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Their and growing
Their inherent focus on practical implementation of technology has tended to keep them oriented more towards incremental-level redesigns and reconfigurations, as opposed to revolutionary research & development or ideas that would be many years from clinical adoption ; however, there is a growing effort to expand this time-horizon over which clinical engineers can influence the trajectory of biomedical innovation.
Their stated goals include rigorous adherence to the U. S. Constitution, lower taxes, and opposition to a growing role for the federal government in health care.
Their ability to attract members was largely due to their pragmatic stance, especially their rejection of extremism, and to their growing independence from Moscow ( see Eurocommunism ).
Their markets are however growing at a quicker pace.
Their common enemy was the Hanseatic League and the growing German influence over the Scandinavian economy.
Their emphasis on monetary metals accords with current ideas regarding the money supply, such as the stimulative effect of a growing money supply.
Their only album, the eponymous The Modern Lovers, contained stylistically unprecedented songs about dating awkwardness, growing up in Massachusetts, and love of life and the USA.
Their next album, 1984's The Big Express marked a return to the harsher and more abrasive sounds of their early albums, but the combination of the group's ' no touring ' status and the growing disenchantment of their label made it their poorest selling LP to date.
Their success rates vary widely: some are growing ; others are in decline.
Their phylogenetic affiliation has been subject to changing interpretations, yet the consensus is growing that the archaeocyath was indeed a kind of sponge ,< ref name =" Rowland2001ArchaeocyathaPhylogeneticInterpretations "> Scuba divers have discovered living calcareous sponges, including one species that -- like the archaeocyathans -- is without spicules, thus morphologically similar to the archaeocyaths.
Their two daughters were still very young and growing up when Jeffreys ' work life became hectic for the two or three years following his genetic fingerprinting breakthrough.
Their region is famous for opium cultivation because its dry mountainous landscape is very suitable to growing opium.
Their biological make-up and their growing up in an enlightened society make neuroses and lesser emotions like greed or ( strong ) jealousy practically unknown, and produce persons that, in any lesser society, appear very self-composed and charismatic.
Their advertisements claimed " This is no time for on-the-job training ," and " We need tough leadership to keep Canada growing.
Their hostility to humanity could be seen as jealousy that humans had created a technology which they had never thought of, combined with a fear of humanity's growing power.
Their deep Transverse Valleys provide broad areas for cattle raising and, most important, fruit growing, an activity that has developed greatly since the mid-1970s.
Their land is used for growing wheat before and after gravel extracting.
Their only son, J. David Bohler, D. V. M., M. D., went on to become a nationally recognized physician and scholar in South Carolina and has been quoted as saying " If not for growing up in Screven, I wouldn't be were I am today.
Their son Chester Monroe Divine was 12 years of age at that time and going to school and growing up in Portland, later clerking in the Hotel.
Their growing popularity led to a record deal with the major label Phonogram / Vertigo ( Mercury Records in the US ).
Their arrival was too late to effectively support Burgoyne, whose army was already being hemmed in by the growing American forces around him.
The New York Times ’ s Virginia Heffernan explains that the book ’ s “ narrative technique, which is heavy on free-indirect discourse, lent itself to poststructuralist analysis .” With so many new disciplines especially open to the themes and content of Hurston's work, Their Eyes achieved growing prominence in the last several decades.
Their bodies are compressed and silvery, and they tend to be small, growing to 50 cm at most.
Their Special Constabulary is also growing.

Their and interest
Their writings assume more than dramatic or patriotic interest because of their conviction that the struggle in which they were involved was neither selfish nor parochial but, rather, as Washington in his last wartime circular reminded his fellow countrymen, that `` with our fate will the destiny of unborn millions be involved ''.
Their interest remains chiefly biographical, for they throw some light on the utter despair which overtook Thompson in the spring and early summer of 1900.
Several public interest groups, including the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin ( COICA ) and the Coalition for Amazonian Peoples and Their Environment ( Amazon Coalition ) objected.
Their paper is often credited with reviving the interest in evolutionary linguistics.
Their interest was only in gaining control of New Orleans and its environs ; they did not anticipate the much larger purchase that would follow.
Their interest is such that they would go back in time, causing the alteration of the events of Star Trek: First Contact, and then encountering the Crew of the NX-01 Enterprise during " Regeneration ", and enabling the Borg of the 24th Century to become aware of Earth in the first place.
* Strategy, including: Funding sources ( individuals, corporations, foundations, donors / governments, endowments, sales / events ) and business model ( independent research, contract work, advocacy ); The balance between research, consultancy, and advocacy ; The source of their arguments: Ideology, values or interests ; applied, empirical or synthesis research ; or theoretical or academic research ( Stephen Yeo ); The manner in which the research agenda is developed — by senior members of the think tank or by individual researchers, or by the think tank of their funders ; Their influencing approaches and tactics ( many researchers but an interesting one comes from Abelson ) and the time horizon for their strategies: long term and short term mobilisation ; Their various audiences of the think tanks ( audiences as consumers and public-this merits another blog ; soon ) ( again, many authors, but Zufeng provides a good framework for China ); and Affiliation, which refers to the issue of independence ( or autonomy ) but also includes think tanks with formal and informal links to political parties, interest groups and other political players.
The books Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes ( written by their children Ernestine and Frank Jr .) are the story of their family life with their twelve children, and describe how they applied their interest in time and motion study to the organization and daily activities of such a large family.
Their non-lubricated bearings are especially of interest in applications that require a high vacuum.
Their mother was absent for almost a year ( 1664 – 5 ) during a long convalescent holiday in Italy, but she corresponded regularly with her sons ' governess and took a great interest in her sons ' upbringing, even more so on her return.
Their chemical and physical stability has also been responsible for their continuing persistence in the environment, and the lingering interest decades after regulations were imposed to control environmental contamination.
Their conferences on espionage activities invariably make room for their shared interest in naturalist studies.
Their results soon sparked interest from the entire neuroscience community in these psychological studies, which had until then focused on monkey brains.
Their role is to “ socialise ” the College ’ s students by offering one-to-one conversation classes to enhance fluency in spoken English and to introduce them to various aspects of British society, typically through their own cultural and sporting interest groups.
Their primary interests are in sports, though later on Shawn and then Cory begin to express interest in girls.
Their rivalry is further exacerbated by competing romantic interest in Maya Katarina Toitovna, the leader of the Russian contingent.
Their interest was only in the port and its environs ; they did not anticipate the much larger transfer of territory that would follow.
His first books had to do with railroad problems ( Turnouts ; Exact Formulae for Their Determination, 1884, and Track, A Complete Manual of Maintenace of Way, 1886 ), and this interest in rail transportation continued throughout his life.
Their treaty defined spheres of operation and interest, but achieve little of substance or value for either side.
Their breakthrough came in 2008 with the album Game, which led to a renewed interest in technopop within mainstream Japanese pop music.
Their sound was inspired by Farrelly's interest in world music, though most observers thought O ' Connor's singing and stage presence were the band's strongest features.
Their high risk of default ( approximately 1. 6 % for Ba ) is compensated by higher interest payments.

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