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from Brown Corpus
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way and red
Six red lines etched their way into the gray and vanished.
At 7:25 two hotel doormen came thumping down the steps, carrying a saw-horse to be set up as a barricade in front of the haberdashery store window next to the entranceway, and as I watched them in their gaudy red coats that nearly scraped the ground, their golden, fringed epaulets and spic, red-visored caps, I suddenly saw just over their shoulders Jessica gracefully making her way through the crowd.
I asked Quasimodo recently how he accomplished this, and he replied that he had painted his model `` a beautiful shade of red and then had her breathe on the canvas '', which was his typical tongue-in-cheek way of chiding me for my lack of sensitivity.
In this way, red wine warms of itself quite rapidly -- and though it is true that it may not attain its potential of taste and fragrance until after the middle of the meal ( or the course ), in the meantime it will have run the gamut of many beguiling and interesting stages.
One of the many variants that is prepared the same way as the " foam red tea ", well-shaken before serving.
Once called " The Black Dog " by his fellow officers for his relentless nature, he left the ISSP in disgust due to corruption and red tape, and turned to bounty hunting as a way to pursue justice.
This name, based on the black colour of his cassock, was used to suggest a parallel between him and the " White Pope " ( since the time of Pope Pius V the Popes dresses in white ) and the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples ( formerly called the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith ), whose red cardinal's cassock gave him the name of the " Red Pope " in view of the authority over all territories that were not considered in some way Catholic.
This is characterized by the red cloaks of bishops giving way to the black cloaks of lawyers and then to the white cloaks of doctors.
One way to see this equivalence is to " move up " the red nodes in a graphical representation of the red – black tree, so that they align horizontally with their parent black node, by creating together a horizontal cluster.
Although lower mass stars normally do not burn off their outer layers so rapidly, they can likewise avoid becoming red giants or red supergiants if they are in binary systems close enough so that the companion star strips off the envelope as it expands, or if they rotate rapidly enough so that convection extends all the way from the core to the surface, resulting in the absence of a separate core and envelope due to thorough mixing.
The light-sensing cone cells of the retina that respond to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum designated as red are tuned similarly in every person tested, so we might expect all people to experience red in the same way.
Le Guin was highly critical of the adaptation, calling it a " far cry from the Earthsea I envisioned ", objecting both to the use of white actors for her red, brown, or black-skinned characters, and to the way she was " cut out of the process ".
Williams dominated F1 in 1992 and Patrese continued to deliver in his role of second driver to Nigel Mansell, moving out of the way for Mansell while leading comfortably at that year's French Grand Prix. Again Patrese handled the delicate situation about team orders diplomatically, repeatedly offering a " No comment " to questions about the team orders that had been imposed on him at the red flag period of the French race.
When the fruit ripens, the shell changes from green to an autumnal yellow / red, and abruptly splits part way open ( see photo ).
Cassis ( no relation of the blackcurrant syrup ) is livelier than the run of Provençal white wine, and Bandol leads the red in much the same way.
The < font color =" red "> highest degree </ font > in miracles comprises those works wherein something is done by God, that nature can never do: for instance, that two bodies occupy the same place, that the sun recede or stand still, that the sea be divided and make way to passers by.
As Bryant drove down to Seascape he shot at a red Falcon coming the other way, smashing its front windscreen.
It sends up shoots which thread their way through hedges and shrubs and which, when they emerge into the light, bear brilliant red flowers among small, five or six-lobed leaves.
If the personal spotter does not immediately leave the platform area and / or in any way distracts or impedes the head referees ’ responsibilities, the referees may determine that the lift is unacceptable, and be declared “ no lift ” by the referees and given three red lights.
A few other oaks have bark with this kind of appearance in the upper tree, but the northern red oak is the only tree with the striping all the way down the trunk.
The most widely publicized attempt, the St Jean Bosco massacre, occurred on 11 September 1988, when over one hundred armed Tonton Macoute wearing red armbands forced their way into St. Jean Bosco as Aristide began Sunday mass.

