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Then and Chris
Then with less than 4 minutes left in the period, the Raiders reached the Eagles 27-yard line, only to have kicker Chris Bahr miss a 45-yard field goal.
Then, on January 11, Sixers GM Billy King announced that the Sixers and aging forward Chris Webber had agreed to a buyout of the remainder of his contract.
Then, prior to the 2008 season, Carlton was able to secure a trade for's Chris Judd, one of the league's best midfielders, to join the club as captain.
* Top Cow: Then and Now 2: Q & A with Publisher Filip Sablik by Chris Arrant, Newsarama, June 25, 2008
* Top Cow: Then and Now 1: Q & A with President Matt Hawkins by Chris Arrant, Newsarama, June 24, 2008
Then on November 19, 1996, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded Chris Wells to the Panthers for Barnes and Jason Woolley.
Then around 1976, Pennebaker met experimental filmmaker turned documentarian Chris Hegedus.
Then, on March 20, 1996, Shinjiro Otani defeated The Pegasus Kid ( Chris Benoit ) in a decision match to win what then became known as the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.
" While reviewing the blu-ray DVD version of the film, Chris Cabin of Slant Magazine gave the film a positive three-and-a-half out of five rating, calling it a " high-end, kitschy whodunit ", and writing that it is " riotous and chaotic take on the spy thriller, essentially, but it structurally resembles Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None " as well as describing it as " some sort of miraculous entertainment ".
Then, Sherwood and Gowdy were asked to come and jam with Chris Squire, Alan White, and Tony Kaye of Yes.
Then, St. Louis traded up to Cincinnati's selection to grab Jackson while the Bengals chose Chris Perry to replace the departed Corey Dillon, who was traded to the New England Patriots.
Then, on November 19, 2005 with the PWG, Aguilera teamed with Petey Williams, losing to Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin.
Then Chris managed to win immunity, securing him a place in the final two.
Then on Miami's next possession, Jaguars rookie Corey Chamberlin blocked Hutton's punt and Chris Howard recovered the ball on the Dolphins 21-yard line.
Then Daniels started a feud with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of The Motor City Machine Guns, who on the April 30 episode of Impact!
Then Behr picked up a recurring role as the character Chris Wolfe in The WB's series Dawson's Creek.
Then current WENS air-staffers like Julie Patterson and Steve King, Michelle Rivers and Chris Ott were replaced with the hybrid personality talk / modern AC music formatted " real 97. 1-real life.
Then on July 6 at PWG's 5th anniversary show Life During Wartime Sky defeated the returning Chris Bosh.
* Now and Then ( Chris de Burgh album )
Born in the Essex village of Writtle, Chris Childs joined Thunder in November 1996, replacing Mikael Höglund, and has previously played with artists such as Paul Young, Andy Summers, Colin Blunstone, Then Jerico, Waterfront, Never The Bride and Go West.
Then Rudï and Chris along with Marcel Deroeck formed Acné Juvénile.

Then and Broad
Then the highway designations continued on Broad Street three blocks north to Front Street, passing to the east of the downtown businesses.
Then in the late 1970s it was proposed to add-on to the order for the Broad St.
Then St. George's Street, High Street ( Shadwell ), Cock Hill and Broad Street ( in 1862 ).

Then and scored
Then the ham is scored and glazed, and roasted.
Then he caught a 23-yard pass from halfback Steve Sewell, becoming the first quarterback ever to catch a pass in the Super Bowl ( Elway had scored a touchdown on that play during opening day the previous year against the Raiders ).
Then after Pittsburgh scored 2 field goals to take a 23 17 fourth quarter lead, Elway led the Broncos on a 71-yard drive to score on the Melvin Bratton's 1-yard game winning touchdown run.
Then in the fourth quarter, San Francisco scored 2 more touchdowns to put the game away: a 53-yard interception return by Lott and a 4-yard run by Craig.
Then aided by a 29-yard pass interference penalty on Redskins cornerback Martin Mayhew in the end zone, the Bills finally scored a touchdown on their next drive with a 1-yard run by Thomas to make the score 24-10.
Then, after recovering an onside kick, the Bills drove 50 yards and scored another touchdown with Beebe's 4-yard reception to make the score 37 24.
Then Buffalo recovered an onside kick and immediately scored again on Reich's 36-yard touchdown pass to Beebe.
Then with time running out the period, Dallas scored again on an Eddie Murray field goal.
Then in the 1991 French Championship, he scored 9½ / 15 for a tied 4th 5th place, as Santo Roman won again.
Then the students who scored under 70 the first time would have no incentive to do well, and might score worse on average the second time.
Then at the Amsterdam 1964 Interzonal, Bronstein scored very well, but only three Soviets could advance, by a FIDE rule, and he finished behind countrymen Smyslov, Mikhail Tal, and Boris Spassky, who finished as the joint winners, along with Larsen.
Then in the Moscow Championship of 1946, Smyslov scored just 8. 5 / 15, for a tie of 3rd 6th places, as Bronstein won again.
Then on the final day of the match, Hobbs scored another century to become the outright record holder.
Then in the second half, the Giants scored 30 points and ended up winning the game 39 20.
Then at Prague 1931, Kmoch was on board three and scored 9 / 15 (+ 4
Then in the 1944 U. S. Championship at New York, Fine scored 14. 5 / 17 for 2nd, losing his game to Arnold Denker, as the latter won his only national title.
Then, in the Stanley Cup Finals, Messier scored the Cup winning goal in Game 7 at Madison Square Garden, giving the Rangers their first Stanley Cup in 54 years.
Then in 2005, Nejmeh released the player, where he sign-up with Al-Mabarrah, In 2008 Houjeij signed for Lebanese Second Division club Al Khayoul, In summer of 2009 Houjeij signed with Shabab Al-Sahel, in August 2011 the nejmeh fans celebrated the return of moussa as a coach and a player and at his first season match against mabarrah he scored a goal.
Then in Game 7 of the finals, he scored two goals.
Then at Stockholm 1937, once again on board one, he scored 12. 5 / 16 for a third individual gold medal.
Then he dribbled past the same man and another defender, and sent a cross to Amarildo, who scored again to win the match.
Then in the UEFA Champions League group stages he scored a goal from an extremely tight angle against Barcelona, at the Camp Nou, the match ended 2 2.
Then in the Champions League quarter-final second leg he scored the winning goal against Fenerbahçe in the 87th minute as Chelsea won 3 2 on aggregate.
Then in the FA cup 4th round, he scored a free-kick from 35 yards against Ipswich Town.

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