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weekend and starts
According to the American calendar, the U. S. summer season is commonly regarded as beginning on Memorial Day weekend ( the last weekend in May ) and ending on Labor Day weekend ( the first weekend in September ), more closely in line with the meteorological definition ; the similar Canadian tradition starts summer on Victoria Day one week prior ( although summer conditions vary widely across Canada's expansive territory ) and ends, like the United States, on Labour Day.
It starts on the Wednesday before the first weekend of October by a cook-off festival.
LWT's response to this was to reinvent itself as possibly ITV's first ' brand ': the on-screen identity changed from the cumbersome ' London Weekend Television ' to ' LWT ', the ' river ident ' was modified to three letters, the strapline ' The weekend starts here ' was introduced, and greater use of the distinct black-and-white-layered tower block that was its studios, was used in continuity.
The weekend closest to the summer solistice ( June 21 ) each year features the Midnight Sun Fun Run, a 5K, 10K and Half-Marathon that starts at midnight under the blazing 24-hours of sunlight experienced for 50 + days each summer in Inuvik.
Charging starts each season during the first weekend in April.
The contest aspect of a Field Day operating event is to contact as many stations as possible in the given time period ( twenty-four hours, during a weekend, if setup commences before the contest starts, or 27 hours if setup commences at contest start time ) using the portable station.
This takes place on a Saturday ( 1st weekend in July ) and goes on all afternoon ( starts with parade at 2: 30 ).
At the signal station, where the racing starts and finishes can be found a smaller galley that can provide light snacks and soft drinks for the people involved in racing or training of adults and youngsters at the weekend.
It commonly takes place as a form of tax-free weekend lasting Friday through Sunday, usually during a major shopping period for necessities, such as just before school starts.
* At Cornell University, dead week is more commonly referred to as " hell week ", and starts after the weekend of the last week of classes, only ending with the last final exam.
The 2008 festival, Brecon's 25th anniversary, had a promising start: some major starts such as Joan Armatrading, Courtney Pine and Cerys Matthews drew advance bookings, but when the weekend of the festival started bad weather kept the crowds away.
The show went out early on Friday evenings with the line " The weekend starts here!
Modern gun season for large game starts Thanksgiving weekend and ends in January.
Each year, YC has a different " theme " that expresses what organizers wish attendees to focus on during the weekend, which starts on Friday, goes through Saturday, and ends Sunday evening.
The season traditionally starts on Fourth of July weekend and ends on Labor Day weekend.
The summer tour starts in April and continues almost every weekend until the end of October.

weekend and every
, a medieval festival commemorating local history has been held in the village once in every year since 2004, on a July weekend in the summer.
As a Polonia center, due to the city's having a very large Polish population, Chicago celebrates every Labor Day weekend at the Taste of Polonia Festival in the Jefferson Park area.
The $ 54 million total also included $ 2 million in " mental distress " and $ 15, 000 which he estimated to be the cost of renting a car every weekend to go to another dry cleaners.
Usually every spring, all the local Boy Scout troops in the area come and compete against each other for the weekend.
Frankenheimer grew up in New York City and became interested in movies at an early age ; he recalled going to the cinema every weekend.
Currently, Militia troops usually train one night a week and every other weekend of the month, except in the summer.
The Philadelphia Eagles Helmet Cart sat at Joseph A. Scirrotto Jr .' s ( Designer of the 74 Helmet ) " Joe's Gulf Gas Station " at Rising Sun Ave & Van Kirk St. 1974 off season year to raise money for " The Eagles Fly for Leukemia ", where every weekend Eagles NFL Team Members joined to help raise awareness and funds.
the weekend festival dedicated to smelt, every early January.
SF writer Cory Doctorow calls science fiction " perhaps the most social of all literary genres ", and states, " Science fiction is driven by organized fandom, volunteers who put on hundreds of literary conventions in every corner of the globe, every weekend of the year.
One weekend a month they played on the stage there and by the end of their three year stint sold-out every performance.
* Paganello unofficial Beach Ultimate club world cup, held every year on Easter weekend in Rimini, Italy.
Since 2004, every year in the last weekend of August in the Palace of the Kings of Majorca the free 3 day Guitares au Palais takes place.
In the summer, there are festivals almost every weekend, including Mountainfilm in Telluride, the Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, Mushroom Festival, Nothing Day Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.
Sports programming is also provided, usually on weekends ( albeit not every weekend year-round ), and most commonly between 12 – 4 or 12-8 p. m. on Sundays ( during football season, slightly less during NASCAR season ) and 3: 30 – 7 p. m. on Saturday afternoons ( during baseball season ).
It is held every year on the last weekend in May.
The timing of the events is fixed and they fall on the same date every year, though there has been discussion about holding some events on the weekend preceding the Fallas, in order to take greater advantage of the tourist potential of the festival or changing the end date of the festival in years where it is due to occur in midweek.
International quilting exhibitions attract thousands of visitors, while countless smaller exhibitions are held every weekend in local regions.
In past years, as many as 1, 000 hikers per day have sometimes climbed the dome on a summer weekend, and about 50, 000 hikers climb it every year.
The ritual takes place every Easter weekend at Fort Flagler State Park in Washington State.
Each weekend during the original run of the series, he would be in character throughout Saturday and into Sunday, behaving more like Spock than himself: more logical, more rational, more thoughtful, less emotional and finding a calm in every situation.
* the Fête des vendanges of Montmartre, which assembles more than 350, 000 people during the first October weekend, every year,
This imposed a tremendous financial hardship on members who made much of their income from touring and could not afford to be in or near Nashville every other weekend.
Hence, the time of the runs changes on weekend from every half-an-hour to an hour.
The pink triangle is the basis of the design of the Homomonument in Amsterdam, the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial in Sydney, the Pink Triangle Park in the Castro neighbourhood of San Francisco and the huge Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks that is displayed every year during San Francisco Pride weekend in San Francisco.

