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youngest and son
Johnston was born in Washington, Kentucky, the youngest son of Dr. John and Abigail Harris Johnston.
Andronicus was himself a son of Theodora Komnene Angelina, the youngest daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and Irene Doukaina.
He was the youngest son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex, by his first wife, Osburh.
Andrew had to make peace with the Prince of Novgorod and he also engaged his youngest son, Andrew with one of his opponent's daughter.
In the second half of 1226, Andrew lead his armies to Halych on the request of his youngest son, Andrew.
In 1229, Prince Danylo of Halych expelled Andrew's youngest son from his principality, while Frederick II, Duke of Austria started to attack the western borders of the kingdom in 1230.
In the autumn of 1234, Prince Danylo laid siege to the capital of Andrew's youngest son who died during the siege.
His youngest son, Mahomed Omar Jan, was born in 1889 of an Afghan mother, connected by descent with the Barakzai family.
The title of Baron Abergavenny, in the Nevill family, dates from Edward Nevill, 3rd Baron Bergavenny ( d. 1476 ), who was the youngest son of Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland by his second wife Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, first Duke of Lancaster.
In this system, sons are preferred from eldest to youngest, the heirs of a son over the next son, and any son over daughters, but there is no preference among daughters: they or their heirs inherit equally.
Albert was born in Grimma as the third and youngest son ( but fifth child in order of birth ) of Frederick II the Gentle, Elector of Saxony, and Margarete of Austria, sister of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor.
* Johann Christian Bach, a classical composer and 11th youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach
The Qur ' an, in the narrative of Joseph, refers to Benjamin as the righteous youngest son of Jacob.
Others who were either killed or captured at the actual Battle were as follows: King Jean II ; Prince Philip ( youngest son and progenitor of the House of Valois-Burgundy ), Geoffroi de Charny, carrier of the Oriflamme, Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, Walter VI, Count of Brienne and Constable of France, Jean de Clermont, Marshal of France, Arnoul d ' Audrehem, the Count of Eu, the Count of Marche and Ponthieu Jacques de Bourbon taken prisoner at the Battle and died 1361, the Count of Étampes, the Count of Tancarville, the Count of Dammartin, the Count of Joinville, Guillaume de Melun, Archbishop of Sens.
His youngest son, Philip, stayed with him and fought at his side in the final phase of the battle.
* Prince Philip, the King's youngest son and progenitor of the House of Valois-Burgundy, captured
Froissart again gives us a vivid description of the capture of King Jean II and his youngest son in this passage: " ...
John W. Haley, his eldest son, wrote Sound and Glory, a biography of Haley, while his youngest daughter, Gina Haley, is a professional musician based in Texas.
His youngest son Pedro is also a musician.
The genre evolved from folklore tales of a dunce or youngest son going out in the world to seek his fortune.
The youngest son of William Edward Parkinson ( 1871 – 1927 ), an art master at North East County School and from 1913 principal of York School of Arts and Crafts, and his wife, Rose Emily Mary Curnow ( born 1877 ), the young Parkinson attended St. Peter's School, York, where in 1929 he won an Exhibition to study history at Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge.
Clausewitz was born on June 1, 1780 in Burg bei Magdeburg, Kingdom of Prussia, the fourth and youngest son of a middle-class family.
Constans was the third and youngest son of Constantine the Great and Fausta, his father's second wife.

youngest and III
By his wife Eurydice, Amyntas had three sons, Alexander II, Perdiccas III and the youngest of whom was the famous Philip II of Macedon.
Berenguer was later released and his nephew Ramón Berenguer III married El Cid's youngest daughter Maria to ward against future conflicts.
He was born to an aristocratic family of the Kingdom of Navarre, the youngest son of Juan de Jaso, privy counsellor to King John III of Navarre ( Jean d ' Albret ), and Doña Maria de Azpilcueta y Aznárez, sole heiress of two noble Navarrese families.
According to the Annales Cracovienses Compilati, this event took place in 1136 ; since it can be assumed that the Polish princess was younger than her betrothed, and also are known the birth dates of the youngest children of Bolesław III ( Agnes in 1137 and Casimir in 1138 ), Judith in consequence could have been born between 1130 and 1135.
There were descendants of superseded daughters of Casimir III of Poland ( d. 1370 ), such as his youngest daughter Anna, Countess of Celje ( d. 1425 without surviving Issue ), and her daughter Anna of Celje ( 1380 – 1416 ) whom Władysław II Jagiełło married next.
Henry II wanted to secure the southern borders of Aquitaine and decided to betroth his youngest son to Alais, the daughter and heiress of Humbert III of Savoy.
The only son of Emperor Otto II and his wife Theophanu, Otto III was the youngest of the couple's four children.
The king's youngest brother, Richard, ( later Richard III ) was famously killed in battle against Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field.
Arthur and Pinky had three sons, of whom Douglas was the youngest, following Arthur III, born on 1 August 1876, and Malcolm, born on 17 October 1878.
At 14, Anne was betrothed by her father to Richard, youngest brother of Yorkist king Edward IV of England ; he would later be Richard III of England.
Philip was the youngest son of the king Amyntas III and Eurydice I.
James I, King of Scots ( July 1394 – 21 February 1437 ), was the youngest of three sons of King Robert III and Annabella Drummond and was probably born in late July 1394 in Dunfermline.
Judith ( also named Maria in some sources ) was the youngest of the six children born to Emperor Henry III and Empress Agnes.
In 1817, Charles Albert married his second cousin once removed, Maria Theresa of Austria, the youngest daughter of Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Princess Luisa of Naples and Sicily.
He was the youngest son of King Gustav I of Sweden and his second wife, Margaret Leijonhufvud, brother of Eric XIV and John III, and uncle of Sigismund I / III, king of both Sweden and Poland.
* Maria Elizabeth ( 1596 – 1618 ), married her first cousin Duke John, youngest son of John III of Sweden
Lothair's successor Conrad III was approached in 1140 for a royal German bride for John's youngest son Manuel.
After an occasionally tumultuous reign, he died in 1483 and was succeeded by his son as Edward V, and York's youngest son succeeded him as Richard III.
* Buckingham's paternal grandfather was Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham, who was the grandson and senior descendant of Thomas of Woodstock, youngest son of Edward III.
Artaxerxes IV Arses was the youngest son of King Artaxerxes III and Atossa and was not expected to succeed to the throne of Persia.
After the death of Chlothar in 673, Theuderic III, his youngest brother, inherited his kingdoms, but a faction of prominent Burgundian nobles led by Saint Leodegar and Adalrich invited Childeric to become king in Neustria and Burgundy.
Carloman II ( c. 866 – 12 December 884 ), King of Western Francia, was the youngest son of King Louis the Stammerer and Ansgarde of Burgundy, and became king, jointly with his brother Louis III of France, on his father's death in 879.

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