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whole and however
The truth, however, is that the ecumenical church is just the local church in its own true character as an integral unit of the whole People of God throughout the world.
Perier's efforts, however, were on the whole ineffective in winning back the tribes of the Mobile district, and he decided to send troops into the troubled country.
On the whole, however, one must wonder at just what it is that forces a beloved artist to besmirch her own reputation as time marches inexorably on.
On the whole, however, the reign of Alexander was prosperous until the rise, in the east, of the Sassanids.
Alan Cameron, however, argues that it should be interpreted as referring to Plato, and that when Proclus writes that " we must bear in mind concerning this whole feat of the Athenians, that it is neither a mere myth nor unadorned history, although some take it as history and others as myth ", he is treating " Crantor's view as mere personal opinion, nothing more ; in fact he first quotes and then dismisses it as representing one of the two unacceptable extremes ".
His disciple, Cyprian ( Bishop of Carthage 248-58 ) appeals to the same fundamental principle of election to a vacant see in the aftermath of the Decian Persecution when denying the legitimacy of his rigorist rival in Carthage and that of the anti-pope Novatian in Rome ; however, the emphasis is now on legitimating his episcopal ministry as a whole and specifically his exclusive right to administer discipline to the lapsed rather than on the content of what is taught.
Arnulf, however, failed to conquer the whole of Great Moravia when he attempted it in 892, 893, and 899.
It may be questioned, however, whether the whole episode is not mythical.
There is however not always a one-on-one relationship between the two numbering systems along the whole length of the highways.
Nothing, however, can be more absurd than this whole doctrine of the balance of trade, upon which, not only these restraints, but almost all the other regulations of commerce are founded.
The Breviary rightly so called, however, only dates from the 11th century ; the earliest MS. containing the whole canonical office is of the year 1099 and is in the Mazarin library.
The term Commonwealth is, however, loosely used to describe the system of government during the whole of 1649 to 1660, when England was de facto, and arguably de jure, a republic ( or, to monarchists, under the English Interregnum ).
" The games on the whole, however, rated last on his survey of over 200 games for the Atari, Intellivision, Astrocade and Odyssey consoles, and contemporary games were rated " Average " with future Channel F games rated " below average ".
This is, however, very much a minority position-in Lebanon itself as in the Arab World as a whole.
Some ecological principles, however, do exhibit collective properties where the sum of the components explain the properties of the whole, such as birth rates of a population being equal to the sum of individual births over a designated time frame.
The elder Smith, however, was also called to give Patriarchal blessings to the fatherless within the church, and the church as a whole, a calling he passed onto his eldest surviving son Hyrum Smith prior to his death.
His lyric skills however are not just confined to individual poems: " A play of Euripides is a musical whole ... one song echoes motifs from the preceding song, while introducing new ones.
Around 4 July, Poisson declared Galois ' work " incomprehensible ", declaring that " argument is neither sufficiently clear nor sufficiently developed to allow us to judge its rigor "; however, the rejection report ends on an encouraging note: " We would then suggest that the author should publish the whole of his work in order to form a definitive opinion.
The magazine concluded, however, that " Yet, instead of frightening children, Ed Sullivan charms the whole family.
Any minister and the cabinet as a whole however must have continuing trust of the parliament and may be voted out, resign or be replaced.
( In medical English, however, " embarrass " retains a meaning much more general than in the language as a whole: essentially, to diminish.
A centralized administration for each city, though not the whole civilization, has been inferred from the revealed cultural uniformity ; however, it remains uncertain whether authority lay with a commercial oligarchy.
Even in these, however, Arthur's court has started to embody legendary Britain as a whole, with " Arthur's Court " sometimes substituted for " The Island of Britain " in the formula " Three XXX of the Island of Britain ".

whole and may
Often it is recognized that all the details of the pattern may not be essential to the outcome but, because the pattern was empirically determined and not developed through theoretical understanding, one is never quite certain which behavior elements are effective, and the whole pattern becomes ritualized.
