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word and cipher
There are many theories about how the word " cipher " may have come to mean " encoding ":
** The English used " zero " for " 0 ", and " cipher " from the word " ciphering " as a means of computing.
The Playfair cipher uses a 5 by 5 table containing a key word or phrase.
* Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield ( 1901 – 1988 ), one of the scholars who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls, argued in his book The Essene Odyssey that the word " Baphomet " was created with knowledge of the Atbash substitution cipher, which substitutes the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the last, the second for the second last, and so on.
In cryptography, SEAL ( Software-Optimized Encryption Algorithm ) is a very fast stream cipher optimised for machines with a 32-bit word size and plenty of RAM.
* c. 1400-Ahmad al-Qalqashandi gives a list of ciphers in his Subh al-a ' sha which include both substitution and transposition, and for the first time, a cipher with multiple substitutions for each plaintext letter ; he also gives an exposition on and worked example of cryptanalysis, including the use of tables of letter frequencies and sets of letters which can not occur together in one word
One such method, used in the second Beale cipher, substitutes the first letter of a word in the book with that word's position.
However, none of the cipher variants used in the Iron Mask period included masque, an unlikely word to include in the cipher's small repertory.
All spaces and repeated letters are removed from a word or phrase, which the encoder then uses as the start of the cipher alphabet.
The encoded would just make up two or more cipher alphabets using whatever techniques he or she chooses, and then encode their message, alternating what cipher alphabet is used with every letter or word.
For example, it is possible to recover the full 1216-bit state of the cipher and the original 128-bit secret key using just 56 words of known stream and in 2 < sup > 14 </ sup > steps of analysis if the cipher outputs any state word which is different than the one used in the actual design.
The album's title is a simple substitution cipher for the word " evil "; where each letter is represented by its equivalent numerical position in the alphabet.

word and former
He took a midnight train out of Cleveland Saturday, without an official word to anybody, and has stayed away from newsmen on his train trip across the nation to Reno, Nev., where his wife, former Olympic Diving Champion Zoe Ann Olsen, awaited.
The bill called for former President George W. Bush to recognize and use the word genocide in his annual April 24 speech which he never used.
The oldest known document using the German word Alphorn is a page from a 1527 account book from the former Cistercian abbey St. Urban near Pfaffnau mentioning the payment of two Batzen for an itinerant alphorn player from the Valais.
In French-speaking areas of the former Empire, the word aquis evolved into the modern Aix.
Although the word " chalcogen " is literally taken from Greek words being " copper-former ", the meaning is more in line with " copper-ore former " or more generally, " ore-former ".
" It is known as both chupacabras and chupacabra throughout the Americas, with the former being the original word, and the latter a regularization of it.
According to Needham, though there is no way of answering the question of whether the crossbow first arose among the cultures neighboring ancient China before the rise of Chinese culture in their midst, or whether it spread outwards from China to all the environing peoples, the former seems the more probable hypothesis given linguistic evidence, which posits that the Chinese word for ' crossbow ' came from an Austroasiatic language.
La Mancha is a region of Spain, but mancha ( Spanish word ) means spot, mark, stain, region and word are not etymologically related ( from Arab origin the former, from Latin macula the latter ), so " de La Mancha " ( lit.
To distinguish between a full day and daytime, the word nychthemeron ( from Greek for a night and a day ) may be used in English for the former, or more colloquially the term.
The word is continued in German Deutsch ( meaning German ), English " Dutch ", Dutch Duits and Diets ( the latter referring to the historic name for Dutch or Middle Dutch, the former meaning German ), Italian tedesco ( meaning German ), Swedish / Danish / Norwegian tysk ( meaning German ) and Middle Low German dudesch meaning both Low German and the whole of Dutch / German / Low German, as well its descendant, modern Low German dütsch, meaning only Standard High German.
It was not until word of France's ratification of emancipation arrived back in the colony that Toussaint Louverture and his corps of well-disciplined, battle-hardened former slaves came over to the French Republican side in early May 1794.
Henry Rollins ( born 13 February 1961 ) is an American spoken word artist, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, radio DJ, activist and former singer-songwriter.
According to Akiba, the divine language of the Torah is distinguished from the speech of men by the fact that in the former no word or sound is superfluous.
Critics argue that the Charter presents the history of German people as starting from the expulsions, while ignoring events like Holocaust: professor Micha Brumlik pointed out that one third of signatories were former devoted Nazis and many actively helped in realisation of Hitler's goals ; Ralph Giordano wrote in Hamburger Abendblatt " the Charter doesn't contain a word about Hitler, Auschwitz and Buchenwald.
Doreen Valiente, a former High Priestess of the Gardnerian tradition, claimed that Gerald Gardner's Bricket Wood coven referred to the god as Cernunnos, or Kernunno, which is a Latin word, discovered on a stone carving found in France, meaning " the Horned One ".
Jello Biafra ( born Eric Reed Boucher ; June 17, 1958, Boulder, Colorado, United States ) is the former lead singer and songwriter for San Francisco punk rock band Dead Kennedys, and is currently a musician and spoken word artist.
Predicates can be compounded: a predicate can act as an argument of another predicate, when the former is prefixed by a " little word ".
* Moor, a word for a fen or marsh, now mostly applied to flat areas of former marshland in Somerset, England
One proposal was " Denendeh " ( an Athabaskan language word meaning " our land "), as advocated by the former premier Stephen Kakfwi, among others.
Normandy (, pronounced, Norman: Nourmaundie, from Old French Normanz, plural of Normand, originally from the word for " northman " in several Scandinavian languages ) is a geographical region corresponding to the former Duchy of Normandy.
According to Bill Libby's Book, Charlie O and the Angry A's, owner Charlie O. Finley banned the word " Athletics " from the club's name because he felt that name was too closely associated with former Philadelphia Athletics owner Connie Mack, and he wanted the name " Oakland A's " to become just as closely associated with him.
For example, research was carried out and regular conferences held in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union although the word parapsychology was discarded in favour of the term " psychotronics ".
Many pubs use " Inn " in their name, either because they are long established former coaching inns, or to summon up a particular kind of image, or in many cases simply as a pun on the word " in ", as in " The Welcome Inn ", the name of many pubs in Scotland.

