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Then and came
Then they were tumbling again, and the big man reached into the same pocket he had gone for earlier, and came up with a vicious switchblade.
Then came this decision, which sped the process of gaining equality ( or perhaps hindered it ; ;
Then the Communese reply came back from many mouthpieces with striking consistency.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
Then came their bathroom, and then a bedroom that, judging by the photographs on the walls, must belong to Mme Cestre.
Then Miss Lillian Colman came from Vermont to be kitchen manager.
Then, by squeezing her foot three times, he came up -- presto -- with a different diagnosis with each squeeze.
Then it came, against Troop Aj.
Then came coconuts, eggs, and rice wine.
Then he came out and started driving toward the beach.
Then, six weeks after the day Kitti first came into the office, Stanley announced he and Kitti were married.
Then came the scientific revolution in the late 1920's.
Then, without knowing why, she found herself running from them, fleeing wildly through the trees, dodging her own shadows until she came to a little hollow in the rocky ground with a big stone in the center behind which she knelt and hid, listening to the madness of her heart and wanting for once to cry.
Then and throughout the war, Lincoln came under heavy, often vituperative attack from antiwar Democrats, called Copperheads.
Then he came, in his words, to " the theory of symmetry: all governments and regimes to a first approximation are bad, all peoples are oppressed, and all are threatened by common dangers.
Then the king came to the Haye in Touraine and his men had passed the river of Loire, some at the bridge of Orléans and some at Meung, at Saumur, at Blois, and at Tours and whereas they might: they were in number a twenty thousand men of arms beside other ; there were a twenty-six dukes and earls ( Counts ) and more than sixscore banners, and the four sons of the king, who were but young, the duke Charles of Normandy, the lord Louis, that was from thenceforth duke of Anjou, and the lord John duke of Berry, and the lord Philip, who was after duke of Burgoyne ".
Then in 1538, as Henry began diplomatic negotiations with Lutheran princes, Cranmer came face to face with a Lutheran embassy.
Then followed the time of the Arian controversies, and dogmatic questions came into the foreground.
Then came shoes, which were two hinged boards with cymbals on the ends that were clashed together.
Then came an even more shocking confession: according to the CIA document, al-Faruq said two senior al-Qaeda officials, Abu Zubaydah and Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, had ordered him to ' plan large-scale attacks against U. S. interests in Indonesia, Malaysia, ( the ) Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Then in 1996, Warner Glenn, a rancher and hunting guide from Douglas, Arizona, came across a jaguar in the Peloncillo Mountains and became a jaguar researcher, placing webcams which recorded four more Arizona jaguars.
Then came 1968's The Fixer, about a Jew in Tsarist Russia and based on the novel by Bernard Malamud.
“ And that Christ being Lord, and God the Son of God, and appearing formerly in power as Man, and Angel, and in the glory of fire as at the bush, so also was manifested at the judgment executed on Sodom, has been demonstrated fully by what has been said .” Then I repeated once more all that I had previously quoted from Exodus, about the vision in the bush, and the naming of Joshua ( Jesus ), and continued: “ And do not suppose, sirs, that I am speaking superfluously when I repeat these words frequently: but it is because I know that some wish to anticipate these remarks, and to say that the power sent from the Father of all which appeared to Moses, or to Abraham, or to Jacob, is called an Angel because He came to men ( for by Him the commands of the Father have been proclaimed to men ); is called Glory, because He appears in a vision sometimes that cannot be borne ; is called a Man, and a human being, because He appears arrayed in such forms as the Father pleases ; and they call Him the Word, because He carries tidings from the Father to men: but maintain that this power is indivisible and inseparable from the Father, just as they say that the light of the sun on earth is indivisible and inseparable from the sun in the heavens ; as when it sinks, the light sinks along with it ; so the Father, when He chooses, say they, causes His power to spring forth, and when He chooses, He makes it return to Himself.
Then at birth, “ his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau's heel ; so he was named Jacob ”.
Then it came under Bern from 1536 to 1798 and a number of its cultural treasures, including the hanging tapestries in the Cathedral, were permanently removed.

Then and publication
In the same year, Bennett began editing Gurdjieff's Third Series of writings, ' Life is Real Only Then When I Am ', undertaking its publication on behalf of the Gurdjieff family ( who were having difficulties in dealing with the Gurdjieff Foundation ).
Then follows the name of the original title in its original publication.
Then, in 1964, Saberhagen saw the publication of his first novel, The Golden People.
Then again, it was in the name of the Liberties of the Gallican Church that a part of the clergy and the Parlementaires opposed the publication of the Council of Trent ; and the crown decided to detach from it and publish what seemed good, in the form of ordinances emanating from the royal authority.
His literary ambitions changed course in 1914 upon reading the journal of the Russian painter Marie Bashkirtseff, in whom he recognised a kindred spirit ( see the 14 October 1914 entry of his Journal ); in his 15 January 1915 entry he indicated that he intended to prepare his Journal for publication: " Then all in God s good time I intend getting a volume ready for publication.
Then he became the head of Communist Youth publication.
Then, on or around June 1, 1838 Parrant completed building a small shack that, according to a historical publication by Albert A. Jones, dated 1892, became “ the first habitation, and the first business house of Saint Paul .” Thus Pierre “ Pig s Eye ” Parrant became the first inhabitant of the future city of Saint Paul.
Then, the newspaper gained worldwide visibility when it denounced the previous censorship of its publication of verses of the Portuguese classic The Lusiad, by Luís de Camões.
Then the second group of Biospherians used those same methods, and they put a publication in Ecological Engineering.
Then it moved again, this time to the new publication Young Ace, which debuted in the later half of 2009.
Then Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Wycombe, Ray Whitney, criticised the publication of the names in the House of Commons on 21 December 1988 in a debate on a proposed Official Secrets Bill, when he commented that:
Then he was in the center of a controversy due to the publication of his 2001 book on the Jedwabne massacre, Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, which examined a massacre of the Polish Jews in Jedwabne village in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Then and naval
Then another, even more numerous, army of invaders started a second naval invasion of the Balkans.
Then, du Guesclin launched destructive raids against the coasts of England, naval represals to the English chevauchees.
Then, the first shell guns firing explosive shells were introduced following their development by the French Général Henri-Joseph Paixhans, and by the 1840s were part of the standard armament for naval powers including the French Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Russian Navy and United States Navy.
Then, France made diplomatic requests denied by Rosas, and imposed a naval blockade as a result.
Then as Russian naval activity declined, so did the base and by the early 1900s only a single Russian watchman was left guarding it.
Then Brazilian participation was primarily naval, although it did send a regiment to the Western Front.
Then in December American naval forces pushed up the Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay Rivers west of Saigon, against heavy enemy opposition, to cut infiltration routes from the " Parrot's Beak " area of Cambodia.
Then the Naval Prize Act changed the system to one where the prize money was paid into a common fund from which a payment was made to all naval personnel whether or not they were involved in the action.
Then on April 20, 1914, Towers led the first naval aviation unit called into action with the Fleet.
Then, after a tour as executive officer at NAS Pensacola, he spent two and one-half years — from March 1923 to September 1925 — as an assistant naval attaché, serving at the American embassies at London, Paris, Rome, the Hague, and Berlin.

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