Moreover, because of the particular blot on your family escutcheon through what may only have been one unbridled moment on your grandmother's part, and because you had the lean-to kitchen and trundle bed of your childhood to outgrow, what you obviously most desired with both your conscious and unconscious person, what you bent your whole will, sensibility, and intelligence upon, was to be a lady.
Far from being irrelevant to the ecumenical task, the Pontiff believes that a revivified Church is required in order that the whole world may see Catholicism in the best possible light.
I pray to God that he may be spared to us for many years to come for this is an influence the United States and the whole world can ill afford to lose.
Cuban S.S.R.: Whatever may have been the setbacks resulting from the unsuccessful attempt of the Cuban rebels to establish a beachhead on the Castro-held mainland last week, there was at least one positive benefit, and that was the clear-cut revelation to the whole world of the complete conversion of Cuba into a Russian-dominated military base.
No corporation engaged in commerce shall acquire, directly or indirectly, the whole or any part of the stock or other share capital of another corporation engaged also in commerce, where the effect of such acquisition may be to substantially lessen competition between the corporation whose stock is so acquired and the corporation making the acquisition, or to restrain such commerce in any section or community, or tend to create a monopoly of any line of commerce.
Since electrical stimulation of the posterior hypothalamus produces the effects of wakefulness while stimulation of the anterior hypothalamus induces sleep, it may be said that the reactivity of the whole organism is altered by a change in the autonomic reactivity of the hypothalamus.
Indeed, the failure of home-building as a whole to respond this year to somewhat greater availability of mortgage financing, and the increasing reports of pockets of unsold homes and rising vacancy rates in apartment buildings, may also signal in part that the lush days of big backlog demand for housing are reaching an end.
In a like sense whatever bits or shreds of previous conceptions one may find in it, Utopian communism remains, as an integral whole, original -- a new thing.
When Af has been found it may be transferred into the storage location of Af and the whole calculation repeated.
The failure of teeth to fit together when closed interferes with normal chewing, so that a child may swallow food whole and put a burden on his digestive system.
The role of an earthquake in starting the destruction of whole cities is tremendously frightening, but fire may actually be the principal agent in a particular disaster.
There may be instances in which, if economic pressure is to be undertaken at all, this would have to be applied without discrimination against a whole people.
Viewing the American Catholic educational achievement in retrospect, we may indeed see it as a unified whole extending from grade school to university.
On the other hand, you may seek His favor, humble yourself before Him and beg His mercy, implore His forgiveness, forsake your sins, and abandon your whole life to Him.
Amphibians usually swallow food whole but may chew it lightly first in order to subdue it.
But in some jurisdictions, the state or prosecution may appeal " as of right " from a trial court's dismissal of an indictment in whole or in part or from a trial court's granting of a defendant's suppression motion.
If the appellate court does find a legal defect in the decision " below " ( i. e., in the lower court ), it may " modify " the ruling to correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse " or " vacate ") the whole decision or any part of it.
* A smaller figure, next to the man, sitting on a chair ; as it is near the pole star, it may be seen by observers in the Northern Hemisphere through the whole year, although sometimes upside down ( the constellation Cassiopeia )
By working very hard, one may be able to make this part 5 times faster, but this only reduces the time for the whole computation by a little.
Dürer's belief in the abilities of a single artist over inspiration prompted him to assert that " one man may sketch something with his pen on half a sheet of paper in one day, or may cut it into a tiny piece of wood with his little iron, and it turns out to be better and more artistic than another's work at which its author labours with the utmost diligence for a whole year.
" Of the scholastics he says :" Yet they will have us beleeve, that by the Almighty power of God, one body may be at one and the same time in many places problem of the universals ; and many bodies at one and the same time in one place whole and the parts ; ... And these are but a small part of the Incongruencies they are forced to, from their disputing philosophically, in stead of admiring, and adoring of the Divine and Incomprehensible Nature ...."

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