way and rubber
Seeking a way to address these shortcomings, the textile industry has turned to Neoprene ( polymer form of Chloroprene ), a type of synthetic rubber as well as another more commonly used elastomer fiber, spandex ( also known as elastane ), because of their superiority to rubber in both strength and durability.
In a similar way, electrons can flow freely and easily through a copper wire, but cannot as easily flow through a steel wire of the same shape and size, and they essentially cannot flow at all through an insulator like rubber, regardless of its shape.
His device was to be used for ; as explained in his patent application was to operate an easier way of applying rubber bands to articles such as boxes and papers rather than applying them by hand.
This is the subject of numerous running gags in I ’ m Alan Partridge, in particular his numerous efforts to deny his interest in Bangkok " lady-boys " ( whom he describes as ‘ fascinating creatures ’ whilst insisting that he is merely confused by them and not attracted to them ) and a recurrent gag in which he will daydream about performing an erotic dance in a peephole Pringle jumper and a vulcanised rubber thong for a selection of men ( usually those who can help further his career in some way, such as BBC Chief of Programming Tony Hayers ).
( This is because the upwards electric force F < sub > E </ sub > is greater for them than the downwards gravitational force g, in the same way bits of paper can be picked by a charged rubber rod ).
Above, a Congolese farming village ( Baringa, Équateur Province | Equateur ) is emptied and levelled to make way for a rubber plantation.
Gasoline rationing proved an even better way to allocate scarce rubber.
The best way to prevent tularemia infection is to wear rubber gloves when handling or skinning wild lagomorphs and rodents, avoid ingesting uncooked wild game and untreated water sources, wear long-sleeved clothes, and use an insect repellent to prevent tick bites.
A common analogy involves the way that a dip in a flat sheet of rubber, caused by a heavy object sitting on it, influences the path taken by small objects rolling nearby, causing them to deviate inward from the path they would have followed had the heavy object been absent.
A line wiper operates in much the same way as a pack-off sub, except that the rubber element is much softer.
The traditional way to apply a postal marking is with the use of a rubber or metal handstamp ; handwritten notations are sometimes seen for unusual situations or in very small post offices.
His associations with his principals were unhappy ; the expedition was beset by many difficulties, and finally La Condamine split from the rest and made his way to Quito, Ecuador separately, becoming the first Westerner to encounter rubber in the process.
American handball is a sport in which players use their hands to hit a small rubber ball against a wall so that it bounces off in such a way that their opponent cannot return it.
The rigid plastic main frame of the mask has a rubber skirt which seals around the eyes and nose like a standard half-mask, and the nose may be held through the rubber nose pocket to equalise in the same way as with a half mask, and there is an extension to ths skirt which seals around the lower part of the face and encloses the mouth.
Between the two World Wars, Goodyear found a way to join rubber to other materials.
The only way to properly distinguish them is that the 1972s had flush mounted bumpers with no bumper guards, ( small bumper guards were optional ), while both the 1973 and 1974 models had the protruding "" bumpers ( with a rubber type filler behind them ) in conjunction with large bumper guards.
Another, perhaps more intuitive way to view this process is this: consider a rubber band surrounding all the points P < sub > 0 </ sub >, ..., P < sub > n </ sub >.
It is a way of improving mechanical properties, in a technique known as rubber toughening.
To create a coated fabric a liquefied rubber polymer is applied in a single coat to an uncoated fabric and subsequently fused dry by means of a heated roller, in much the same way that a laser printer applies toner to a sheet of paper before fusing it dry.
Moving deeper into the rubber plantation, the older trees and patchy undergrowth gave way to clean straight rows of trees which afforded long views in one direction, but limited visibility in other directions.
As they did so the young rubber gave way to more mature trees of approximately high, improving visibility and allowing them to increase their speed.
Ickx dropped out of fourth place with rubber breaking off from his front left tyre, and Siffert dropped way down with a broken coil bracket.

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