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windows and act
The act of defenestration connotes the forcible or peremptory removal of an adversary, and the term is sometimes used in just that sense ; it also suggests breaking the windows in the process ( de-also means removal ).
One book suggests the following 7 advance planning steps: ( 1 ) develop an impressive management and professional team ; ( 2 ) grow the company's business with an eye to the public marketplace ; ( 3 ) obtain audited or auditable financial statements using IPO-accepted accounting principles ; ( 4 ) clean up the company's act ; ( 5 ) establish antitakeover defenses ; ( 6 ) develop good corporate governance ; ( 7 ) create insider bail-out opportunities and take advantage of IPO windows.
According to Stewart, arguments for low-level police intervention, including the broken windows hypothesis, often act " as cover for racist behavior ".
This results in the appearance familiar to many users in which windows act a little bit like pieces of paper on a desktop, which can be moved around and allowed to overlap.
Suddenly the same act would be regarded as theft: the glazier was breaking windows in order to force people to hire his services.
Many American citizens contributed to the act of patriotism by placing American flag bumper stickers on their cars, purple ribbons on trees in their yards, or hanging flags in their windows, all to recreate the feeling and image of nationwide pride and support.
Others act as containers that group the widgets added to them, for example windows, panels, and tabs.
This symbolic act then spirals out of control when he convinces Traveler and Talita to try to build a makeshift bridge with him between the windows of the two buildings over which Talita can cross.
These eyeballs act as the titular " doorway " for an alien species, allowing it to see into our homeworld ; only the eyeballs are imperfect windows, and distort everything that the aliens see into horrifying monstrosities which, the man perceives, it fears and hates intensely.
Of particular significance are the fifteen distinctive patterns of nearly 400 art glass windows that Wright designed for the entire complex, some of which contain over 750 individual pieces of jewel-like iridescent glass, that act as “ light screens ” to visually connect exterior views with the spaces within.
This was done by bouncing lasers off of the glass panes in the building's windows, which would act like diaphragms to pick up voices inside.

windows and wavelength
The atmosphere is opaque at the wavelengths used by X-ray astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, UV astronomy and ( except for a few wavelength " windows ") far infrared astronomy, so observations must be carried out mostly from balloons or space observatories.
The 33 centimeter band offers excellent building penetration characteristics since the wavelength is relatively small and can fit through windows easier than signals lower in frequency.

windows and filters
Other uses include diaphragms for oxygen-breathing equipment, marker dials for navigation compasses, optical filters, pyrometers, thermal regulators, stove and kerosene heater windows, and micathermic heater elements.
Also, the lenses of protective goggles, faceshield windows and welding filters cannot be thinner than 3 mm, excepting high-impact lenses meant to be installed in prescription frames, which cannot be thinner than 2 mm.
Light filters into Conques through the large windows under the groin vaults of the aisle and through the low windows under the half barrels of the galleries.
The sensuous woods, the generously low and horizontal room shapes, and the quality of natural light that filters through the art glass exterior windows, coexist with a relatively traditional plan, in which most rooms are regularly shaped and organized around a central hall.
The final 2. 0 version was released as milestone 9 and added support for secure password and credential storage, news filters, support for embedding Firefox 3. 0 XULRunner to render news feeds, and proxy support for windows.
OTELO ( OSIRIS Tunable Emission Line Object survey ) is an emission line object survey using OSIRIS tunable filters in selected atmospheric windows relatively free of sky emission lines.
The RAI 40-700 class ( see Iranian Railways RC4 ) of eight engines were exported to Iran in the early eighties for use on the electrified stretches near the then-Soviet border ; these were based on Rc4 but with Rm-type bogies, sand-proof air filters and no round windows on the side.

