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Then and moved
Then Barton touched Carl Dill's arm and moved off, up the river bank.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
Then they moved offices of the East German puppet government into East Berlin and began illegally to treat it as the capital of East Germany.
Then the figure moved on.
Then Kerr, a graduate student from Illinois, moved past him on a straightaway and held off Mills's challenge on the final turn.
Then, with disappointment evident upon their faces, they moved to the work.
Then he moved to the Humboldt University of Berlin ( then called the Friedrich William University ) in 1878 where he continued his study of mathematics under Leopold Kronecker and the renowned Karl Weierstrass.
Then Marlow and his listeners were silent ; our first narrator explains: " Nobody moved for a time.
Then he returned to Khan's court and with it moved to Astrakhan.
Then Kyrgyz quickly moved as far as the Tian Shan range and maintained their dominance over this territory for about 200 years.
Then the cards are moved into one pile so that they begin to intertwine and are then arranged back into a stack.
Then, Franco Harris moved the ball to the 6-yard line with a 24-yard run.
Then a pass interference penalty on defensive back Lyle Blackwood on the next play moved the ball to the Miami 42-yard line.
Then the feast of Saint Joachim on 16 August was moved and the date became available for another celebration, so the feast of Saint Stephen of Hungary was moved to that date, the day immediately after his death.
Then in the offseason, Redskins majority owner Jack Kent Cooke moved from Los Angeles to Virginia and took over the team's day-by-day operations from Edward Bennett Williams.
: Then rose the King and moved his host by night
Then, in 582, Onogur Bulgars settled in southeastern Bessarabia and northern Dobruja, from which they moved to Moesia Inferior ( allegedly under pressure from the Khazars ), and formed the nascent region of Bulgaria.
Then the particle is moved around by other forces, and eventually ends up at A again.
Then, in Silo's time, it was moved to Pravia.
Then, Louis moved again after seven weeks.
Then the company merged with the American pharmaceutical company Upjohn in 1995 and moved its headquarters to London.
Then his family moved to nearby Iglau ( now Jihlava ) where Mahler grew up.
Then in 1951, a few years after befriending the West Coast poet Kenneth Rexroth, the Patchens moved to the West Coast, living first in San Francisco and then moving to Palo Alto, California in 1957.

Then and Mainz
Then there are the Academy of Music and the Art School, which are as independent art colleges of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

Then and where
Then off to a remote place in an underdeveloped country where the diet, culture, language and living conditions will be different.
Then she took iced lemonade to Marsh's young aide where he sat in the cool of the big trees around the flower garden.
Then, getting back into bed, he thought unashamedly of Mrs. Flannagan, planning where they would next meet and what they would do.
Then it is marked on the inside where it comes in contact with the transom, frames, keelson and all the battens.
`` Then she went to Deauville where she met a member of a powerful Greek syndicate of gamblers ''.
Then there was North America, where American was the native speech of all except the twenty descendants of French-Canadians living on the Hudson Bay Preserve.
) There are also numerous instances where the killer is not brought to justice in the legal sense but instead dies ( death usually being presented as a more ' sympathetic ' outcome ), for example Death Comes as the End, And Then There Were None, Death on the Nile, Dumb Witness, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Crooked House, Appointment with Death, The Hollow, Nemesis, Cat Among the Pigeons, and The Secret Adversary.
Then he removed to Sura, on the Euphrates, where he established a school of his own, which soon became the intellectual center of the Babylonian Jews.
Then the invaders headed south to plunder Nicopolis ad Istrum where Decius defeated them but not decisively.
Then it passed through the oval Forum of Constantine where there was a second Senate-house and a high column with a statue of Constantine himself in the guise of Helios, crowned with a halo of seven rays and looking toward the rising sun.
Then Xorn / Magneto assaults New York, where Cyclops, Fantomex and a few students confront him.
Then professor Weierstrass became very ill. Husserl became free to return to Vienna where, after serving a short military duty, he devoted his attention to philosophy.
Then he journeyed to the Taifa of Zaragoza where he received a warmer welcome.
Then, somewhat later that same month, there was a meeting in Washington where the possible importance of the newly discovered phenomenon of fission was first discussed in semi-jocular earnest as a possible source of nuclear power.
Then, after the synthesis engine has mapped the design to a netlist, the netlist is translated to a gate level description where simulation is repeated to confirm the synthesis proceeded without errors.
Then he said " I'm fining everyone in this courtroom fifty cents for living in a city where a person has to steal bread in order to eat!
Then an Athenian militia, led by the historian Dexippus, pushed the invaders to the north where they were intercepted by the Roman army under Gallienus.
Then Monroe travelled to New York to appear at a birthday celebration for John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, where she famously serenaded the President.
Then one need only check the records in each bucket T against those in buckets T where k ranges between − m and m.
For instance, suppose that each input is an integer z in the range 0 to N − 1, and the output must be an integer h in the range 0 to n − 1, where N is much larger than n. Then the hash function could be h
Then, by allying with the rulers of Austria and Prussia, she incorporated the territories of the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth, where after a century of Russian rule non-Catholic mainly Orthodox population prevailed during the Partitions of Poland, pushing the Russian frontier westward into Central Europe.
Then on 4 June 1990, ethnic tensions between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz surfaced in an area of the Osh Oblast where Uzbeks form a majority of the population.
Then they came to Elim where twelve water springs and 70 Palm trees greeted them.
Then the natural dam on the Goulburn River failed, the lake drained, and the Murray River avulsed to the south and started to flow through the smaller Goulburn River channel, creating " The Barmah Choke " and " The Narrows " ( where the river channel is unusually narrow ), before entering into the proper Murray River channel again.

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