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Then and tied
Then, one after another, the villagers tied the waiting cotton strings around our wrists.
Then Karlis, whose earlier 48-yard kick had tied Jan Stenerud's Super Bowl record for longest kick made in the Super Bowl, was sent out to try a 23-yard field goal and missed it, setting another, this time infamous, mark of having the shortest missed field goal in Super Bowl history.
Then in the 1991 French Championship, he scored 9½ / 15 for a tied 4th – 5th place, as Santo Roman won again.
Then, she tied the 100 m world record, but this was never recognised officially, as she competed against men when setting the record.
Then he changed forms and became an elephant that tied up the goddess's lion and began to pull it towards him.
Then when he was asked to deliver a stool sample to the onsite lab, he placed it in a gift box and tied a red ribbon around it.
Then, though his hands are tied, Johnny manages to strangle Leo and cut himself free before Eddie arrives.
These hermits are sometimes also vegetarians for ascetic reasons, as suggested in a passage from Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d ' Arthur: ' Then departed Gawain and Ector as heavy ( sad ) as they might for their misadventure ( mishap ), and so rode till that they came to the rough mountain, and there they tied their horses and went on foot to the hermitage.
Then he tied 2nd – 4th in Pärnu with 4. 5 / 7 (+ 3 = 3 − 1 ).
Then he tied the paper to a rock and threw it back to Catalán, who read it and gave the boys a sign that he understood.
Then, starting at the pair of cards farthest from the bobbins, the threads are pulled from between each pair of cards out to the length of the warp, and hooked or tied on each end.
Then, one extremity of the strap goes on a shoulder of the team member and under his / hers opposite armpit ( it crosses the back ), and is tied to the other or held together by the team member ; a hand is also put under the neck to support the head.
Then in the second game, both teams tied at zero goals apiece.
Then she was tied to the feet of wild horses and torn apart limb from limb.
Then, if they have tied or exceeded their opponent's score, their opponent plays their own Geek-qualizer round with the same rules.
Then the Fulton Ferry branch was reverse tied at that point so that the chaining station at the ferry end of the line was 45 + 38 ( 4, 538 feet ).
Then in 1959, Bruton led off for the Braves for the season in which the Braves tied for the National League pennant with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Then a match-play event, it was won by Harrison R. Johnston of Minnesota but Bobby Jones tied for medalist honors in stroke play.
Then, in the Canadian Open Chess Championship, Montreal 2002, he tied for 4th-10th places, with 7. 5 / 10, behind only winners
Then in 2011 she instigated The Classroom, a website with 36 lesson plans free for teachers to usalise and actualise LGBT issues across the curriculum and in all key stages tied to the national curriculum. www. the-classroom. org. uk It has proved massively popular, upoloaded by the TES and Guardian and now viewed by thousands both in this country and round the world
To overcome the Southern Democrats ’ suppression of the pro-Republican African-American vote Hawaii ’ s ( Then Republican ) prospects at statehood were tied to Alaska ’ s, which many thought would be more Democratic.

Then and for
Then Little Billy began shouting orders to round up the ponies and fill the water buckets and for the cooks to hurry up with the meal.
Then, helpfully, as she merely stared at him in weary silence, `` Maybe you could write it down for me, huh??
Then they were tumbling again, and the big man reached into the same pocket he had gone for earlier, and came up with a vicious switchblade.
`` Then I return to the United States for engagements at the Hollywood Bowl and in Philadelphia '', he added.
Then Miriam varied the senseless psychological warfare by suddenly withdrawing a suit for separate maintenance that had been pending, and asking for divorce on the grounds of cruelty, with the understanding that Wright would not contest it.
My own stern hand has rent the ancient bond, And thereof shall the ending not have end: But not for me, that loved her, to be fond Lightly to please me with a newer friend Then hold it more than bravest-feathered song, That I affirm to thee, with heart of pride, I knew not what did to a friend belong Till I stood up, true friend, by thy true side ; ;
Then Meltzer's voice, quiet, calm, strong, started the Kaddish, the prayer for the dead.
Then they returned to their hotel and got ready for bed.
Then he kept Blackman awake for more than an hour while he did an imaginary dialogue between his wife and himself in which, discussing the evening, he was continually berated.
Then we have surviving at least one instance of a poem prepared for another, in Naturam non Pati Senium, and perhaps also the De Idea Platonica.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
Then a full-time planning office will be established in Rome to work with a five-member Georgia Tech research staff for development of an area planning and industrial development program.
Then Goodbody will hand over a minimum of $15.5 million for developing the spacious Graves Tract to house the center.
Then, to conclude on an indeterminate note: `` Nevertheless, if fallout increased substantially, or remained high for a long time, it would become far more important as a potential health hazard in this country and throughout the world ''.
Then, abandoning the studies in the face of their promising outlook for all concerned, B. & O. entered on-again-off-again negotiations with C. & O. which resulted in the present situation.
Then they were given 1/2 to 1-1/2 avocados per day as a substitute for part of their dietary fat consumption.
Then, after emasculation, he was eased up for a couple of weeks.
Then you'll want terry cloth towels for mopping up.
Then, for the above parasites, feed continuously at these levels: Feeder cattle -- 2-5 grams of phenothiazine daily ; ;
Then, too, European drivers have reputations for being somewhat crazy on the road and some Americans are not particularly keen on getting mixed up with them.
Then, for the first time since his arrest, a glint of spirit lit Barco's eyes.
Then, I remembered that the girls had had a banana for dessert every day for the last week.
Then, having wrapped the lot in an afghan my dog customarily slept on, you lammed out the front door, considerately leaving it open for neighbors to discover.

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