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Their and first
Their first collaboration came close.
Their first album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, including major contributions by all members of Pilot and Ambrosia, was a success, reaching the Top 40 in the US Billboard 200 chart.
Their party was defeated ( 2 May 1182 ), but Andronikos Komnenos, a first cousin of Emperor Manuel, took advantage of these disorders to aim at the crown, entered Constantinople, where he was received with almost divine honours, and overthrew the government.
Their one monastery was on the top of Monte Varese, near Lago Maggiore, on the spot where their foundress, the Blessed Catarina Morigia ( or Catherine of Palanza ), had first led a solitary life.
Their first child, Maria ( 1814 – 1825 ), was born after they moved to Hartshead.
Their second title, and the first to be received through a championship game, came in, two decades before the first Super Bowl game was played.
Their first honour outside of Italy was recorded in 1960 – 61 when Roma won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup by beating Birmingham City 4 – 2 in the finals.
Their duties at first were simply ministerial.
Their use in the first trimester is also associated with a risk of major congenital malformations, particularly affecting the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.
Their first hit was Brigadoon ( 1947 ), a romantic fantasy set in a mystical Scottish village, directed by Robert Lewis.
Their first project was the stage musical Chess, written with Tim Rice.
Their first step into the design world was a series of advertisements featuring work from currently popular designers.
Their first single, titled " Retard Girl ," was issued in early 1990.
One of the first mentions of the term " computational chemistry " can be found in the 1970 book Computers and Their Role in the Physical Sciences by Sidney Fernbach and Abraham Haskell Taub, where they state " It seems, therefore, that ' computational chemistry ' can finally be more and more of a reality.
Their appearance in three consecutive World Series made the Cubs the first Major League club to play three times in the Fall Classic.
Their first album released in October 2010 is Eastward which is " about a young man's journey East to save his brother.
Their first calculator, the Loan Arranger ( 1978 ) was a pocket calculator marketed to the Real Estate industry with preprogrammed functions to simplify the process of calculating payments and future values.
" Their doctrines have numerous resemblances to those of the Bogomils and the earlier Paulicians as well as the Manicheans and the Christian Gnostics of the first few centuries AD, although, as many scholars, most notably Mark Pegg, have pointed out, it would be erroneous to extrapolate direct, historical connections based on theoretical similarities perceived by modern scholars.
Their first target was the lands of the Trencavel, powerful lords of Albi, Carcassonne and the Razes — but a family with few allies in the Midi.
Their first venture capital came from Benjamin M. Rosen and Sevin Rosen Funds.
Their PDP series of machines became popular in the 1960s, especially the PDP-8, widely considered to be the first successful minicomputer.
Their first show was on July 19, 1978, at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, California.
Their first line of production took place in Düsseldorf.
Their first passenger car was the F89 using the body from the prototype F9 made before the war and the two-cylinder two-stroke engine from the last F8.

Their and UK
Their enormous commercial success encouraged them to turn out sequel after sequel, and led to an explosion in horror film production in the UK that would last for nearly two decades.
Their models have been rebadged and sold in other countries and continents, such as Vauxhall in the UK, Holden in Australia and New Zealand and, previously, Saturn in the U. S. and Canada.
Their biggest success was in 1982 with the UK Top Ten album Sulk and UK Top 20 singles " Party Fears Two " and " Club Country ".
Their version attracted a good deal of attention, not least from David Bowie, as it was released in June 1979 just six weeks after Bowie's version had hit the UK Top 10 in April.
Their version was Simon's first UK success as a songwriter, and his first major hit as a composer outside of his work with Art Garfunkel.
Their 1992 album Nonsuch ( named after Henry VIII's fabled palace ), united them with UK producer Gus Dudgeon, known for his 1970s work with Elton John and drummer Dave Mattacks ( Fairport Convention ).
Their debut album Suede became the fastest-selling debut album in the history of the UK.
Their next single, " Moving ", proved popular and reached the Top Ten in the UK.
Their song " Look Who's Perfect Now " was their only foray into the UK Singles Chart, where it peaked at No. 56 in May 1998.
Their most successful self-composed hit was the country rock styled ballad " Baby I Know ", which reached number 10 in the UK and Germany in 1977.
Their 1983 album, Synchronicity, was number one on both the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200, and sold over 8 million copies in the US.
Their existence only became generally known in the 1970s, though knowledge of their capabilities remained among their UK staff and invited Americans.
Their music was released by Hollywood Records in the U. S., Flying Nun Records in New Zealand and by Infectious Records in the UK.
Their self-titled debut album made a strong impression in the UK, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.
Their first model, a 1: 12 Ferrari 250LM was available in the UK in December 1966, through importers Motor Books and Accessories, St. Martins, London, and early in 1967 through Atkinson's model shop in Swansea.
Their debut album, Deep Sea Skiving ( UK No. 7, US No. 63 ) ( 1983 ) contained several hit singles — " He Was Really Sayin ' Somethin '" ( UK No. 5 ) and " Shy Boy " ( UK No. 4 ) — and included a cover version of " Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye " ( UK No. 5 ).
Their song " Reach " was used in the arcade dance game EZ2Dancer in " EZ 2 Dancer UK Move ".
Their second to last single reached number-five in the UK charts, and their final studio album failed to make the top ten.
Their debut single "( We Don't Need This ) Fascist Groove Thang " attracted some attention and, due to its overtly left-wing political lyrics, was banned by BBC Radio 1 DJ Mike Read ( who is a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party ), and neither this nor any other of the four singles taken from the band's debut album Penthouse and Pavement managed to reach the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart.
Their next single, " Temptation " ( on which they were augmented by vocalist Carol Kenyon ), reached Number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in Spring 1983 and became their biggest hit.
Their renewed success prompted the band to tour again for the first time since 1987, and they conducted a tour of the US and UK in 1995.

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