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Their and excavation
Their best-known characteristic was a curious, keyhole-shaped orbit formed by excavation of the lacrimal and prefrontal bones in front of the eye.
Their success was made possible by the generosity of Edoardo Almagià, who, as well as giving his permission for the exploration, donated in advance whatever should be discovered underneath the palace and made an ongoing financial contribution to the expenses of the excavation.
Their excavation focus was on the area to the south of the stadium, the South stoa, bath complex and gymnasion.
Their work allayed concerns about the new route: although the new route had more tunnelling, excavation and sharp curves, the total cost of the " Bottle Forest " route was estimated at £ 130, 175 less than the original Port Hacking route.
Their research consists of several weeks of work on the terrain which is followed by a detailed study of the excavation and of the discovered objects which are then stored at the site's research center.
Their fossils are the largest and most impressive of the finds at the excavation of Fort Bridger in Wyoming, and were a focal point of the Bone Wars between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope.
Their veracity was proved by the discovery and excavation of a Viking settlement at L ' Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada.

Their and has
Their dedication to the status quo has been affirmed at the expense of the fascinating but dangerous individualism of a Sherlock Holmes.
Their sum is X, the total number of successes, which in this experiment has the value Af.
Their affection for their college home has even caused President Dickey to comment on this `` place loyalty '' as something rather specially Hanoverian.
Their accuracy has been called into question, however ( e. g., by Chauncey Brewster Tinker in The Translations of Beowulf, a comprehensive survey of 19th-century translations and editions of Beowulf ), and the extent to which the manuscript was actually more readable in Thorkelin's time is unclear.
Their inherent focus on practical implementation of technology has tended to keep them oriented more towards incremental-level redesigns and reconfigurations, as opposed to revolutionary research & development or ideas that would be many years from clinical adoption ; however, there is a growing effort to expand this time-horizon over which clinical engineers can influence the trajectory of biomedical innovation.
Their advantages include a large potential storage volume and relatively common occurrence reducing the distance over which CO < sub > 2 </ sub > has to be transported.
Their use as a low-energy alternative to Portland cement has been pioneered in China, where several million tonnes per year are produced.
Their fourth album Still Life told the story of an exiled man who has come back to his home town to find the woman he loves.
For example, each record in a " Faculty and Their Courses " table might contain a Faculty ID, Faculty Name, Faculty Hire Date, and Course Code — thus we can record the details of any faculty member who teaches at least one course, but we cannot record the details of a newly hired faculty member who has not yet been assigned to teach any courses except by setting the Course Code to null.
Their style over time has shifted between punk, art rock, post-punk, and New Wave.
Their identification has been a core area of research on the subject since the time of the site's rediscovery in 1819.
Their own anti-Semitism has caused this vast crime to bounce off their consciousness.
Their referencing system for Q1 has no act breaks, so 7. 115 means scene 7, line 115 .</ div >
Their view of Halakha has given rise to substantial differences in approach as well as result.
Their subsequent research has focussed on the mechanism by which this process can occur.
Their music has been covered by numerous Punk and alternative bands since the 1970s.
Their writings are still extant, and he who has read them is very much helped in his knowledge of the beginning and end of things.
Their rise has also been attributed to administrative functions ; control of the harbor required administration and also increased the Shaikh's power by giving him access to resources independent of the desert, hence some independence from tribal alliances.
Their 2011 international karaoke competition has attracted ABC producers to help host America's karaoke competition in Las Vegas Nevada called Karaoke Battle USA.
Their unusual size has been attributed to island gigantism, since there are no other carnivorous animals to fill the niche on the islands where they live.
Their emphasis on the sense of dynamics and ensemble arrangement has been seen as producing an individualistic style that transcends any single music genre.
Their glory has fled, their spirit broken, their manhood effaced ; better that they die than live the miserable wretches that they are.
Their daughter also had a small role in Cape Fear using the name Domenica Scorsese and has continued to act, write, direct and produce.
Their name means " One who has dugout canoes ".

Their and uncovered
Their experiments showed that the coleoptile of a young grass seedling directs its growth toward the light by comparing the responses of seedlings with covered and uncovered coleoptiles.
Their aim was to promote a spa, after abortive attempts to find coal had uncovered two springs.
" Their evaluation found that while Multics was " significantly better than other conventional systems ," it also had "... vulnerabilities in hardware security, software security, and procedural security " that could be uncovered with " a relatively low level of effort.
Their journey eventually leads them to a small half-orc community where a Zhengyi artifact has been uncovered.
Their fieldwalk uncovered a large amount of Roman and medieval domestic waste and, most importantly, a large amount of worked Mesolithic flints.
Their research uncovered a link between the spraying of DDT to kill mosquitos and thinning egg shells of large birds.

Their and remains
Their interest remains chiefly biographical, for they throw some light on the utter despair which overtook Thompson in the spring and early summer of 1900.
Their influence on Chinese thought, however, remains.
Their relationship to the Asfarviridae and the Myoviridae was not examined and remains unclear.
Their audio performance remains acceptable, and there has been no need to replace them in the stationary phone network.
Their first UA Buzzcocks single, " Orgasm Addict ", was a playful examination of compulsive sexuality that was ( and remains ) uncommonly bold.
Their remains were re-interred December 20, 1927, at the newly completed Harding Memorial in Marion, dedicated by President Herbert Hoover on June 16, 1931.
Their resentment on learning that their own decisions can be overruled from outside remains as obstinate as ever ".
Their fate remains unknown, but it is generally believed that they were murdered.
The company's core business remains their clothing lines: United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors of Benetton, Sisley, and Playlife Their products include womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and underwear and they have expanded into perfumes, stationery, eyewear and travel bags.
Their origin remains obscure.
Their first release, " Sugar Baby Love " was an instant hit remaining at number one in the United Kingdom for four weeks in May 1974, while reaching number 37 on the U. S. chart that August, and remains their best-known record.
Their remains were dug up and destroyed.
Their fate remains an enduring mystery, but historians and contemporary popular opinion agree that the princes may have been murdered in the Tower.
Their remains are not entombed in a vault inside the church but lie, marked by simple headstones, in individual graves in the Cavendish family plot overlooking the churchyard.
Their acquaintance is certain, but whether or not the two shared a romantic relationship remains unknown.
Their remains were possibly destroyed during the French Revolution.
Their official statement remains somewhat out-of-date as per these more recent open letter correspondences
Their popular holiday single " Christmas in Dixie " went to No. 35, and still remains a holiday favorite during Christmas time.
Their physical remains were thought to strengthen soldiers in battle while their spirits became the much-feared Cihuateteo who accompanied the setting sun in the west.
Their claim was contested by researchers hoping to study the remains.
Their extensive and well-preserved remains present a picture of a vigorous and innovative ancient civilization.
Their remains were re-interred at the city's St. Mary's Cemetery in 1966.
Their original church, Old St. Mary's, remains the oldest church in Burlington and New Jersey.
Their Consumer Affairs Division, however, remains in Secaucus.

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