectral lines which are subject to homogeneous broadening in which all atoms interact in the same way with the frequency range contained in the line shape.
A Victorian footbridge beside Waddon New Road was dismantled to make way for the flyover that takes Tramlink over the West Croydon to Sutton railway line.
Another way a diatomic molecule can move is to have each atom oscillate — or vibrate — along a line ( the bond ) connecting the two atoms.
This was a way to allow PDP-8 software to be run even after the official end-of-life announcement for the Digital PDP-8 product line.
Another way is IPTV, that is receiving TV via Internet Protocol, relying on Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL ) or optical cable line.
The force got about half way before abandoning the attempt because the railway line had been torn up.
By 2003 the line had been restored from Massawa all the way through to Asmara.
Euler discussed a generalization of Euclidean geometry called affine geometry, which retains the fifth postulate unmodified while weakening postulates three and four in a way that eliminates the notions of angle ( whence right triangles become meaningless ) and of equality of length of line segments in general ( whence circles become meaningless ) while retaining the notions of parallelism as an equivalence relation between lines, and equality of length of parallel line segments ( so line segments continue to have a midpoint ).
In the early 19th century, Carnot and Möbius systematically developed the use of signed angles and line segments as a way of simplifying and unifying results.

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