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Known to the Iranians by the Pahlavi compound word kah-ruba ( from kah straw ” plus rubay attract, snatch ,” referring to its electrical properties ), which entered Arabic as kahraba ' or kahraba, it too was called amber in Europe ( Old French and Middle English ambre ).
ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ, which is far more common in the sources than the variant form Abraxas, ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ ) was a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, being there applied to the Great Archon ” ( Gk., megas archōn ), the princeps of the 365 spheres ( Gk., ouranoi ).
* J. J. Bellermann thinks it a compound of the Egyptian words abrak and sax, meaning the honorable and hallowed word ,” or the word is adorable .”
* Giuseppe Barzilai goes back for explanation to the first verse of the prayer attributed to Rabbi Nehunya ben HaKanah, the literal rendering of which is O, with thy mighty right hand deliver the unhappy ,” forming from the initial and final letters of the words the word Abrakd ( pronounced Abrakad ), with the meaning the host of the winged ones ,” i. e., angels.
Perhaps the word may be included among those mysterious expressions discussed by Adolf von Harnack, which belong to no known speech, and by their singular collocation of vowels and consonants give evidence that they belong to some mystic dialect, or take their origin from some supposed divine inspiration .”
However, there are notable exceptions to this in all major translations, such as: “… I am with you always, to the end of the age ” ( NRSV ), the word age ” being a translation of aion.
The main recent sense of the word art ” is roughly as an abbreviation for creative art or fine art .” Here we mean that skill is being used to express the artist ’ s creativity, or to engage the audience ’ s aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of the finer ” things.
His comment on Numbers 23: 19 has a still more polemical tone: God is not a man that he should lie ; neither the son of man, that he should repent ; < font face =" times new roman " size = 3 > if a man says: ‘ I am a god ’ he is a liar ; if he says: ‘ I am a son of man ’ he will have cause to regret it ; and if he says, ‘ I will go up to heaven ’ he has said but will not keep his word ” last phrase is borrowed from B ' midbar 23: 19 ( Yer.
Amok originated from the Malay word mengamuk, which roughly defined means to make a furious and desperate charge ”.
The preservation of the book of Joel indicates that it was accorded special status by its contemporaries as the word of the Lord ” ( 1: 1 ).
* The Heading ( 1: 1 ): As is typical of prophetic books, an anonymous editor has supplied the name of the prophet, an indication of his time of activity, and an identification of his speech as the word of Yahweh ”, a generic term carrying a claim to prophetic legitimacy and authority.
The word classics ” is derived from the Latin adjective classicus: belonging to the highest class of citizens ”, connoting superiority, authority, and perfection.
The word crystal is derived from the Ancient Greek word (), meaning both ice ” and rock crystal ”, from (), " icy cold, frost ".
However, this word is regularly derived from Celtic * Kombrogi, meaning compatriots ”.

word and club
When word of the dam's failure was telegraphed to Pittsburgh, Frick and other members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club gathered to form the Pittsburgh Relief Committee for assistance to the flood victims as well as determining never to speak publicly about the club or the flood.
The word team and club are sometimes used interchangeably by supporters, although typically refers to the team within the club playing in the highest division or competition.
Founded in 1903 by a group of high school students, the club was named Hellas ( the Greek word for Greece ), at the request of a professor of Classics.
The three-word English phrase, " with his club ", where ' with ' identifies its dependent noun phrase as an instrument and ' his ' denotes a possession relation, would consist of two words or even just one word in many languages.
During its period in the AFL, the club also used a shield logo that featured a horsehead, a lightning bolt, and the word " Chargers ".
It is uncertain whether the use of the word " club " originated in its meaning of a knot of people, or from the fact that the members clubbed ” together to pay the expenses of their meetings.
The word cabaret came to mean " a restaurant or night club " by 1912.
Yet another contemporary chronicler, Pedro Mariño de Lobera, also wrote that Valdivia offered to evacuate the lands of the Mapuche but says he was shortly thereafter killed with a large club by a vengeful warrior named Pilmaiquen, who said that Valdivia could not be trusted to keep his word once freed.
: The word traveled swiftly, up and down the coast, and by nightfall the downtown streets were crowded with people who had come from as far away as South Point and the Waipio Valley to see for themselves if the rumor was really true-that Lono had, in fact, returned in the form of a huge drunken maniac who dragged fish out of the sea with his bare hands and then beat them to death on the dock with a short-handled Samoan war club.
The Italian Consulate in São Paulo became interested in the new club because it would help spread the word among Italians that their country now had one flag and one anthem.
Longtime manager Tim Cook was first introduced to the band when he booked them to play his club The Where-House in Bartlesville, Oklahoma following strong local word of mouth support.
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However, when James Cronin chose to trademark the word " Ceroc ", and to run the Ceroc club as a franchised business, the members of the LeRoc club decided not to run theirs for the potential income, preferring to concentrate on perfecting the dance.
Led by Courtney Shropshire, a local doctor, they formed an independent service club named Civitan, derived from the Latin word for citizenship.
The club has appeared in two X-Men animated series ( X-Men: The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men ), both times being renamed as simply The Inner Circle, due to the hesitations to use the word Hellfire in animated children series.
When word of the dam's failure was telegraphed to Pittsburgh, Frick and other members of the club gathered to form the Pittsburgh Relief Committee for assistance to the flood victims, as well as determining never to speak publicly about the club or the flood.
When word of the dam's failure was telegraphed to Pittsburgh, Frick and other members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club gathered to form the Pittsburgh Relief Committee for tangible assistance to the flood victims as well as determining to never speak publicly about the club or the flood.
In July 2012, the club dropped the word United from their name and now play as Airdrie FC.
The club is named after the French Creole word for ' party '.
In Round 18, 1993, in a match at the Sydney Cricket Ground between St Kilda ( then Lockett's club ) and Sydney, a piglet ( being a reference to Tony's size ) was released by a member of the Sydney crowd onto the ground ( with the wrongly spelled word " Pluga " and Lockett's playing number "# 4 " spray painted onto it ) before being tackled to the ground and removed by Sydney Swans player Darren Holmes.
The word literally means " social club ," and Tongs are not specifically underground organizations.