windows and ;
Don't position your studs before you insert your windows in conventional construction ; ;
On the third floor one of the two windows was lighted ; ;
In front of the large windows, as if they were pillars that support the complex stone structure, there are six fine columns that seem to simulate the bones of a limb, with an apparent central articulation ; in fact, this is a floral decoration.
A hole was blown in the hangar roof 250 feet above ; about 40 windows in the hangar were shattered.
; Ufasoft Common Lisp: port of CLISP for windows platform with core written in C ++.
Another decree in 1853 from the sultan solidified the existing territorial division among the communities and set a status quo for arrangements to " remain forever ", caused differences of opinion about upkeep and even minor changes, including disagreement on the removal of an exterior ladder under one of the windows ; this ladder has remained in the same position since then.
: We pierce doors and windows to make a house ;
A pattern would not tell the designer how many windows to put in the room ; instead, it would propose a set of values to guide the designer toward a decision that is best for their particular application.
The traditional gas mask style with two small circular eye windows originated when the only suitable material for these eye windows was glass or acrylic ; as glass is notoriously brittle, glass eye windows had to be kept small and thick.
This generally requires the rear of the vehicle to be extensively altered ; commonly, the rear roof is cut away from the front windows back and all interior parts are removed from the rear as well.
For example, windows were only displayed " tiled " on the screen ; that is, they could not overlap or overlie one another.
The interior of the city hall is large and spacious ; windows in the ceiling above the eighth floor fill the main space with light.
; One-way windows
However, in some cases, this is solveable by initiating another parent window ; this is the case in Opera and Chrome, for example, which allows tabs / child windows to be dragged outside of the parent window to start their own parent window.
Much of the 968's luxury-oriented equipment was removed or taken off the options list ; less sound deadening material was used, electrical windows were replaced with crank-driven units, upgraded stereo systems, A / C and sunroof were still optional as on the standard Coupe and Convertible models.
He also tried his hand at painting but was reportedly not very good at it ; one of his editors reporting that " his pictures served to stop windows and save the tax " ( on window glass ).
Because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires, 9 in Mohs Scale, ( and of aluminium oxide in general ), sapphires are used in some non-ornamental applications, including infrared optical components, such as in scientific instruments ; high-durability windows ; wristwatch crystals and movement bearings ; and very thin electronic wafers, which are used as the insulating substrates of very special-purpose solid-state electronics ( most of which are integrated circuits ).
The zombies begin to pull Helen and Barbra through the windows ; but Helen frees herself and goes down to the cellar to find a reanimated Karen consuming Harry.
One of the architectural parameters that can scale is the number of implemented register windows ; the specification allows from 3 to 32 windows to be implemented, so the implementation can choose to implement all 32 to provide maximum call stack efficiency, or to implement only 3 to reduce context switching time, or to implement some number between them.

windows and may
The stained-glass windows may have developed unpremeditated patinas, the paneling may be no more durable than the planks in a political platform.
Thus if the instrument depends on the pressure or suction effect alone, and this pressure or suction is measured against the air pressure in an ordinary room, in which the doors and windows are carefully closed and a newspaper is then burnt up the chimney, an effect may be produced equal to a wind of 10 mi / h ( 16 km / h ); and the opening of a window in rough weather, or the opening of a door, may entirely alter the registration.
In cases where this is infeasible, it may be possible to avoid an accident by placing windows in the door.
If the collection holds guns of criminal interest, such as pistols or sub machine-guns the police may demand a very high safety level on the keeping of the guns ( such as security windows and vault doors ).
The skin underneath the dark areas may serve as windows for thermoregulation, being sites for complex blood vessel systems and large sweat glands.
These vehicles are often converted full-size station wagons that may or may not feature a traditional landau roof and bars, although in recent years, following the end of the full-size station wagon era, the preference has shifted towards minivans with slide-over landau bar panels for the third row windows.
The Nostell example, in the billiards room of this fine stately home, has a Victorian outer case, which has been thoughtfully provided with small glass windows on each side of the movement so that the wooden workings may be inspected.
Application windows can be hidden and manipulated as a group, and the user may switch between applications ( i. e., groups of windows ) or between individual windows, automatically hiding palettes, and most programs will stay running even with no open windows.
These functions allow the Amiga to move GUI windows around the screen rapidly as each is represented in graphical memory space as a rectangular block of memory which may be shifted to any required screen memory location at will.
Also activists may use the tactic of property destruction as means of protest, e. g. by smashing the windows of banks, shops and government institutions and setting fire to cars.
Some research indicates that opening windows may actually increase the severity of the tornado's damage.
Rather than simply being flat discs, these lighting and observation windows may be curved to match the cross-section of the tunnel and further reduce turbulence around the window.
Many glazed windows may be opened, to allow ventilation, or closed, to exclude inclement weather.
Transom windows may be fixed or operable.
Sash windows may be fitted with simplex hinges which allow the window to be locked into hinges on one side, while the rope on the other side is detached, allowing the window to be opened for escape or for cleaning.
Handing applies to casement windows to determine direction of swing ; a casement window may be left-handed, right-handed, or double.
It also supports GUI-based event-driven programming using several types of windows that may contain the standard controls such as buttons, menus, textboxes, etc.
Even if the crimes start out small, they may eventually become much worse if not effectively addressed ( broken windows theory ).
The Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of the University of Hong Kong believes that it may be due to the abundance of easily accessible high-rise buildings in Hong Kong ( implying that much of the jumping is out of windows or from roof tops ).

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