word and times
From an exercise involving merely raucous, rough-and-tumble comedy, in his hands the performance turned into a revel of wit and word play, indecent at times, but always learned, pointed, and carefully aimed at some individuals present, and at the whole assembly.
The U. S. and Soviet heads of Government have met three times since Sir Winston Churchill in 1953 introduced a new word into international diplomacy with his call for a fresh approach to the problem of peace `` at the summit of the nations ''.
His comment on Numbers 23: 19 has a still more polemical tone: “ God is not a man that he should lie ; neither the son of man, that he should repent ; < font face =" times new roman " size = 3 > if a man says: ‘ I am a god ’ he is a liar ; if he says: ‘ I am a son of man ’ he will have cause to regret it ; and if he says, ‘ I will go up to heaven ’ he has said but will not keep his word ” last phrase is borrowed from B ' midbar 23: 19 ( Yer.
Sometimes the word country is used to refer both to sovereign states and to other political entities, while other times it refers only to states.
The word originated as the title of a magistrate in ancient Rome appointed by the Senate to rule the republic in times of emergency ( see Roman dictator and justitium ).
Christine slaps him several times across the face, but he hardly reacts, choosing instead to depart without a word.
Richard Griffiths argued in 2005 that " fascism " is the " most misused, and over-used word, of our times ".
The modern word guitar, and its antecedents, have been applied to a wide variety of cordophones since ancient times and as such is the cause of confusion.
The word gerrymander was reprinted numerous times in Federalist newspapers in Massachusetts, New England, and nationwide during the remainder of 1812.
The word " pardes " occurs three times in the Old Testament, but always in contexts other than a connection with Eden: in the Song of Solomon iv.
He introduces the word " freelance ": " I offered Richard the service of my Free Lances, and he refused them ... thanks to the bustling times, a man of action will always find employment.
In March 2006, the New York Times reported that Ashcroft was setting himself up as something of an " anti-Abramoff ", and that in an hour long interview, Ashcroft used the word integrity scores of times.
" Ultimately, King Arthur and Sir Robin ( who shows up with his own knights ) both say " it " several times in conversation ( unaware that " it " was the word that was causing the Knights ' pain.
While he does exclude himself from those who were eyewitnesses to Jesus ' ministry, he repeatedly uses the word " we " in describing the Pauline missions in Acts of the Apostles, indicating that he was personally there at those times.
Yukawa called his carrier particle the meson, from mesos, the Greek word for intermediate, because its predicted mass was between that of the electron and that of the proton, which has about 1, 836 times the mass of the electron.
The word meson has at times been used to mean any force carrier, such as " Z < sup > 0 </ sup > meson " which is involved in mediating the weak interaction.
The word " Merovingian " has been used as an adjective, at least five times in Swann's Way by Marcel Proust.
In medieval times, the word " Temaemiso ", meaning home-made miso, appeared.
Azymes is an archaic English word for matzah, derived from the Koine Greek word " ἄζυμος " ( ázymos: " unleavened ") for unfermented bread in Biblical times.
The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or " essential qualities, innate disposition ", and in ancient times, literally meant " birth ".
This is generally disputed among scholars, particularly since the word in question in most manuscripts is actually Yasepheh – the word from which jasper derives ; scholars think that refers to green jasper ( the rarest and most prized form in early times ) rather than red jasper ( the most common form ).

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