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Then and created
Then I spoke at the ninetieth birthday party of W. E. Burghardt Du Bois, who embarked on a fictional trilogy at eighty-nine and who, with The Crisis, had created a Negro intelligentsia that had never existed in America before him.
Then, in 1828, Friedrich Wöhler published a paper on the synthesis of urea, proving that organic compounds can be created artificially.
Then with the dawn of new technologies such as electricity, the telegraph, and new forms of powered transportation, writers including Jules Verne and H. G. Wells created a body of work that became popular across broad cross-sections of society.
Then, in 1966, the U. S. Congress created a National Council for Marine Resources and Engineering Development.
Then burr holes are created into the patient ’ s skull using a drill.
Then, after the medical team has made sure they are on the right track, the tip of the electrode is advanced to the plane of the cingulate where it is heated to 75-90 C. Once the first lesion is created it serves as a center around which several other lesions are created.
Then, in 1944, the National Centre of Telecommunications Studies ( CNET ) was created to develop the telecommunications industry in France.
Then France Télécom merged it with its mobile phone activities ( Itinéris, OLA, Mobicarte ) and created Orange.
Then, without the indigenous grasses in place, during the drought, the high winds that commonly occur on the plains created the massive duststorms that marked the Dust Bowl period.
Then, he built a cable railway near the Place de la Republique and created the Buttes-Chaumont Park.
Then, in 1925, Germany's Leo Schützendorf created the title baritone role in Alban Berg's harrowing Wozzeck.
Then, in 1875, the Bishopric of St Albans Act was passed and on 30 April 1877 the See of St Albans was created, which comprises about 300 churches in the counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
Then, in 1978 an effort was made to consolidate the several singular functions ; FEMA was created to house civil defense and disaster preparedness under one roof.
Then Kane created the light to push back Po.
Then together, the three Gods created the Menehune, the lesser spirits to be their messengers and servants.
Then the three Gods breathed life into the statue and created the first man.
Then, Red Skull / Lukin activated a Sleeper, a robot programmed for mass destruction, that was presumably created by Doctor Doom.
Then, in 1991, researchers at the University of California, Davis created a prototype Distributed Intrusion Detection System ( DIDS ), which was also an expert system.
The town was created in 1826 from part of the Town of Corning ( Then known as " Painted Post ").
Then in 1546 the King, who had broken from the Church of Rome and acquired great wealth through the dissolution of the monasteries in England, refounded the college as Christ Church as part of the re-organisation of the Church of England, making the partially demolished Priory church the cathedral of the recently created diocese of Oxford.
Then he created a means of expressing the familiar numeric properties with his Algebra of Throws.
Then Li Chunfeng ( 李淳風 ) of the Tang dynasty created one in 633 CE with three spherical layers to calibrate multiple aspects of astronomical observations, calling them ' nests ' ( chhung ).
Then on 1 January 1964, a new municipality named Høyanger was created.
Then under such a rotation, a random phase,, will be created between the eigenstates, of.

Then and Native
Then in 1948, another initiative banned the use of seine nets ( devices already used by Native Americans, and refined by later settlers ) altogether.
Then near the end of the school year there is a sport called Native Youth Olympics ( NYO ).
Then in 1575, Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda, a shipwreck survivor who had lived with the Native Americans of Florida for 17 years, published his memoir in which he locates the Fountain of Youth in Florida, and says that Ponce de León was supposed to have looked for them there.
Then in May 1627 Thomas Morton of Merrymount – an English West Country outdoorsman, attorney at law, man of letters and colonial adventurer – raised a Maypole to celebrate and foster more success at this fur-trading plantation and nailed up a " Poem " and " Song " ( one a densely-literary manifesto on how English and Native people came together there and must keep doing so for a successful America ; the other a light " drinking song " also full of deeper American implications ).
7: Blue Note Now & Then ( Various ); Blue Valentines ( Various ); Down Here Below ( Jeffery Smith ); Edge ( Lenny White ); Jazznavour ( Charles Aznavour ); Just the Ticket ( Original Soundtrack ) ( bckgr ); Live at the Blue Note: 75th Birthday Celebration ( Chico & Von Freeman ); Live in Swing City: Swingin with the Duke ( Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra & Wynton Marsalis ); Manhattan Melodies ( Eric Reed ); Native Voices ( Various ); R ' N ' Browne ( Tom Browne ); Tribute to Ellington ( Daniel Barenboim )
Then two women, one Spanish and another Native American, approached the house of Don García, entering by the window, and managed to convince the governor to spare the lives of both.
Then, after the March 1996 elections and the resignation from the Labor party by the disgraced Colston, Harradine's and Colston's votes were sufficient to pass Coalition legislation, notably the Native Title Amendment Act 1998 ( also known as the " Wik 10 Point Plan ") and the partial privatisation of Telstra.
Then known as the " Home of the Native Tobacco ", Tubao was famous for its tobacco leaf and cigars.

Then and identity
Then, about halfway through, or sometimes even during the final act, one of the suspects usually dies, often because they have inadvertently deduced the killer's identity and need silencing.
Then is a derivation and is linear, i. e., and, and a Lie algebra homomorphism, i. e.,, but it is not always an algebra homomorphism, i. e. the identity does not hold in general.
Then is a group whose identity element is The group inverse of an arbitrary group element is the function inverse
Then an element e of S is called a left identity if e * a = a for all a in S, and a right identity if a * e = a for all a in S. If e is both a left identity and a right identity, then it is called a two-sided identity, or simply an identity.
Then,, and the constant function turns into the identity by substitution.
Then whose identity do they reveal?
Then the equivalence class of the identity is the symmetry group of the figure, and every equivalence class corresponds to one isomorphic version of the figure.
Then the trace of the identity matrix is the dimension of the space ; this leads to generalizations of dimension using trace.
Then use this identity to calculate the other root.
Then, after proving that the Draques are members of the crime ring, Nick reveals the identity of the leader of the gang: Dr. Bruce Clayworth.
Then, as before in the English Reformation, this project was driven by a need for a national identity and history that addressed present concerns, hence analysis and commentary typically reflected the critic's political views.
Then one day I met Dr. Lee and through a miracle of surgery he restored my voice enabling me to resume my real identity as Philip Gault, Lawyer.
Then, where is the vector ( 1, 0 ,..., 0 )< sup > T </ sup >, ||·|| is the Euclidean norm and is an m-by-m identity matrix, set
Then he killed George Odekirk, the forger that created his " Erik Lehnsherr " alias to prevent his true identity from being discovered by Sabra and Gabrielle Haller.
Then the disguised Letitia enters and reveals her true identity to the overjoyed Doricourt, who also learns that Hardy was not ill after all.
for x, y in A and r, s in K. Then * is an associative operation with identity element ( 0, 1 ).
Then again, Dasmariñas was annihilated and identity was lost in a heap of rubble.
Then this polynomial sequence is of binomial type, i. e. it satisfies the binomial identity
Then one can define the connection form, an antisymmetric matrix of 1-forms which satisfy from the following identity

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