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Then and England
Then Chris Broad scored three hundreds in successive Tests and bowling successes from Graham Dilley and Gladstone Small meant England won the series 2 1.
Then, after collecting reinforcements, they made a sudden dash across England and occupied the ruined Roman walls of Chester.
Then in 1993, New England turned to veteran head coach Bill Parcells to lead the team, hoping to repeat the success he had with the New York Giants.
Then on the Patriots ' ensuing drive, Packers defensive back Doug Evans intercepted a pass from Bledsoe at the New England 28-yard line.
Then after driving to the Packers 41-yard line, New England was forced to punt, but they managed to pin Green Bay deep in their own territory when Howard made a fair catch of Tupa's 29-yard punt at the 12-yard line.
Then in the seventeenth century John Ray ( England, 1627 1705 ) wrote many important taxonomic works.
Then, on the morning of 22 March 1862, between eight and nine o ’ clock Greenwich Time, another amateur astronomer, a Mr Lummis of Manchester, England, saw a transit.
Then he was posted to several battery commands in Scotland and England until 1917.
Then he went to Germany and on a return engagement to England, where he ended up performing a second time for Queen Victoria.
Then, du Guesclin launched destructive raids against the coasts of England, naval represals to the English chevauchees.
Then in 1546 the King, who had broken from the Church of Rome and acquired great wealth through the dissolution of the monasteries in England, refounded the college as Christ Church as part of the re-organisation of the Church of England, making the partially demolished Priory church the cathedral of the recently created diocese of Oxford.
* Thomas Hinde: The Domesday Book, England ’ s Heritage, Then & Now 1985
Then Barrett brought the play to England, starting at Leeds also in 1895, before going to the Lyric Theatre of London with equal success.
Then in 1906, after Leadbeater's return to England, the fourteen-year-old son of the Corresponding Secretary of the Esoteric Section in Chicago, whom Leadbeater had taken with him to San Francisco on his first lecture tour, confessed to his parents the reason for the antipathy he had conceived for his mentor, to whom he had at first been greatly devoted —- Leadbeater had encouraged him in the habit of masturbation.
Then he travelled to The Hague and departed for England on 2 June.
Then the Revolution broke out, and as it affected Geneva, the Simonde family took refuge in England where they stayed for eighteen months ( 1793 1794 ).
Then it toured England and Scotland with two ancillary groups: North ( with H. A. Saintsbury ) and South ( with Julian Royce ).
Then, in 1634, 43-year old Anne Hutchinson, her 48-year old husband William, and their other ten living children, aged about eight months to 19 % nbsp ; years, set sail from England aboard the Griffin, the same ship that carried Cotton and their oldest son to New England a year earlier.
Then Barlow meets with Abercrombie, who, fearing Barlow's plans to become a non-sectarian funeral pastor will further damage the image of the British enclave, pays his passage back to England.
Then came the West Germans in the semi finals, Shilton's 124th England game.
Then in January 1723, Governor Samuel Shute abruptly returned to England, so Wentworth took over in New Hampshire, governing until the arrival of Shute's replacement, William Burnet, in 1728.
Then, New England seemed to implode before the 2003 season ever started.

Then and won
Then he won a scholarship to Stowe School, quartered in an 18th century manor house.
Then, for a 10-year period, they were consistent playoff contenders and won Super Bowl XXXVII at the end of the 2002 season.
Then in 630, Bishop Cyrus was made Patriarch of Alexandria, and he soon won over another Non-Chalcedonian group.
Then the wealthiest community in Texas, Independence had won the bid for Baylor College, where Burleson served as second president.
Then, future editor Jack Fuller won a Pulitzer for editorial writing in 1986.
Then in the 1991 French Championship, he scored 9½ / 15 for a tied 4th 5th place, as Santo Roman won again.
Then, Tromsø IL won the decisive match against Moss FK 1 0, after a legendary penalty kick save by goalkeeper Bjarte Flem.
Then, from 2001 through 2004, Fordland teams won 63 games while losing only 20, winning a pair of Summit Conference championships and a Class 2 district championship in 2003.
Then world middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson travelled to London and, on 10 July 1951, risked his title against Turpin, who won the world title by beating Robinson on a 15-round decision.
Then in 1948, the Doshi Club defected to the new Democratic Liberal Party, and Tanaka instantly won favor with the DLP's leader, Shigeru Yoshida.
Then, in 1994, he won a spot with the top professional group of The Groundlings.
Then Louis won further successes against the Saracens, who were driven from Capua, but the emperor's attempts to punish Adeichis were not very successful.
Then, on January 14, 1891, in New Orleans, he won his first world title from Jack ( Nonpareil ) Dempsey.
Then & Now, a compilation of greatest hits and several new Clark compositions, entered the UK Albums Chart in June 2008 and won Clark her first silver disc for an album.
Then in the Moscow Championship of 1946, Smyslov scored just 8. 5 / 15, for a tie of 3rd 6th places, as Bronstein won again.
Then, as hosts of the 1974 World Cup, they won their second World Cup, defeating the Netherlands 2 1 in the final at the Olympiastadion in Munich.
Then, in the semifinal against France, they came back from down 1 3 during extra time to tie the match 3 3 and won the following penalty shootout 5 4.
Then, he won seven more bouts in a row before meeting Young Stribling.
Then create a grid of numbers, with rows and columns, where the entry in the-th row and-th column is the number of votes won by the party divided by.
Then in the final, despite stumbling at the final hurdle, he won the Olympic gold medal in 51. 7 seconds which would have been a world record but for the fact that he had knocked over the last hurdle, and under the laws prevailing at the time, this ruled out recognition of a world record.
Then, she became a full fledged member of the Telemundo family where she hosted the afternoon lifestyles program La Buena Vida (" The Good Life "), The show was merged with another newsmagazine titled Ocurrió así (" It Happened This Way ") and Esta noche con Cecilia Bolocco (" Tonight With Cecilia Bolocco ") followed for which she won two Emmy awards.
Then, the Socialist party won most of regional and local elections and it won control of the Senate in 2011 for the first time in more than fifty years.

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