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Then and Mexican
* In the Mexican Soap Opera Alcanzar una estrella II ( 1991 ) starring singers Ricky Martin and Sasha the intros of all four new songs from the album Then and Now were used at the closing of each scene before a commercial break.
Then President of Mexico, Benito Juárez, gave him honorary Mexican citizenship.
Then, after just three days in the mining camp, he accepted the nomination to run for alcalde, a Mexican official, which combined the duties of a mayor and justice of the peace, in a new government that was being formed.
Then Secretary of Public Education José Vasconcelos made a mission of educating the masses through public art and hired scores of artists and writers to build a modern Mexican culture.
Then there is an inspection of the troops by one playing General Zaragoza, with a tradition of cutting the hair of a new member of the troops for “ lice .” The last battle occurs in the evening with the French troops climbing on airport side and the Mexican troops on the Río Consulado side.
Then came projects for an ordinary railway, and several concessions were granted by the Mexican government for this purpose from 1857 to 1882.
Then, in October 1987, he was knocked out by Mexican lightweight champion Primo Ramos for the NABF regional belt.
Then in July, at the Rome meeting of the IAAF Golden League, Tonique broke Mexican world champion Ana Guevara's 23 race winning streak in the 400 meter race.
Then, on 25 August 1907, Harris announced that Pratt would replace him as President of the Mexican Mission.
Later, in order to save money, the family goes to a 33 ¢ store where Homer eats a can of plankton which had expired two years before and contains red tide poisoning, as warned by “ the Mexican Council of Food .” Then, when they snag mega-saver tickets from the Flanders family at the airport, they decide to go to Tokyo.
Then an armed Lola shows up, leading to a Mexican standoff.
Then Lopez finds a man ( played by Mexican soap opera actor Eduardo Verástegui ) she could not resist, falling in love with him.
Then in 2009, Luis Carlos Ugalde joined the faculty of the Department of Political Science at ITAM imparting the courses of Compared Politics, Democracy in Latin America, and Mexican Politics.

Then and newspaper
Then in 1952 the Barbados Advocate newspaper polled several prominent Barbadian politicians, lawyers, businessmen, the Speaker of the Barbados House of Assembly and later as first President of the Senate, Sir Theodore Branker, Q. C.
Then while standing in front of a full-length mirror, he committed suicide by stabbing himself with a pair of sewing scissors seven times ( supposedly while surrounded by newspaper clippings of his career ), resulting in lurid press coverage.
" This interpretation of the naming of the town ( after General Almonte ), although it is a version backed up by a newspaper story, and recorded in Hildamae Bowman's book on the history of Almont ( Almont, The Tale of Then and Now, 1985 ) is open to question.
Then came the birth of The Little Brown Jug, named through a newspaper contest, with its previews in 1944 and 1945.
Then they see a newspaper article about young boys who are disappearing.
Then the newspaper can be removed and the ground can be planted.
Then her love letters to David were published in the local newspaper and the nightmare continued for the Webbers.
Then I went back and worked for the newspaper for another year or so.
Then as now, the only English-language newspaper was the weekly Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.
Then in a 1945 article in the newspaper, it was referred to as " The ( M ) achine ", and the name has stuck ever since.
Then, inter-regional newspaper “ Irali ” (“ Forward ”) was published in 1961 and newspaper “ Birlik ” (“ Unity ”) was published in 1966.
Then, in the mid-1970s, The Bee decided to go head-to-head with The Union as a morning newspaper and promised that the Bee would arrive on the doorstep by 6: 00 a. m.
Then, the newspaper gained worldwide visibility when it denounced the previous censorship of its publication of verses of the Portuguese classic The Lusiad, by Luís de Camões.
Then, according to the custom at that time, everything you want to say over the radio station or anything you wanted to publish in a newspaper … everything must go first to the censorship.
Then he went to the oilfields of Texas and Oklahoma and then found work as a tool boy, a messenger and sporting editor of a newspaper before going to Los Angeles to star in films but no producer wanted him.
Then he trained as a journalist with the newspaper Herning Folkeblad from 1968 to 1971.
Then in December 2005 the paper, along with the other Scotsman Publications titles, was sold to Edinburgh based newspaper group Johnston Press in a £ 160 million deal.
Then Monk shows him a photo from the newspaper, showing that, seconds after the shooting, Lloyd was the only person pointing in the direction of the shooter.
( Then reporter for the school newspaper, " The Stadium Tiger ", David Smith, was at ground-zero during the crisis as the street collapsed in front of the school.
Then Philip ’ s tutor comes forward and tells the police that he saw a newspaper clipping about exactly such a case of poisoning in one of the books in the library.
Then occurred an incident that would set back Los Angeles organizing for years, On October 10, 1910, a bomb exploded at the Los Angeles Times newspaper plant that killed twenty-one workers.
Then, through adverts placed in the Guardian newspaper, reading groups consisting of members of the general public are assembled.
Then a newspaper reading " AMERICA GOES TO WAR: COMPLETE COVERAGE OF THE GULF CRISIS " is shown, then Jason Lee proceeds to sing a song that goes:

