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Then and 1913
Then, he tied for first with Alexander Alekhine at St. Petersburg 1913 / 14 ( the eighth All-Russian Masters ' Tournament ).
Then followed Woolwich Common ( 1907 – 1908 ), Pound Park ( 1908 – 1913 ), and Angerstein Lane ( 1913 – 1915 ).
Then in 1913, using this formula as a basis, Albert Einstein and Otto Stern published a paper of great significance in which they suggested for the first time the existence of a residual energy that all oscillators have at absolute zero.
Then on 1 January 1913, the western part of Hitra was separated to form the new municipality of Kvenvær.
Then on 1 January 1913, the western part of Fosnes ( population: 1, 631 ) was separated to form the new municipality of Otterøy.
Then in 1913 it changed its name to Banco Comercial de Puerto Rico.
Then in 1815, the Village of Canandaigua was officially established ; it became a city in 1913.
Then, after two years as Commandant of the Army Service School in Fort Leavenworth, he served three years as Commander of the Department of Luzon in the Philippines, then was briefly shifted to the same role in the Hawaiian Department ( 3 April 1913 to 22 January 1914 ).
Then in 1910, the state legislature expanded the court back to five justices, and lastly, in 1913 the court expanded to the current seven justices.
Then in 1913, the alliance split, and the Serbs, Greeks, and Romanians defeated Bulgaria in the Second Balkan War.
Then, Chabas put it on show in a New York shop window in 1913.
Then, from 1863 to 1913, known as the National Banks Era, state-chartered banks were still operating under a free banking system.
Then in 1913, the Marriage and Divorce Act was introduced.
Then were added the Roque Saenz Peña ( 1911 ) and Ezequiel Ramos Mejía ( 1913 ) paddled train ferries at Posadas ( crossing the Paraná river in the southwest of the Misiones province, at the north of the country, in the frontier with Paraguay ).
Then, following his 1913 win at Shawnee over Vardon and Ray, he boasted excessively, was criticized by his fellow players and the crowd for this, and had to apologize ; it seems there were no lasting hard feelings.
Then the school, step by step, become a four-class ( 1911 – 1912 ), a fifth class ( 1912 – 1913 ) and
Then he organized the First National Bank of Paia in 1913.
Then he served as State Treasurer of Michigan from 1909 to 1913 under Governors, Fred M. Warner and Chase Osborn.
Then, on 27 January 1912 it was presented at the French Opera House in New Orleans, on 15 November 1913 in Philadelphia, and on 18 May 1912 the London Opera House performed it as well.

Then and Dr
Then on Oct 23, 1972, Balliett's student, Dr. Juno Jordan, changed Numerology further and helped it to become the system known today under the title " Pythagorean ", although Pythagoras himself had nothing to do with the system.
" Then it switches to iambic tetrameter as it imitates Dr. Seuss: " I do not like lutefisk and yams / I do not like them Sven-I-Am ".
Then, in September 1974, Liebermann receives a phone call from a young man in Brazil who claims he has just finished eavesdropping on the so-called " Angel of Death ," Dr. Josef Mengele, the concentration camp medical doctor who performed horrible experiments on camp victims during World War II.
Then, after proving that the Draques are members of the crime ring, Nick reveals the identity of the leader of the gang: Dr. Bruce Clayworth.
Then one day I met Dr. Lee and through a miracle of surgery he restored my voice enabling me to resume my real identity as Philip Gault, Lawyer.
Then, Dr. Octopus took the ambassador of the newly-formed Free Palestinian State hostage, demanding that in exchange for the ambassador's freedom, Spider-Man would meet him in Times Square and unmask himself in front of the world.
Then Dr. Braun, asks me, " Kinsman, how come you here?
Then they went and played in the sunroom for thirty minutes, took a fifteen minute break, and at nine o ' clock had their morning inspection with Dr. Dafoe.
" Then in October 2005 Thornburgh was asked to represent controversial Democratic Pennsylvania politician and nationally renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who was then serving as Coroner of Allegheny County.
Then a shady-looking rat comes to pick up the watch instead ... and with a little investigating, Hermux is head over heels into a mystery involving curious kidnappings, murders, and the formula of Eternal Youth, while Dr. Mennus tries to stop Hermux to get the bottle of eternal youth.
Dr Donald Martin: Killybegs Then and Now 1998 ; Killybegs-Down Memory Lane 2011.
Then the Kool-Aid Man is seen in a pair of boxing gloves at the back of the line behind Cleveland, Mayor West, Herbert, The Evil Monkey, Kilobot and Dr. Hartman, all of whom are armed with weapons ready to " console " Stewie one-by-one.
Then Revere, along with Dr. Samuel Prescott and William Dawes, rode on to alert Concord, only to be apprehended by the British en route.
Then Dr. Etemadi was the manager for a short time, and now, the new manager is Dr. Ghaffari.
Then the Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa convinced the king to allow Mr. B. P. Koirala to proceed to the U. S. for treatment as per recommendation from the royal physician Dr. M. R. Pandey.
Then his majesty's government of Nepal beared a portion of his medical treatment in the U. S., while the rest were arranged by his nephew Shail Updhaya, Dr. Shukdev Shah, family and friends.
His films include such classics as The Prisoner of Zenda ( 1937 ) mentioned above, The Four Feathers ( 1939 ), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( 1941 ), and And Then There Were None ( 1945 ) in which he played General Mandrake.
Then, Jacques Snicket arrived, but left for Paltryville after researching the Baudelaires stay at Dr. Montgomery's.
Then Labour Party led by Dr Ramgoolam, Veerasamy Ringadoo, Satcam Boolell, Harold Walter in coalition with the Muslim Action Committee led by Abdool Razack Mohamed & the Independent Forward Block led by the Bissoundoyal brothers, Lall Jugnauth and Anerood Jugnauth pushed a motion in the legislative council to provide for an independent country announced for March, 12th 1968.
Then famous, Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Achanta Lakshmipathi treated him and cured.
Then came a guest stint on ER as the feisty pediatrician Dr. Anna Del Amico, in which she guest-starred in the final three episodes of the third season.
Then came JG Lockhart in 1821 ; Professor Wilson, 1822 and 1850, two portraits ; Sir Archibald Alison, 1839 ; Dr Chalmers, 1844 ; a little later De Quincey, and Sir David Brewster, 1864.
*" If You've Read Dr. Adder, Then You Know What I Want " 7 " EP track on Coat-Tail ( 1995 )
Then came the Egyptian army revolution in 1952 and a new club ’ s board was formed with Dr. Mohammad Shawky as a president who was also the secretary He is thwarts team in the world. 11 leuges onlygeneral of the legislation office with high social status right then.

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