word and ,”
The word appears to come from an irregular formation of the Greek words ευρετικός ( heurista ) meaning to discover ,” εφευρετικός ( heuretikos ) meaning " inventive ," εύρημα ( heuriskein ) meaning to " find ," and άγω ( ago ) to " lead "; so it is construed to mean " to lead to invention, discoveries, findings " and consists of learning strategies focused on mature learners where a facilitator enables quested learning to allow for modification of existing knowledge and creation of new knowledge.
The literal translation of the Hebrew word moshiach ( messiah ) is anointed ,” which refers to a ritual of consecrating someone or something by putting holy oil upon it.
Besides the Bible, children needed to read in order to understand ... the capital laws of this country ,” as the Massachusetts code declared, order being of the utmost importance, and children not taught to read would grow barbarous ” ( the 1648 amendment to the Massachusetts law and the 1650 Connecticut code, both used the word barbarisme ”).
The humor Plautus offered, such as puns, word plays, distortions of meaning, or other forms of verbal humor he usually puts them in the mouths of characters belonging to the lower social ranks, to whose language and position these varieties of humorous technique are most suitable ,” matched well with the stable of characters.
The text is addressed to the elect lady and her children ,” and closes with the words, The children of thy elect sister greet thee .” However, some translators prefer to transliterate the Greek word for " lady " with the proper name Kyria.
The word coelacanth literally means, hollow spine ,” because of its unique hollow spine fins.
A second story suggests that he changed the name of the settlement, originally referred to as Marquette ” on old French maps, to the Ojibwe word Minonk ,” meaning a good place .” Minonk is the only city in the world with that name.
A second hidden chamber called a " serdab " ( سرداب ), from the Persian word for cellar ,” housed a statue of the deceased that was hidden within the masonry for its protection.
The word Ashuwillticook is from the Native American name for the south branch of the Hoosic River and literally means at the in-between pleasant river ,” or in common tongue, the pleasant river in between the hills .” The name was adopted for the trail as a way to reconnect people to local history and the natural environment.
By 1850, the area was widely known as " Tawboro ,” a name attributed to Taw, the Tuscaroran word for " river of health .”
According to the town ’ s oral tradition, the name of Buda is a corruption of the Spanish word viuda ,” or widow ,” referencing the widows who supposedly worked as cooks at the Carrington Hotel.
Chilhowie is a town in Smyth County, Virginia, United States. Chilhowie, pronounced Chil ·´ how · ee, the Cherokee word meaning valley of many deer ,” was adopted as the town ’ s name when the town became incorporated in 1913.
Since the term différance refers to the dual meanings of the French word difference to mean both to differ ” and to defer ,” defamiliarization draws attention to the use of common language in such a way as to alter one ’ s perception of an easily understandable object or concept.
Pan ” may have been abbreviated for the word Panetaria ,” meaning mistress of the pantry, which is most likely where Philippa worked in the Ulster household.
Kaghankatvatsi, repeating Movses Khorenatsi, mentions that the very name Aghvank ”/“ Albania ” is of Armenian origin, and relates it to the Armenian word aghu ” ( աղու, meaning kind ,” benevolent ”.
The term was derived from the classical Greek word gymnasium ,” which was originally applied to an exercising ground in ancient Athens.
The name comes from the word tlahuanqui ,” which means drunk.
As a business consultant, Drucker disliked the term guru ,” though it was often applied to him ; I have been saying for many years ,” Drucker once remarked, that we are using the word ‘ guru ’ only because ‘ charlatan ’ is too long to fit into a headline .”

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