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wikitext and is
However, the convention is to put them at the bottom of the wikitext.
The mutual order of interlanguage links is preserved, but otherwise the positions within the wikitext are immaterial, again the same rule as for categories.
The most common method of inclusion is called transclusion, where the wikitext of the target page contains a reference to the template, using the < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > syntax.
Another method is substitution, where the content of the template is copied into the wikitext of the target page, just once, when it is saved.
They may also contain tags which define which parts of the wikitext are to be included when the template is transcluded or substituted.
How to do it: To transclude a template to an article or page, type < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > in the wikitext at the place where the template is to appear.
If a template is to be substituted in the wikitext rather than transcluded, add the modifier after the initial pair of braces, as in < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code >.
( The remainder of the wikitext is enclosed between < nowiki >< noinclude >...</ noinclude ></ nowiki > tags, which means that it is displayed on the template page itself, but will not be included along with the template.
To transclude the above template onto another page ( e. g. in the Wikipedia: Sandbox ), type < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > ( or < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > — the case of the first letter is not significant ) somewhere into the wikitext of the target page, and save it.
* If the URL is simply included in the wikitext, without square brackets, then it appears as written, and a hyperlink is created: < tt >< nowiki > http :// meta. wikimedia. org /</ nowiki ></ tt > produces http :// meta. wikimedia. org /
When either < code >< nowiki > __FORCETOC__ </ nowiki ></ code > or < code >< nowiki > __TOC__ </ nowiki ></ code > ( with two underscores on either side of the word ) is placed in the wikitext, a TOC is added even if the page has fewer than four headings.
# searching within one large page or its wikitext with a local search function is faster and has advantages over searching several pages using the site search engine or a web search engine
It is possible that pages may contain links to C as a result of the transclusion of a template even though the template does not itself contain such links ( the links may be produced in the template wikitext by the application of various parser functions, rather than explicitly ).
Other wikitext coding is not interpreted.
When copying an external link from the preview into the edit summary box then, depending on the operating system, the " printable version " is copied, i. e. how it is normally rendered, and in addition, between parentheses, the URL ; hence the same information as in the wikitext, but in a different format, as well as a possible sequential number.

wikitext and rendered
This allows easy searching within the combined rendered page, but not in the combined wikitext.
* Wikilinks always rendered ; other wikitext coding ignored.
This will be preserved in the wikitext and recorded as a change, although it will not change the page's appearance when rendered.

wikitext and which
An example of a very simple template can be found at Template: Lambda, which places the lambda symbol, λ. Click the " Edit " tab on that template page to see the template code ( its wikitext ).
** as wikitext for the editable part of the image page, which includes the following possibilities:
ISBN codes automatically generate links, for example: the wikitext < code >< nowiki > ISBN 978-0-45-152774-5 </ nowiki ></ code > becomes ISBN 978-0-45-152774-5 which corresponds to Special: Booksources / 9780451527745.

wikitext and .
Different Wiki programs may support use of different sets of HTML elements within wikitext.
Templates can contain any desired wikitext, including calls to other templates.
The page will be displayed as if the template call were replaced by the expansion of the template, i. e. as if the wikitext contained at that point.
However this time, if you look again at the saved wikitext, you will see that the template calls really were replaced by the expansion of the template when you saved the page.
Pages having the code < nowiki > __NEWSECTIONLINK__ </ nowiki > in wikitext also display this link, regardless of the namespace.
A page will be treated as a redirect page if its wikitext begins with < tt ># REDIRECT </ tt > followed by a valid wikilink or interwikilink.

is and rendered
We will know, and He will know, to whom it is rendered, what the birds would ask:
Assistance is rendered to interested Rhode Island businessmen concerning interpretation of bid invitations, where to obtain specifications, and follow-ups concerning qualification.
In any event it is a form of borrowing which could be and should be rendered unnecessary.
In connection with any claim decided by the Commission pursuant to this Title in which an award is made, the Commission may, upon the written request of the claimant or any attorney heretofore or hereafter employed by such claimant, determine and apportion the just and reasonable attorney's fees for services rendered with respect to such claim, but the total amount of the fees so determined in any case shall not exceed 10 per centum of the total amount paid pursuant to the award.
It is agreed that any goods delivered or services rendered after the date of this agreement for projects within categories A, B, and C under paragraph 2 above which may later be approved by the United States will be eligible for financing from currency granted or loaned to the Government of India.
During nighttime hours, because of the intense skywave propagation then prevailing, no large number of stations can be permitted to operate on one of these channels, if the wide area service for which these frequencies are assigned is to be rendered satisfactorily by the dominant stations which must be relied upon to render it.
It is distinctly possible, therefore, that simultaneous pressures in all three vessels would have rendered the shunts inoperable and hence, uninjectable.
Thus, casework involving a limited number of interviews is still to be regarded in terms of the quality of service rendered rather than of the quantity of time expended.
Only when a decision is rendered by the District Court of Appeal ( or, of course, the Supreme Court ) is a binding precedent established.
Literal flatness now tends to assert itself as the main event of the picture, and the device boomerangs: the illusion of depth is rendered even more precarious than before.
In the upper center of Braque's first collage, Fruit Dish ( in Douglas Cooper's collection ), a bunch of grapes is rendered with such conventionally vivid sculptural effect as to lift it practically off the picture plane.
Made of gold-plated britannium on a black metal base, it is 13. 5 in ( 34 cm ) tall, weighs 8. 5 lb ( 3. 85 kg ) and depicts a knight rendered in Art Deco style holding a crusader's sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes.
The uppercase letter alpha is not generally used as a symbol because it tends to be rendered identically to the uppercase Latin A.
The first case recorded of the partial exemption of an abbot from episcopal control is that of Faustus, abbot of Lerins, at the council of Arles, AD 456 ; but the exorbitant claims and exactions of bishops, to which this repugnance to episcopal control is to be traced, far more than to the arrogance of abbots, rendered it increasingly frequent, and, in the 6th century, the practice of exempting religious houses partly or altogether from episcopal control, and making them responsible to the pope alone, received an impulse from Pope Gregory the Great.
For example, compositing is used extensively when combining computer rendered image elements with live footage.
In the Western Armenian language, the ablative case is rendered by the suffix-e ( indefinite ) or-en ( definite ).
The Arrhenius definition of acid – base reactions is a development of the hydrogen theory of acids, devised by Svante Arrhenius, which was used to provide a modern definition of acids and bases that followed from his work with Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald in establishing the presence of ions in aqueous solution in 1884, and led to Arrhenius receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1903 for " recognition of the extraordinary services ... rendered to the advancement of chemistry by his electrolytic theory of dissociation ".
A characteristic application is to the protection of ships ' bottoms, but more modern methods of cathodic protection have rendered its use less common.
In a few cases, an error can be rendered harmless while the inning is still going on.
This is inefficient as there exists also approximations of all Bézier curves using arcs of circles or ellipses, which can be rendered incrementally with arbitrary precision.
Many of his writings were in Latin, and his name is rendered in Latin as ( after 1761 Carolus a Linné ).
In the Wade – Giles system of romanization, the honorific name is rendered as " K ' ung Fu-tzu ".
One of his earliest surviving works, under the guidance of his anatomy teacher, Dimitrie Gerota, is a masterfully rendered écorché ( statue of a man with skin removed to reveal the muscles underneath ) which was exhibited at the Romanian Athenaeum in 1903.

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