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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 5
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Theirs and is
Theirs is a sacrificial life by earthly standards.
Theirs is the official Lockheed Skunk Works story:
Theirs is regarded as the purest dialect of French spoken within Acadiana.
Theirs was a secret conspiracy — ours is a public one.
* 1970 – 1973: God is an Englishman, Theirs was the Kingdom, and Give Us This Day belong to the " Swann saga "
Theirs is a strictly platonic relationship and is based on mutual respect and shared interests.
Theirs is actually slower than ours, and kind of lumpen.
Theirs is one of the most well-known stories from the Book of Mormon.
Theirs is no problem of access to the world outside.
Theirs is essentially an oral tradition.
*" Theirs is the hollow victory.
Theirs is a world in which technology is replaced by advances in human awareness and spiritual growth, where the organic replaces the mechanical, where they live in balance and harmony with all life on the planet.
She starred in Theirs is the Glory, a film made directly after the war about the battle of Arnhem in which survivors were asked to re-enact the parts they played in the battle.
Theirs is currently the third-longest championship drought in the Canadian Hockey League, and is now the longest in the OHL since the London Knights broke their 40-year drought in 2005.
In 1946, he was a co-director with Brian Desmond Hurst of Theirs is the Glory, which recaptured the fighting around Arnhem bridge.
Theirs is a constantly uphill battle against forces that far outnumber them, and their achievements are often in the nature of small victories in the larger war.
* And the Morrow is Theirs ( 1975 )
Theirs is a more modest quest for " mid-range " theories that might permit generalizations about families of discourses.
Theirs is said in several early tales to have been a sister kingdom to the Uí Fidgenti mentioned above, which the genealogies confirm, but modern scholarship dismisses the two as 8th century add-ons to the Eóganachta pedigree, which may have implications for the ancestry of Mongfind and Crimthann.
Theirs is not the purpose, while endeavoring to conduct and perfect the administrative affairs of their Faith, to violate, under any circumstances, the provisions of their country ’ s constitution, much less to allow the machinery of their administration to supersede the government of their respective countries.
Theirs is a genteel English post-war world of cucumber sandwiches, bell ringing, church fêtes and ladies ' bowls matches, all served with a liberal helping of old-fashioned values recalled, and a sprinkling of double entendres.

Theirs and was
Theirs was also a story of hunger largely instigated by the Portuguese settlers moving into the neighbourhoods of uLomwe.
Theirs was the only family farm until an English Quaker, Edmond Titus and his son, Samuel, joined them and settled in an area of Hempstead Plains known to us today as the Village of Westbury.
Theirs was a happy marriage lasting more than 50 years and they had three children, Emily Teresa ( b. 1877 ), Phillip Henry George ( 1879 – 1959 ) and Laura Sylvia, who became a well-known painter.
* 1972: Theirs was the Kingdom ( Swann saga )
Theirs was a friendship which had been forged in boyhood.
Theirs was not an unobtainable dream ; nor were their lives empty because of it.
Theirs was succeeded as president by Patrice MacMahon, duc de Magenta, a conservative monarchist who had been at Sedan.
Theirs was called Syentifiko Qheshwa-Aymara Alfabeto and was composed of 37 graphemes.
Theirs was an especially close relationship and Pollitt found in his mother both a confidante and a model of working-class dignity in the face of affliction.
Theirs was a small wedding, conducted by a brother-in-law of Jane, the Reverend Silas Aiken.
Theirs was a slightly heavier version with heavy metal influences.
Theirs was a happy marriage, which lasted until Harlan's death.
Theirs was the first widely-publicized claim of alien abduction, adapted into the best-selling 1966 book The Interrupted Journey and the 1975 television movie The UFO Incident.
Theirs was a substantial hunter-gatherer and fishing society with up to fifty thousand natives inhabiting the peninsula before they were decimated by the Cossacks in the 18th century.
He died, however, in 1873 at Morsang-sur-Seine, before Theirs was actually driven from power.
His 1986 novel, A Land Not Theirs, a fictionalized account of the experiences of the Cork Jewish community during the Irish War of Independence was a bestseller.
Theirs was a scholarly disposition, and shared intellectualism aroused an elitist camaraderie.
Theirs was a well-to-do landlord family, owning most of their village in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Theirs was the view, he thought, that schools " shouldn ’ t be doing anything so old-fashioned as passing on knowledge, requiring children to work hard, or immersing them in anything like dates in history or times tables in mathematics.
Theirs was the longest active marriage of a present or former U. S. senator.

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