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Their and two
Their two boys were `` well adjusted '' and, like their parents, always did the right thing at the right time and damn the consequences.
Their amplitude sometimes is as little as two feet from trough to crest.
Their props were two stepladders, a chair and a palm fan.
Their two figures hold the centre.
Their impolitic occupation of Columbus, Kentucky on September 3, 1861, two days before Johnston arrived in the Confederacy's capital, Richmond, Virginia, after his cross – country journey, drove Kentucky from its stated neutrality and the majority of Kentuckians into the Union camp.
Their second title, and the first to be received through a championship game, came in, two decades before the first Super Bowl game was played.
Their offices were compatible with other offices, i. e. they can hold two benefices or offices at one and the same time, some conferred by the Cardinal Vice-Chancellor, others by the Holy Father.
Their numbers were boosted by the addition to their fleet of two more ships, one of which was commanded by Stede Bonnet, but toward the end of 1717 Hornigold retired from piracy, taking two vessels with him.
This is visible in act two ; after Banquo sees Duncan to bed, he says: " There's husbandry in heaven, / Their candles are all out ".
Their rhea is attacked by two dogs, represented by bright stars in Centaurus and Circinus.
Their bodies consist of mesoglea, a non-living jelly-like substance, sandwiched between two layers of epithelium that are mostly one cell thick.
Their socks also had two horizontal white stripes overlapping the blue.
Their grievances were against the two main Northern Territory employers: Vestey ’ s Meatworks and the federal government.
Their first two albums, Deicide and Legion, are ranked second and third place in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era.
Their first two music videos, " Secret Agent Man " and " Jocko Homo " featured on The Truth About De-Evolution, were filmed in Akron, the hometown of most members.
" Their debut album, a two disc CD / DVD combo entitled " DEV2. 0 ", was released on March 14, 2006.
Their two daughters were, however, declared legitimate and custody of them awarded to King Louis.
Their enormous commercial success encouraged them to turn out sequel after sequel, and led to an explosion in horror film production in the UK that would last for nearly two decades.
Their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show two days later would mark the beginning of the British Invasion.
They have entered two plays into the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D. C .. Their 2007 show, For Boston, won " Best Comedy ", and their second show, The Sticking Place, won " Best Overall " in 2008.
Their parents had 12 children, but only one daughter ( who later married Scipio Africanus the Younger ) and two sons, Tiberius and Gaius, survived childhood.
Their clandestine association persisted until 1943, when the two leaders parted ways for unknown reasons.
Their eventual marriage was controversial for breaking two social taboos of the period: it was a marriage between a woman of a noble background and a man of Jewish origin, as well as being between a member of the upper class ( aristocracy ) and a member of the middle class, respectively.
Their emblem was of two knights riding on a single horse, emphasising the Order's poverty.

Their and dorsal
Their venomous spines are on both dorsal fins, the pectoral fins, pelvic fins, anal fins, and several on the gill cover.
Their dorsal fins vary in shape depending on how old the whale is and whether it is male or female.
Their ears are small with dorsal borders folded laterally.
Their pectoral fins are quite small ; as a result they steer mostly with their dorsal and anal fins, which makes them very maneuverable, and they also use these fins to move with an exotic type of propulsion reminiscent of a propellor.
Their two dorsal fins are widely separated with the anterior fin having five spines, the posterior fin having one spine and nine soft rays.
Their back and dorsal fin are a darker grey than the rest of the body.
Their bodies are deep and elongated with forked tail fins and widely separated dorsal fins.
Their dorsal fins are merged, with the first consisting of ten connected spines.
Their bodies are elongate and fusiform, with spinous and soft dorsal fins widely separate.
Their dorsal fins are often continuous and long ; the pelvic fins typically have a single embedded spine and are short and slender, situated before the pectoral fins.
Their eyes and terminal mouths are large, with a single long, continuous dorsal fin which begins just behind the head ; the anal fin is similarly extensive, and both it and the dorsal fin may either have 1-2 spines, or none at all.
Their adaptation can be seen in many unique physiognomic characteristics such as the dorsal blowhole, baleen teeth, and the cranial ' melon ' organ used for aquatic echolocation.
Their dorsal side is covered with small bumps, which gives a rough texture and appearance while their ventral side is thin, transparent, and smooth.
Their belly is generally golden, and males have a bright orange spot at the base of the dorsal fin.
Their coloration was brownish and / or grayish, with the underside lighter than the dorsal area.
Their watery muscle is not suited to fast swimming and long pursuit, so it is likely that they are ambush predators, using their narrow body profile and silvery colouration to conceal their presence, then use their large dorsal fin to generate large acceleration, and large mouth and teeth to engulf prey before it can escape.
Their dorsal skin is smooth, while their ventral skin is granular.
Their dorsal skin can be green, gray, or tan depending on the temperature, humidity, or their mood.
Their ventral skin is a whitish color, and the dorsal and ventral skin is separated by a dark brown lateral stripe that goes from the eyes to the groin.
Their knuckle walking involves flexing the tips of their fingers and carrying their body weight down on the dorsal surface of their middle phalanges ( middle segments of their fingers ).
Their spiny dorsal fin is of medium height, strong and sharp.
Their dorsal and anal fins are long and continuous, with the dorsal fin extending forward onto the head.

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