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Then and each
Then, by squeezing her foot three times, he came up -- presto -- with a different diagnosis with each squeeze.
Then, starting with the first player, each player draws six tiles.
Then X is reflexive if and only if each X < sub > j </ sub > is reflexive.
Then the required information is collected from a simple random sample of the elements within each selected group.
Then after-depolarization this effect leads initially to bigeminy: regular ectopic beats following each ventricular contraction.
Then each point p of the line can be specified by its distance from O, taken with a + or − sign depending on which half-line contains p.
Then all elements of X equivalent to each other are also elements of the same equivalence class.
" Then in Col 3: 16, Paul's goal is that the Colossians themselves to in some manner continue in this ministry and admonish and test each other, ' one another ' as Paul did for them.
Then, using back-substitution, each unknown can be solved for.
Then one need only check the records in each bucket T against those in buckets T where k ranges between − m and m.
For instance, suppose that each input is an integer z in the range 0 to N − 1, and the output must be an integer h in the range 0 to n − 1, where N is much larger than n. Then the hash function could be h
Then the analyst would have SMEs rate those examples on a Likert scale and compute inter-rater agreement statistics to judge the adequacy of each item.
Then, on paper, they bought $ 200 worth of each, for a total bet of $ 1, 000, using the prices on September 29, 1980, as an index.
We wish to maximize total value subject to the constraint that total weight is less than or equal to W. Then for each w ≤ W, define m to be the maximum value that can be attained with total weight less than or equal to w. m then is the solution to the problem.
Then, choice of law clauses may specify which laws the court or tribunal should apply to each aspect of the dispute.
Then, perhaps with some comic friction or awkwardness, they declare their love for each other and the film ends happily.
Then the composite was rewound and the negative of the second action was copied onto the right side of each frame.
Then simple random sampling or systematic sampling is applied within each stratum.
" Then he pointed to each person around him: " And so are you, and you, and you.
Then we have a universal morphism for each object in C and D:
Then each element in G is represented in some way by a product
Then they take their places, one on each side of the Hazzan, and the three recite ( in Hebrew ):
For f ∈ R, define D < sub > f </ sub > to be the set of ideals of R not containing f. Then each D < sub > f </ sub > is an open subset of Spec ( R ), and is a basis for the Zariski topology.
Then to perform, two's complement theory says to invert each bit with a NOT gate then add one.
Then move all spars as far away from each other as possible.

Then and secondary
Then the boycott would not be secondary, but a primary one.
Then, after it was released to the secondary movie houses, word-of-mouth began to spread and tickets sales became brisk.
Then come the primary consumers, grasshoppers, voles and bison, followed by the secondary consumers, shrews, hawks and small cats, and finally the tertiary consumers, large cats and wolves.
Then, after it was released to the secondary movie houses, word-of-mouth began to spread and tickets sales became brisk.
Then Year Seven and Year Eight are Intermediate, and from Year Nine until Year Thirteen, a student would attend a secondary school or a college.
Then, the serum to be tested is applied in the primary antibody incubation step ; free antibody is washed away, and a secondary anti-human antibody linked to an enzyme signal is added.
Then, in another sonata, you had quite a good secondary theme.
Then some of the secondary modern schools offered qualifications that were set, for example, by regional examination boards, such as the Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes and the Northern Counties Technical Examinations Council.
Then aged eleven or twelve, they start secondary school for a compulsory four years with the following two years being optional.
Then, the secondary causes ( usually 5 – 10 percent of suspected ITP cases ) should be excluded.
Then aged eleven or twelve, they start secondary school for a compulsory four years with the final two years being optional.
Then, a secondary market for tires puts a retread on the tire thereby extending the service life.
Then, when the same object is experienced again, the stored representation is retrieved from secondary memory and used to test the incoming phenomenal representation as being the same or different.
Then he became an instructor at the secondary school in Frankfurt ( Oder ) and in 1860 he was appointed as the senior instructor of the highest technical high school in Meseritz.
Then you take old secondary roads through the farmland.
Then to both a grammar school ( Harrow County, later attended by Michael Portillo ) and to an independent secondary school ( Bryanston in Dorset ).

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