Then and company
Then, if these " digital modules " were able to build a self-sustaining business, the company would be free to use them to develop a complete computer in their Phase II.
Then, the governing public agency of aviation of the country authorises the company to begin production.
Then the company merged with the American pharmaceutical company Upjohn in 1995 and moved its headquarters to London.
Then with the same company ( but renamed the Royal Shakespeare Company from January 1961 ) she appeared as:
Then, in 1778, the Richard Henderson Company was granted in recognition of the $ 50, 000 paid by the company to the Cherokee Indians in the Treaty of Watauga.
Then, the company started to get big.
The company reincorporated in 1928 as Western Air Express Corp. Then, in 1930, purchased Standard Air Lines, subsidiary of Aero Corp. of Ca.
Then a businessman, Mr. Sykes, thinks about taking out a large loan to pay for a run at the horse track to win back money he has embezzled from his company.
Then there is Geoff Tipps, who works in the local plastics company.
Then all five major “ free standing ” investment banks ( i. e., those not part of a bank holding company ) entered bankruptcy proceedings ( Lehman Brothers ), were acquired by bank holding companies ( Bear Stearns by JP Morgan Chase and Merrill Lynch by Bank of America ), or became bank holding companies by converting their industrial loan companies (“ nonbank banks ”) into a national ( Morgan Stanley ) or state chartered Federal Reserve member bank ( Goldman Sachs ).
Then, Sanctuary Music, Poison's former management company, filed a $ 45. 5 million breach of contract suit against the band.
By the mid 1970s, one third of the properties were still owned by Onslow Village Ltd. Then, in 1984, the company was wound up and many shareholders and tenants had the chance to buy their homes at extremely affordable prices.
Then, in May of the same year, when the Italian-born investor was able to acquire BMW ’ s engine business from Knorr-Bremse AG, nothing more stood in the way of a merger between the aircraft company BFW and the engine builders BMW.
Then in 1988, Sun undertook a major restructuring to segregate its domestic oil and gas exploration and production business and the focus the company on its refining and marketing business.
Then in 1960 the company became part of the Royal Australian Regiment and was given the responsibility for commando and special forces operations in the Australian Army.
' Then he added: ' At this point I guess we part company.
Then Page reported the story to President Woodrow Wilson, including details to be verified from telegraph company files in the U. S.
Then, in response to the IPC's rejection of this proposal, Qasim issued Public Law 80, which would have taken away 99. 5 % of the IPC's ownership and established an Iraqi national oil company to oversee the export of Iraqi oil.
Then a dispute with Fred Orain ensued and Tati broke away from Cady Films to create his own production company, Spectra Films, in 1956.
Then S Silvester put himself to prayer, and S. Peter appeared to him and said: " Go surely to the dragon and the two priests that be with thee take in thy company, and when thou shalt come to him thou shalt say to him in this manner: Our Lord Jesu Christ which was born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried and arose, and now sitteth on the right side of the Father, this is he that shall come to deem and judge the living and the dead, I commend thee Sathanas that thou abide him in this place till he come.
Then Aloha Airlines ceased passenger flights on March 31, 2008 and sold off its cargo services to Seattle-based Saltchuk Resources, Inc ( also owners of inter-island sea-based shipping company Young Brothers and Hawaiian Tug & Barge.
Then known as the Boyd Group, the company initially had 75 investors.
Then, in a deal with General Electric, which Edison had been forced to sell, Westinghouse's company went on to construct the Adams Power Plant at the Niagara Falls, with three 5, 000 horsepower ( 3. 7 MW ) Tesla generators supplying electricity to an aluminium smelter at Niagara and the town of Buffalo 22 miles ( 35 km ) away.
Then in 2002 after a protracted hostile buyout, the company acquired Willamette Industries, Inc. of Portland, Oregon.

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