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word and is
I suggested that one must let it in because it is the truth, but Beckett did not take to the word truth.
The key word in my plays is ' perhaps ' ''.
If they avoid the use of the pungent, outlawed four-letter word it is because it is taboo ; ;
The word `` mimesis '' ( `` imitation '' ) is usually associated with Plato and Aristotle.
Complicity is an embarrassing word.
As a word of caution, we should be aware that in actual practice no message is purely one of the four types, question, command, statement, or exclamation.
Harris J. Griston, in Shaking The Dust From Shakespeare ( 216 ), writes: `` There is not a word spoken by Shylock which one would expect from a real Jew ''.
To innocence, a word given is a word that will be kept.
Sensibility is a vague word, covering an area of meaning rather than any precise talent, quality, or skill.
Therefore, what we must prove or disprove is that there were Saxons, in the broad sense in which we must construe the word, in the area of the Saxon Shore at the time it was called the Saxon Shore.
There's more reading and instruction to be heard on discs than ever before, although the spoken rather than the sung word is as old as Thomas Alva Edison's first experiment in recorded sound.
Now, of course, that the Russians are the nuclear villains, radiation is a nastier word than it was in the mid, when the US was testing in the atmosphere.
As Sir Giles Overreach ( how often had he had to play that part, who did not believe a word of it ), he raised his arm and declaimed: `` Where is my honour now ''??
The gulf between the `` rich '' and the `` poor '' has narrowed, in the industrialized Western world, to the point that the word `` poor '' is hardly applicable.
Here is a word of advice when you go shopping for your pansy seeds.
Any alteration of one of these factors is distortion, although we generally use that word only for effects so pronounced that they can be stated quantitatively on the basis of standard tests.
In analyzing the watercolors of Roy Mason, the first thing that comes to mind is their essential decorativeness, yet this word has such a varied connotation that it needs some elaboration here.
For example, probably very few people know that the word `` visrhanik '' that is bantered about so much today stems from the verb `` bouanahsha '': to salivate.
The latter is useful for modifying information about some or all forms of a word, hence reducing the work required to improve dictionary contents.
Equivalents could be assigned to the paradigm either at the time it is added to the dictionary or after the word has been studied in context.
From the point of view of syntactic analysis the head word in the statement is the predicator has broken, and from the point of view of meaning it would seem that the trouble centers in the breaking ; ;
When a word represents a larger construction of which it is the only expressed part, it normally has more stress than it would have in fully expressed construction.
If word classes differ in their resistance or liability to stem replacement within meaning slot, it is conceivable that individual meanings also differ with fair consistence trans-lingually.

word and identified
In eighteenth-and nineteenth-century England, the word identified any land reform movement that sought to redistribute cultivated lands equally.
The use of the definite article before the word " Christ " and its gradual development into a proper name show the Christians identified the bearer with the promised Messiah of the Jews who fulfilled all the Messianic predictions in a fuller and a higher sense than had been given them by the Rabbis.
The Japanese word " go " has also been translated to mean the " second one ;" and in some older sources, this would-be emperor may be identified as " Kōgon, the second ", or as " Kōgon II.
The Japanese word " go " has also been translated to mean the " second one ;" and in some older sources, this would-be emperor may be identified as " En ' yū, the second ", or as " En ' yū II.
While Constantinople experienced a succession of councils alternately approving and condemning doctrine concerning hesychasm considered as identified with Palamism ( the last of the five senses in which, according to Kallistos Ware, the term is used ), the Western Church held no council in which to make a pronouncement on the issue, and the word " hesychasm " does not appear in the Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum ( Handbook of Creeds and Definitions ), the collection of Roman Catholic teachings originally compiled by Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger.
IKEA products are identified by single word names.
This occurs where the referent of a word or expression in a second sentence is different from that in the immediately preceding sentence, especially where a change in referent has not been clearly identified.
The locations of Sattagydia and Hindush and the extent of their boundaries have not been identified either though it is certain that these two tributaries existed along the river Indus as the name Hindush is analogous with the Indus and was derived by the Persians from the Sanskrit word Sindhu.
Thus, the word ' left ' in American political parlance may refer to ' liberalism ' and be identified with the Democratic Party, whereas in a country such as France these positions would be regarded as relatively more right-wing, and ' left ' is more likely to refer to ' socialist ' positions rather than ' liberal ' ones.
Wittgenstein rejects a variety of ways of thinking about what the meaning of a word is, or how meanings can be identified.
Hard evidence of Cugley's abbreviation has yet to surface, though in a Usenet posting on August 18, 1990, Cugley posted a reply in which he identified himself as " The originator of the word ' retcon '.
The earliest use of the word terrorism identified by the Oxford English Dictionary is a 1795 reference to tyrannical state behavior, the " reign of terrorism " in France.
In Hebrew, the five books of the Torah are identified by the first prominent word in each book.
Speakers rarely create a verlan word on the fly ; rather, their ability to use and understand words from an accepted set of known verlan terms allows them to be identified as part of a verlan-speaking group.
The majority of Saharaui People supported its patriotic actions and identified with this movement, which later was called Polisario, and gradually had more misunderstandings with the Autonomous and Central Government of the Metropoli for the signs of a vacilante, or feeble foreign policy, made up by Generals that had the " última palabra " or " last word ", feeling a possible betrayal of the Motherland.
Despite being identified in reports by the word usually rendered in English as " peasant ", they weren't " peasants ".
By other scholars, however, the second element has been identified with the Celtic element-lan, signifying an enclosure or demarcated territory ( source of the Welsh word ' llan ', meaning a sanctuary or church ).
The Japanese word " go " has also been translated to mean the " second one ;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as " Ichijō, the second.
The Japanese word " go " has also been translated to mean the " second one ;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as " Suzaku, the second " or as " Suzaku II.
The Japanese word " go " has also been translated to mean the " second one ;" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as " Reizei, the second ," or as " Reizei II.
Although the Ancient Greeks had no separate word for logic as distinct from language and reason, Aristotle's newly coined word " syllogism " ( syllogismos ) identified logic clearly for the first time as a distinct field of study.
This Greek word was used to describe an instrument mentioned in the Book of Daniel, once believed by scholars to have been a bagpipe — the word was identified, for example, as the root of the name of the Italian zampogna ( Stainer and Galpin 1914, 145 – 46 ).

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