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Then and five
Then he calmly and carefully slugged the remaining five shots into the venomous head -- caught in the wicker back of the chair, the eyes dead on him as the life finally went out of the brute.
`` Then I'd better wait until five ''.
Then Dick Hyde, submarine-ball hurler, entered the contest and only five batters needed to face him before there existed a 3-to-3 deadlock.
Then Crapsey decided to make the criterion a stanza of five lines of accentual-syllabic verse, in which the lines comprise, in order, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 1 stresses and 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 syllables.
The Second Creation: Then the Father of Greatness begins the Second Creation, calling to the Living Spirit, who calls to his five sons, and sends a call to the Original Man ( Call then becomes a Manichaean deity ).
Then, Jones and Johnson made a move midway through the 1989 season that shocked many in the league: they traded their only Pro Bowl player, running back Herschel Walker, to the Minnesota Vikings for five veteran players and eight draft choices.
Then, Cicero had the incriminating letters read before the Senate the following day, and shortly thereafter these five conspirators were condemned to death without a trial despite an eloquent protest by Julius Caesar.
Then close fighting proceeded underground for five days, barricade by barricade, in the narrow corridors of the fort.
In Canada, anatomical pathology is a five year residency ; Then residents who wish to become forensic pathologists must complete a one year fellowship in forensic pathology.
Then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin sent an emergency aid package worth 36 million Euro ($ 57. 6M U. S. dollars ) and deployed approximately five hundred French troops in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes.
Those songs that went the distance on other charts, but not Billboard ( although all were top five hits on the Billboard chart ), are " Here We Are " and " Then Again " ( 1991 ); " Born Country " and " Take a Little Trip " ( 1992 ); " Once Upon a Lifetime " ( 1993 ); " Give Me One More Shot ," " She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl " and " In Pictures " ( 1995 ); " Sad Lookin ' Moon " ( 1997 ); and " How Do You Fall in Love " ( 1998 ).
Then each female would pick five ears of corn from the field and bring it back in a grand procession while singing and dancing.
Then Bastrop Mayor Clarence Hawkins estimated about five hundred, or nearly half of the Pilgrim's Pride processing plant workers in Farmerville commuted from Bastrop, many in vans running on a regular schedule.
Then, nine years and five months after the first meeting, Train received a telegram saying: THE COLONEL BEAT THE GAS COMPANY BY SEVEN MONTHS SNAGGE.
Then in 2004, the Pacific League played five fewer games than the Central League teams during the regular season and used a new playoff format to determine its champion.
Then he went 22 straight fights without a defeat, going 17 – 0 – 5 in that span, including a win in a Sacramento rematch with Manuel and five wins over Perfecto Lopez.
Then, he retained the WBC title with a knockout in six over Danilo Batista, and finished 1976 with a trip to Spain, where he retained the belt against challenger Juan Rodriguez, beaten in five.
Then in 2009, Marilyn confirmed it and said they had been " together five years " in the 1980s ; in 2010, Rossdale said it had been experimentation and " part of growing up.
Then all five major “ free standing ” investment banks ( i. e., those not part of a bank holding company ) entered bankruptcy proceedings ( Lehman Brothers ), were acquired by bank holding companies ( Bear Stearns by JP Morgan Chase and Merrill Lynch by Bank of America ), or became bank holding companies by converting their industrial loan companies (“ nonbank banks ”) into a national ( Morgan Stanley ) or state chartered Federal Reserve member bank ( Goldman Sachs ).
Then, Harry enters five of these labeled doors, each of which symbolizes a fraction of his life.
He also appeared as a fictional version of himself in the episode of The Simpsons entitled " Homer and Apu " and in five episodes of Family Guy entitled " Peter's Got Woods ", " Back to the Woods ", " Brian Griffin's House of Payne, " And Then There Were Fewer ", and " Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream ".
Then five months later, I was on a plane, knackered for 24 hours, I was just falling asleep, and I remembered it.
Then he commanded them to go and bring their father and his entire household into Egypt to live in the province of Goshen, because there were five more years of famine left.
Then in 1982, the box-office success of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian spurred a second renaissance of sword and sorcery Italian pepla in the five years immediately following.