weekend and Friday
As well, Enterprise fans continued to indicate they chose to watch the weekend showing rather than the Friday broadcast, or chose to " time-shift " the program using their VCR or DVR equipment.
In other countries, ( see workweek and weekend ) Friday is the first day of the weekend, with Saturday the second.
In Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran, Friday is the last day of the weekend, with Saturday as the first day of the working week.
Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) and Kuwait also followed this convention until they changed to a Friday – Saturday weekend, on 1 September 2006 in Bahrain and UAE, and a year later in Kuwait.
In Iran, Friday is the only weekend day.
An explanation sometimes given for the choice of Thursday as polling day is that it was, in most towns, the traditional market day, although it has also been observed that the choice has practical advantages — with the outcome of the election being known by Friday, the new or continuing administration then has the weekend to organise itself in preparation for the " government shop opening for business " on Monday, the first day of the new week following the election.
This was a 20-game season in 19 weeks --- a schedule accomplished by having double games ( primarily Monday and Friday ) on Labor Day weekend.
Heymer would often drop Howerd off on Friday at his psychiatrist, who would ply him with LSD over the weekend.
Many of the channel's earliest original movies ( particularly those made from 1997 to 2002 ) have seldom been aired by Disney Channel in recent years, except for some holiday-themed movies ; in January 2009, the channel began airing these older original movies on Friday and Saturday nights at 3 am ET / PT ; since June 2010, movies also air on Sundays in late night and since July 2010, the movies start at 2: 30 am ET / PT and some of the late-night weekend movies are aired without promo breaks.
Held in honor of the countless farming families in the surrounding area, the event is stretched out over the entire weekend, including the Friday evening dance held in the local grocery store's parking lot, the Pancake Breakfast and Farmer's Day Parade on Saturday, and the numerous shows, games, and activities that take place well into Sunday evening.
On the last weekend of every July, the town hosts the Anderson Bluegrass Festival, which lasts from Friday through Sunday.
Among the highlights were the Tour of California Time Trial on Friday, 20 May and the visit of the Aalborg Police Band for Danish Days during the weekend of 16 September to 18.
It is held Labor Day weekend, running from Friday until Sunday.
It is usually held on the last weekend in August, as well as the preceding Thursday and Friday.
The Village is open every Friday and Saturday in June, July and August from 12-4, and Historic Village Days event takes place the first weekend in August.
This city has an annual Fall Festival the First weekend after Labor Day, with the KKK Parade ( Koncordia Komical Krew ) held on Friday night.
'" The event included a festive opening ceremony on Friday evening and a weekend of historical tours and programs to honor the past and celebrate traditional life in Beemer.
Began in 1958, the festival is held the first weekend of November each year, beginning on Friday morning and ending on Saturday night.
The event is typically hosted on the first weekend in May ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday ), but has also been held on the second weekend in May.
The U. S. 12 Heritage Trail also opens their doors annually the second weekend of August for what has been dubbed " Michigan's Longest Yard Sale " on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The festival usually takes place the second or third weekend in May, beginning Friday night and ending mid-day Sunday.
The fact that casual Fridays is in fact on Friday gives people the misconception that it is already the weekend.
It is important to distinguish that just because it is Friday does not mean it is the weekend it means it is almost the weekend.

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