Then and pages
Then in 1702 the French astronomer Philippe de la Hire used a year he labeled at the end of years labeled ante Christum ( BC ), and immediately before years labeled post Christum ( AD ) on the mean motion pages in his Tabulæ Astronomicæ, thus adding the designation 0 to Kepler's Christi.
Then the character was revived in 1995 as a supporting character in the pages of X-Man, but details are ambiguous due to murky writing and conflicting editor decisions.
* Jamaica Plain: Then & Now by Anthony M. Sammarco, soft cover, 96 pages.
Then I started getting a little bit better, and I could probably do a couple of pages a day.
* Sammarco, Anthony Mitchell, West Roxbury, Portsmouth, NH: Arcadia Publishing, Then & Now series, 2003, 96 pages.
* How to & Then Some: 27 chapters ( 374 pages ) which discuss the full spectrum of sexual expression and its practical aspects, starting from romance and kissing through the different ways people have sex.
Then, in June 2000, Dangerous Waters was transformed in to a full fledge magazine called GameShark Magazine and continued to be published bimonthly, reaching up to 20 pages long and containing much more codes.
Then, the petition ( together with the thousands of pages of voter's personal details and signatures ) must then be passed to the Court of Cassation which examines the validity of all the data.
Then between 1885 and 1887, over forty-five of the king's pages were put to death on the orders of Mwanga.
Then the text breaks off and the next four pages are missing.
When the sun is overthrown, And when the stars fall, And when the hills are moved, And when the camels big with young are abandoned, And when the wild beasts are herded together, And when the seas rise, And when souls are reunited, And when the girl child that was buried alive is asked For what sin she was slain, And when the pages are laid open, And when the sky is torn away, And when hell is lighted And when the garden is brought nigh ( Then ) every soul will know what it hath made ready.
Then he spent his fortnight being " Very idle at Shrewsbury " which meant starting his " D " notebook on the transmutation sequence and his " M " notebook on the evolutionary basis of moral and social behaviour, filling sixty pages with notes and anecdotes from his father about experiences with patients.

Then and later
Then, not many years later, the Un-American Activities Committee, under the leadership of Martin Dies, pilloried hundreds of decent, patriotic citizens.
Then later I had quit my safe, secure five-a-week spot on a network soap opera to take a part in this play.
Then, a little later, Shilkret discovered there was no one to play the brief celesta solo during the slow section, so he hastily asked Gershwin if he might play the solo ; Gershwin said he could and so he briefly participated in the actual recording.
* End of Estado Novo ( 1945 ): Then Dictator Getúlio Vargas is deposed by generals and later General Eurico Dutra was elected president.
Then, 6 months later in December, the international Neo Geo version of Puzzle Bobble was released.
Then in 1948, another initiative banned the use of seine nets ( devices already used by Native Americans, and refined by later settlers ) altogether.
Then later were transferred to New Zealand in 1901.
Then plotters seized Robespierre at the National Convention and he was later guillotined, in effect ending the Reign of Terror.
Then, somewhat later that same month, there was a meeting in Washington where the possible importance of the newly discovered phenomenon of fission was first discussed in semi-jocular earnest as a possible source of nuclear power.
Then later, in 1902, Heart of Darkness was included in the book " Youth: a Narrative, and Two Other Stories " ( published November 13th 1902, by William Blackwood ).
Then I say, such an engine may be made large enough to do the work required in employing eight, ten, fifteen, or twenty horses to be constantly maintained and kept for doing such a work …" The idea was later used by James Watt to help market his improved steam engine.
Then, ~ 150, 000 years later ( i. e. around 50, 000 years ago ), sub-groups of this population began to expand our species ' range to regions outside of, and ( later ) within, this continent ( Tishkoff, 1996 ).
Then, during a later visit to Alberta, the Governor General was admitted to the Blackfoot tribe as Chief Eagle Head.
Then, in the later account found in the Syriac Doctrine of Addai, a painted image of Jesus is mentioned in the story ; and even later, in the account given by Evagrius, the painted image is transformed into an image that miraculously appeared on a towel when Christ pressed the cloth to his wet face.
Then, unexpectedly, ten years later, their paths cross again.
Then he later appears in Act 1. 4 talking about the execution of the former Thane of Cawdor.
Then, later in the negotiation, the issue can be traded for a major concession of actual importance.
Then, in 1905, to explain the photoelectric effect ( 1839 ), i. e., that shining light on certain materials can function to eject electrons from the material, Albert Einstein postulated, based on Planck ’ s quantum hypothesis, that light itself consists of individual quantum particles, which later came to be called photons ( 1926 ).
Then, two weeks later, a structure based on cryo-electron microscopy was published, which depicts the ribosome at 11 – 15 Å resolution in the act of passing a newly synthesized protein strand into the protein-conducting channel.
Then, they were ranked to the east, when they were buried in the 5th and later to the beginning of the 6th c. We can notice a strong Anglo-Saxon influence in the middle of the period, that disappears later.
Then Donald Woods, a journalist, editor and close friend of Biko's, along with Helen Zille, later leader of the Democratic Alliance political party, exposed the truth behind Biko's death.

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